Gat Goren, PAE, LUTS, Part 8

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   Posted 9/8/2017 1:53 AM (GMT -7)   
Neil, I don;t know where he is performing the procedure. Last time I heard, it was Cyprus. Yes, I watched my procedure on the monitor and Dr G explained each step.

Thanks for the information on the PSa. I'm watching the numbers and have the prostate doubling app. At present trend is downward. Perhaps I should go for a volume check. Had a biopsy years ago before I had the procedure and all was ok but it was an uncomfy thing. I've heard now that there is a urine test now that detects prostate cancer and will go for that rather than the biopsy.

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   Posted 9/8/2017 8:49 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Andy,

There is a new urine test for prostate cancer called SelectMDx developed in Belgium. The urine is collected after a standard DRE test. It looks for mRNA associated with aggressive prostate cancers. I just had it and my results were 14% for aggressive cancer and 34% for a blind needle biopsy. That is goo for a 220gm prostate! All that matters for us is clinically significant prostate cancer - not microscopic cells picked up by a random needle biopsy. Here is a link to their site:

Could you tell me how quickly after your GG procedure 5 years ago you started to notice an improvement in your peeing? Was it a gradual improvement over many months or was it right away after the procedure compared to the night before?

I wonder why new guys who had GG stopped contributing to this site. There were 18 over a period of 3 years that kept coming on board here and then it suddenly stopped about a year ago. Do you think they went over to another site?
All the best
(p.s. my name at the old Inspire site was "peealot" or as my wife calls me "Sir Peealot" )

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   Posted 9/8/2017 9:22 AM (GMT -7)   

I remember you well now. Sir Peealot.....

Thanks for the info and link.

Improvement although very slight, was immediate. However further improvements took 3 - 4 years and I must say, there are times - a few days each - where I think I'm regressing, however, after that period, there appears to be an improvement. So, it's not an overnight cure.

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   Posted 9/13/2017 1:23 PM (GMT -7)   
I underwent GG procedure in Laniado Hospital, Netanya, Israel. It was on June 18th 2017. Procedure was made by dr Goren, (dr Gat was present as well). Both examination before and after was made by dr Gat in his office.

Chicago Dave
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   Posted 9/15/2017 3:12 PM (GMT -7)   

It's now been over six full years since I had my GG procedure on 30 May 2011. I'm typically pretty punctual posting updates, but this year I got distracted. Sorry for the 3-month delay, but there was honestly nothing much different that would spur me to write.

Nightly visits to the washroom remain at about one a night. Daytime visits are at least two hours apart but can be as long as six hours if I don't drink anything. My prostate, 51 grams before the procedure, shrunk to under 25 grams a year later. It has maintained that size at least through last Summer, when I last had it measured.

The only change in the past year is a 40%+ increase in my low testosterone levels since late 2015. This increase was confirmed by a repeat measurement, so I believe it to be a real improvement not just a fluke. I don't think the increase was a delayed result of the GG procedure. Rather, I think it was the natural result of losing 30+ pounds. Regardless, it's nice.

I'll update next year, or sooner if there are sudden big changes.

Neil: I will be in Toronto at the end of this month. Private message me if you want to meet for moral support while I'm in your neck of the woods. I'm sorry that your PAE didn't work--I have read a lot of good reviews about that procedure.

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   Posted 9/30/2017 10:19 AM (GMT -7)   
Just came across this new article on the Gat Goren method (published few days ago)
I suppose this is the study they where working on in the last few years
It includes data on 206 patients and a follow-up of 12-24 months

It shows very high success rates and minor side effects as described here already by all of us. Is any one here can get a hand on the full paper?

"Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: Long-term follow-up of prostate volume reduction after sclerotherapy of the internal spermatic veins"
Here is a link:

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   Posted 10/26/2017 4:06 PM (GMT -7)   
New to the group so hello to all and thanks for taking the time to share your experiences as they have been very helpful!

I am a 59 year old male in excellence health with the exception of my BPH. I have been on Afuzosin to relax my prostrate and bladder neck muscles for the last two years. My BPH symptoms have recently gotten worse and have begun really impacting my quality of life. My urologist has suggested that I either start taking Finasteride to shrink my prostrate of think about having surgery. I have elected to not have either given the potential side effects of each.

I stumbled upon this group one evening when I could not sleep which then lead me to read all of the GG research papers including his latest that summarized his results over 206 patients. The term veracosele caught my eye as back when I was having my family I was told by fertility specialists that I probably had one. My urologist has since confirmed that by touch. Reading the articles and comparing them to current conventional medical treatment for BPH, it seems to me that the urologists want to treat symptoms while GG wants to treat the root cause of the problems. This resonated with me as my Dr degree in Mechanical Engineering taught me to solve problems.

I called and emailed the GG clinic in Israel this morning, but did not actually speak with anyone. I am anxious to start the process to see if they believe that I am a candidate for the procedure. I would be interested in others that recently engaged with them, what the process was like, what tests they recommended and the approximate timeline of activities up to your trip to have the procedure done.

Thanks again for all of you who have contributed to this forum!

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   Posted 10/29/2017 3:07 PM (GMT -7)   

I started to talk with Dr. Gat in February 2017. I hat to complete:

To be able to offer you the treatment we need from you 2 basic tests, 3 medical documents and few answers.
Here they are:

1. Abdominal Ultra-Sound for: Kidneys, Liver, Urinary bladder, Prostate volume, Urinary residual volume (usually all 5 of them can be done on one test).
2. Blood test for:
- Complete blood count
- Free Testosterone, PSA
- Serology for: HIV, Hepatitis B+C
- Coagulation factors (PT, PTT, INR)
- Kidney functions (Serum creatinine, Urea)
- Liver functions: GOT, GPT, alkaline phosphate
(In most of the cases all can be done in one sample).
Please copy this list and make sure that the doctor and the lab provide you all this categories.

A The last Medical summary report from your doctor - GP (about your medical condition)
B. The last Medical summary report from your urologist
C. Please complete the questionnaire that is attaches to this email

1. Do you have any health problems?
2. Any medications that you take in a regular basis (Aspirin included)?
3. Do you have a sensitivity to iodine?
4. Have ever underwent a Hernia operation? If it is inguinal hernia, was it on the right or on left side?
5. Have you ever been offered a TURP treatment?

It took me almost four months to complete all of these tests.
And procedure took place on 18th of June.

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   Posted 11/2/2017 8:42 PM (GMT -7)   

Many thanks for your reply and sending the list of tests as well as the approximate time that it took you to get them done. Subsequent to your reply, I did receive an email back from Dr Gat with the same list about a week after I had called and emailed the clinic. I am now beginning the process of working with my Urologist and GP to have the tests completed. Did your health insurance pay for any of the tests and if so which ones? After you submitted the test results back to the clinic, how long did it take to get your procedure scheduled?

Thanks for your reply in advance!

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   Posted 11/5/2017 7:54 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Steve,

I sent all results on 6th of April and I got my procedure scheduled on 26th of April (so, it took me two months not four to collect all tests).
And my insurance covered all this tests (AmeriHealth New Jersey).

Good luck with your treatment smile
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