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   Posted 1/2/2018 1:03 PM (GMT -6)   
It was 6 years ago on this day, I was waiting to start my RT sessions and moving on to treatment. That worked and today I am likely at nadir with every hope of never having to deal with this again.

It's was 6 years and 8,000 posts ago that I joined this forum. It was a great help to me and I've done my best to give back by posting what little I know and offering encouragement and hope to folks joining.

This last weekend my wife and I had to say good bye to our 18 year old cat who was suffering with kidney failure.

Over the last three years I've been working on a poetry collection about my experience with cancer. I hope to make that available on Amazon later this month.

Lately though, I've been coming here and finding that I am simply retyping the same message over and over. There is so much new information out that that I haven't kept up and I often feel I am no longer effective.

Next Monday, I have a CT scan schedule to see if they can figure out a new pain I've been getting in my side. So far tests haven't shown what it is, but it hurts from time to time. It's not related to PC.

It's time. I have other projects, passions, and places to work. I'll pop in from time to time, perhaps with a poem or a reflection, but it's time to shift my focus elsewhere.

Peace to you and yours,
I'll be in the shop.
Age 57, 52 at DX
4.2 10/11, 1.9 6/12, 1.2 12/12, 1.0 5/13, .6 11/13,
.7 5/14, .5 10/14, .5 4/15, .3 10/15, .3 4/16, .4 10/16, .4 5/17, .3 10/17
G 3+4
Stage T1C
2 out of 14 cores positive
Treatment IGRT - 2/2012
My latest blog post

Tall Allen
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   Posted 1/2/2018 1:17 PM (GMT -6)   

The greatest contribution we all make is being part of a community. All that's really required of any of us is just being there. I would deeply miss your absence from my circle of friends.

Sorry to hear about the pain. I have a mystery pain in my SI joint that doesn't seem to be arthritis. I think I need a new mattress.
Allen - not an MD
•PSA=7.3, prostate volume=55cc, 8/17 cores G6 5-35% involvement
SBRT 9 yr onc. resultsSBRT 7 yr QOL results
•treated 10/2010 at age 57 at UCLA,PSA now: 0.1,no lasting urinary, rectal or sexual SEs
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   Posted 1/2/2018 1:34 PM (GMT -6)   

It's time. I have other projects, passions, and places to work. I'll pop in from time to time, perhaps with a poem or a reflection, but it's time to shift my focus elsewhere.

Peace to you and yours,

Andrew...ummm...NO. You are allowed to focus on other things but reducing your esteemed presence on HW is simply not allowed! The moderators have special powers that you don't want to test. Your contributions are far beyond advice and we all appreciate it. So rethink this, dude, otherwise you will face some mysterious consequences....


Forum Moderator-Prostate Cancer. Age 62 (71 now), G 3 + 4 = 7, T1C, PSA 4.2, 2/16 cancerous, 27cc. Brachytherapy 12/9/08. 73 Iodine-125 seeds. Everything continues to function normally. PSA: 6 mo: 1.4, 1 yr: 1.0, 2 yr: .8, 3 yr: .5, 4/5 yr: .2, 6-9 yr: 1. My docs are "delighted"! My journey:

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   Posted 1/2/2018 1:53 PM (GMT -6)   
Andrew, first, sorry to hear about the pain, I'm glad though that you know it's not PC. Hope it's just old age.😂

It's really great that you hve other interests THT pull you away from thinking about PC. You've given back more than your share.
With that said, you will be sorely missed if you in fact do leave. I hope you heed the warning from the mods that if you leave for real, you will be atomized, or something. Maybe you'll change your mind.

If not though, it's an honor to "know" you. Always one of the guys who is here solely for the good of others.
Dx Age 64 Nov 2014, 4.3
BX 3 of 12 cores positive original pathologyG6, G6, G8 (3+5)
downgraded to 3+3=6 by tDr Epstein, JH
RALP with Dr Ash Tewari Jan 6, 2015
Post surgical pathology – G7 (3+4), ECE, Margins, LN, SV all negative
PSA @ 6 weeks 2/15, .<02, remained <0.02 until January 2017, .02, repeat Feb 2017, still .02. May 2017-.033, August 2017- .033 November .046
Decipher test, low risk, .37 score

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   Posted 1/2/2018 1:55 PM (GMT -6)   
Andrew, thanks for the inspiration and guidance you have provided. Hope your occasional pops in will continue to help the travellers on this weary road.
Age 75, excellent health except PCa
7/20/17, Biopsy, 5/12 cores PCa all right side, none left, Gleason 4+3, PNI
PSA 20.44
MRI and CT no evidence of metastasis, lymph nodes, or seminal vesicles, focal bulge
Laparoscopic surgery MSKCC 10/31/17, left nerves spared
11/9/17 catheter out, continent, pathology T3aN0, G4+3, focal EPE, negative margins
12/14-psa 0.10, redo 1/26

Big Tasty
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   Posted 1/2/2018 2:13 PM (GMT -6)   
Good luck with every thing and thank you for all your help and advice you have given over the years.
Diagnosed with PCa in 2015, Age 49
PSA 4.2 (Rising every 3 months)
Biopsy 4 of 12 cores positive, Gleason 3+3=6
Robotic Prostatectomy - 11/13/2017
Final pathology 3+4=7
Patholical stage--pT3a
Psa Reading Due Jan 8th

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   Posted 1/2/2018 2:40 PM (GMT -6)   
Andrew, you said

"I've done my best to give back by posting what little I know and offering encouragement and hope to folks joining…"

As for "what little you know," you know a LOT more than you realize, and as for "offering encouragement and hope to folks…" you have done that splendidly.

Andrew, I can only assert what I'm convinced virtually all of us who regularly read and post here are thinking, that it would be a sad loss indeed if you were to go away from us and not come back.

I know where your thinking is on this. I think all of us who have been here for a while eventually reach a point at which we begin to think that we have said all we have to say, that we are no longer able to make any further useful contributions, and it's time for us to go.

Frankly, I have had similar thoughts myself in the past couple of months or so. Wondering if maybe I have said all I had to say, and maybe it was getting to be time for me to hold my peace, let others have the floor, and even consider moving on myself. Lately I haven't been posting as much here as I used to, especially new threads, although this is consistent with my own policy of only starting threads or making comments that I really thought were useful.

Maybe it's forum writer's block, or the online version of a baseball batter's slump or something such, and it eventually catches up with all of us, but in my own case I'm determined to ride it out, and see if in a while the ideas for posting start coming again.

Andrew, I would be delighted, as I'm sure all of us here would be, if we could possibly persuade you to take a similar approach. Take a break if you would like. But rather than just check in occasionally, stay with us as an active member, and allow us to continue benefiting from your good sense good and good humor.

It's been said before, but it is worth saying again: that we are stronger with you than without you.
Age: 71
Chronic prostatitis (age 60 on)
BPH w/ urinary obstruction, 6/2011
TURP, 7/2011
Ongoing high PSA, 7/2011-12/2011
Biopsy, 12/2011: positive 3/12 (90%, 70%, 5%)
Gleason 6(3+3), T1c
No mets, PCa likely still organ contained
IMRT w/ HT (Lupron), 4/2012-6/2012
PSAs (since post-IMRT): 0.1 or lower

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   Posted 1/2/2018 2:49 PM (GMT -6)   
What about the 👽 Aliens?!!!!

island time
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   Posted 1/2/2018 3:05 PM (GMT -6)   
InTheShop said...
Lately though, I've been coming here and finding that I am simply retyping the same message over and over. There is so much new information out that that I haven't kept up and I often feel I am no longer effective.

Peace to you and yours,

sometimes things need being said that only one person can.

I hate you lost your cat ... that's difficult.

If you find out what's causing your side pain.....let me know. I've been chasing mine for 2 years.

take care man
PSA 2010 thru 2014...4.0 +/- .7
Dx 12/14 @ 56 yo...2 cores G6 <5%, 1 core G6 20%, 1 core HGPIN.
RALP 11/25/15...3+4. 3 to 5 mm surgical margin 15% involvement pT2+

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   Posted 1/2/2018 3:43 PM (GMT -6)   
Andrew - even tho I have only been on here for a year I have enjoyed your posts you kinda add a different take on things sometimes so I would like to echo the same message as the others have said hope you will reconsider leaving maybe take two or three days off but stay active and chime in once and a while. Thank you for your contributions to this board!!

Male 61 DX @ 60
Father had PC
2002. Psa. .08 Enlarged Prostrate
2014. Psa. 3.8
2016. Psa. 19
3-08-17 RP Mayo in Mn
Path Report: Gleason 9, pt3b, Seminal vessels and one nerve removed, neg.margins, 35 LN removed no cancer, Prostrate 45 grams
4-20-17 Incarcerated Umbilical Hernia
6-13-17 psa 0.13
7-19-17 psa 0.12 MRI clear
10-11-17 psa 0.16
10-12-17 Lupron
12-13-17 psa <0.10
12-18-17 SRT

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   Posted 1/2/2018 3:59 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Andrew,

At 8000 posts, you have certainly done more than your share, and you will be missed.

I am very sorry about your cat. My cat is 13 years old and still makes me laugh almost everyday - I dread the loss when the time comes.

Good luck and hope they figure out the issue with your side.

Age: 54
PSA 05/15: 2.09
PSA 11/15: 2.17
PSA 11/16: 2.97
PSA 12/16: 4.13, Free: 11.9%
PSA 06/17: 3.50
PSA 07/17: 4.00 (Inadvertent check as part of annual physical)
PSA 09/17: 3.56

12 Core Biopsy 12/08/16. Pathology: 1/12 (Left mid) 3+3(Score=6); 10% of Tissue

Oncotype DX Genomic Prostate Score = 5

02/17: MpMRI... 1 lesion in vicinity of BX positive core; PI-RADS 3.

On AS since 12/16

Saipan Paradise
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   Posted 1/2/2018 4:19 PM (GMT -6)   
Thank you so much for your contributions. You’ve done your part. You will be sorely missed here. You’re a real mensch. Take care of yourself. Good luck with the scan.
May you always be in the shop!
In gratitude,
Age 60 at dx
Dx July 2017 after biopsy G8 (4+4), 5/13 cores, bone scan clear
RARP Aug 11, 2017 (Dr Patel)
Post surgery pathology: pT3a, tumor 30% of gland; EPE+, SV- and 3 lymph nodes clear
PSA 1/2016, 2.9; 4/2017, 7.2; 9/25/2017 (first post-RARP), 0.13; 10/10/2017, <0.05

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   Posted 1/2/2018 4:27 PM (GMT -6)   
Andrew...you are truly one of the special guys around here. Level-headed, knowledgable and funny, not to mention our resident poet. Heck, how are we supposed to replace all of that?

I wish you all the best, but I do have two requests. Please pop in and say hello every once in a while. And two--please continue to share your poetry.

Happy New Year and congrats on your six year anniversary!
Age 57, Diagnosed at 51
PSA 9.6, Gleason: 9 (5+4), three 7s (3+4)
Chose triple play of HDR brachy, IMRT and HT (Casodex, Lupron and Zytiga)
Completed HT (18 months) in April 2014
9/17: PSA = 0.1

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   Posted 1/2/2018 5:02 PM (GMT -6)   

Always difficult decisions, such as these. I've not been posting much either since about six months post treatment, for various reasons. I still read quite a few posts here, but am already falling behind in current knowledge of Tx's, stats, etc., compared to our resident walking encyclopedia's like TA. cool

As someone once said to me, some things in our lives enter for a reason, some for a season, and some for a lifetime. Only you know which one frequent participation in this forum applies to for you and yours. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and fully support whatever you decide.

Even if we don't see you as much on here moving forward, I'm already resting in the knowledge that whatever you *do* shift your time and intentions toward, will be of significant benefit to others in whatever new forms it takes, because that is simply the kind of person you clearly have demonstrated yourself to be here.
Warm Regards-CJ-age 45

Dx 11/13@42YO - PSA 5.8, -DRE, GS6, MPMRI G-Bx@JH - 1/12 cores+@<5% - AS started
11/14@43YO - NIH T3 ERC-MPMRI, PSA 5.84, PSA-D 0.127
5/15@43YO - Bx, -DRE, PSA 6.41, 6/18 cores+, unilateral all G6@<5-75%
2/16 - HDB-m@FCCC, PSA 6.6, stage T1C
PSA - 6.6 2/16, 6.0 8/16, 2.0 2/17, 8/17 0.8

My Story

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   Posted 1/2/2018 5:45 PM (GMT -6)   
Andrew, I hope you really do continue to pop in as often as you can. Your posts are always one of my favorite parts of HW. Your sense of humor and compassion are second to none. Good luck with your side pain. Thank you for all you've done for us! Sue

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   Posted 1/2/2018 6:24 PM (GMT -6)   
Dear Andrew

You were one of the first to talk me off the ledge when I first joined this forum on behalf of my DH almost a year and a half ago. Your kind words, advice and encouragement have never left me, and I am so very grateful for your support, along with all the others here at HW.

Your gentle sense of humour, beautiful poetry and amazing woodwork would all be missed far too much, should you remove yourself entirely, so I second the motion you don't sever ties with us all permanently!

Having said that, I totally 'get' the need to take some time out for yourself, and who are we to make demands of you, when you have been so generous to us all?

I am so very sorry to hear about your beautiful cat, and the troubles with your side. Really hope they can locate the cause and sort that out for you.

In the meantime however, 8000 posts is a legacy to be proud of - especially when they are all as genuinely caring, friendly, funny and kind as yours are.

Thank you for everything Andrew, and a happy new year to you and yours.

Most sincerely.

Dx May 2016 age 57. PSA 23.4
DaVinci RARP 1 July 2016
G 4(50%)+3 = 7 (Grade group 3)
Large TZ Tumour (apex to base) = 10% of prostate
pT2c N0
Lymph invasion (x 8) not identified. No positive margins.
PSA's to June 2017 = <0.01
28 June - Aug '17 = 0.01 :-(
Nov '17 = <0.01!

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   Posted 1/2/2018 6:54 PM (GMT -6)   
Andrew... ditto to what everyone else has said. Thanks for giving back. -JR
Age 53. Diagnosed 51. PSA 7.1-PSA Free=5% 9/15: PCa G9 (4+5)
18 Mnths Casodex & Lupron started Dec 2015
HDR Brachy@UCLA 2/29/16 & 3/1/16 Zometa I.V. 3/8, 9/7 & 4/3
IMRT: 28 Fractions Completed 5/5/2016
Taxotere Chemo Ended 8/7/16

Treatment Over 5-31-2017
SE: Chronic Radiation Enteritis, Dysuria
CP Forum: MP, DD

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   Posted 1/2/2018 8:43 PM (GMT -6)   
Andrew,I only recently joined this forum; however, I have been a "lurker" since joining the PCa brotherhood. One looking for knowledge, compassion and understanding of this journey quickly isolate those who radiate these traits. I have found solace from certain individuals, such as TA, Pratoman, 81GyGuy, Michael_T and IN THE SHOP, all willingly giving of themselves to assist others floundering down this uncertain path. As others have stated, after 8000 posts you have certainly done your share and deserve to take a break. Please do that, take a break but, please return occasionally with your sage advice. Whatever you decide know your advice has helped so many others. We are blessed to have had your consult. May God bless you and yours. V/R Ralph

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Date Joined Apr 2017
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   Posted 1/2/2018 9:48 PM (GMT -6)   
All the best in your new endeavors! You have given much more than 8000 posts.
Thanks for your contributions! They have made a difference to me in many ways.
DX@ 48 Yrs PSA 03/15 4.45 DRE: Firm Right Base
04/18 Biopsy Right: Base 4+3, Middle 3+4, Apex: HPIN
Left 6 cores : -ve
5/20 MRI: Pirads 5, ECE:+ve
RALP 05/26 Mt. Sinai Miami - Dr. A. Bhandari
Gleason downgraded to 3+4 !! Stage T2C
Prostrate Size: 49grams Tumor:20%
LN/SV/ECE: -ve PNI: +ve
Cath Removed : 6/1
Full continence: 7/4
PSA History :
7/7 <0.1
10/2 <0.006

Almost a 10
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   Posted 1/2/2018 10:20 PM (GMT -6)   
Peace. Its time for you to dosomething else.
11/13 psa 240
DX 10/2013 PSA 187.5
PSA HIST 07/11,3.31;3/10,1.87,3/06,.87
Biopsy 10/28/13; 11/12 cores positive gs 9 (4+5)
BNSCN 12/09/2013 2 hot spots in spine
ADT 12/17/2013 22mg lupr, 50 mg Cas
BN biopsy 01/09/2013 neg
RALP 2/19/14 NN,LVI,Path T3BNX,MX, pros size 4.2 X 4 X 3 cm, 31 grm.Post Op PSA 3/14 .6, 6/14<.1;9/8,;.6;12/8, 1.2;3/9/15 3.9;6/2/15 23
12/14 CT SCAN; 1/15 BNSC

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   Posted 1/2/2018 11:00 PM (GMT -6)   
“For everything there is a season, and
a time for every matter under heaven".

Your journey is just starting Andrew, just like your cat. Everything we're given comes back, as your 8,000 empathetic posts will, again and again. The flow of life is a process of change. Accept the process and go with it. There's no stopping it anyway. The flow is now pulling you in a new and wonderful direction.

Like prostate cancer, nothing in life is static for long. The process is “grow and go.” As soon as you've grown to the next higher level it's time to move on. And on and on we grow and go, like it at the time, or not, the flow demands it.

Best of everything to you Andrew, as you move on that next level. I'll look forward to your occasional pop in.
70 years old @ Dx, LUTS for 7 years
Ulcerative Colitis since 1973
TURP 2/16, G3+4 discovered,
3T MRI fusion guided biopsy 6/16
14 cores; G 3+3, one G3+4, Grade T1b
RALP 7/17 G3+4 Organ confined, but...
<1mm positive margin on Epstein check
pT2c pNO pMn/a
98% dry, ED minimal
1" tumor remains at apex. No mets.
Persistent PSA .54, Lupron, casodex & RT coming

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   Posted 1/3/2018 1:20 AM (GMT -6)   
Good bye
Surgery Nov, 14 2014 Negative margins, negative lymph nodes, negative vessels
Gleason 3+7 PSA .08 Dec 14, 2004; <0.05 on March and July 2015; 0.05 on Oct 2015 and 0.07 on January 2016, .06 on July 2016 and .10 on Oct 2016

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   Posted 1/3/2018 5:09 AM (GMT -6)   
I wish you peace and thanks for sharing. Denis
65YO healthy man, PSA 5/17 4.6, MPMRI, 5/17 lesion. 13 core biopsy 3 positive 3+3 and 1 positive in a lesion, All cores less than 30% 8/17 - the second opinion Yale pathology shows a small amount of (3+4) in one core, < 5%, decipher test shows intermediate risks, looking at treatment options. decided on HDR BT, first treatment 1/26/18 Denis

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   Posted 1/3/2018 10:23 AM (GMT -6)   
Thank you for all your kind and supportive words.

My side pain is acting up again, so I am looking forward to the CT. So far all the blood work and ultrasounds have been normal. It's a frustrating situation - to have a pain and not know why.

and you never really know what I am going to do. I need to back away for now, and I might need to jump back in some day.

Life is like that, it ebbs and flows.
It's happy and sad.
It's ugly and beautify.
It's all about breathing in all around you and giving back your love.

Go enjoy life,
I'll be in the shop.
Age 57, 52 at DX
4.2 10/11, 1.9 6/12, 1.2 12/12, 1.0 5/13, .6 11/13,
.7 5/14, .5 10/14, .5 4/15, .3 10/15, .3 4/16, .4 10/16, .4 5/17, .3 10/17
G 3+4
Stage T1C
2 out of 14 cores positive
Treatment IGRT - 2/2012
My latest blog post

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   Posted 1/3/2018 10:37 AM (GMT -6)   

First, may I add my own THANK YOU for all you have done for me and so many others. That you have been here that long, making that many valued posts says much about you and your willingness to share. There is no way we can assess a value to that, for sharing such as yours is priceless.

I understand very clearly how you now feel. Although I have only been here for a year or so, I have been a "key" contributor to another board (for a heart condition) for over 15 years so far. On that board I often feel that medical science and technology have progressed so far since my surgery that my contributions may now seem "dated" and less relevant. When I voiced my concerns there, I was sternly told that even if my technological knowledge is out of date, just the fact that I "made the journey" for so many years and am still around to tell of it is priceless knowledge to those who now must begin their own trek "over the mountain." The same is true, my friend (I can call you a friend, no?). Whether you have all the current medical/technical knowledge is less important to new folks than is the fact that you have successfully made "the journey" and still are able to tell of it. I invite you to re-allocate your time, but please do not leave us entirely.

I can also sympathize with your feelings over losing a much loved pet. We had a wonderful little Shih Tzu for almost 15 years. He has been gone for over 20 years now, and still I miss him. We decided that he was irreplaceable, and have been without pets since, but still we love a chance to hug and pet a furry four-legger.

Whatever you choose to do, Andrew, know that we will not forget you.

Thank you.
Age 68 at Dx
PSA history: 2000-2012 0.9-1.2; 06/2012 started T replacement
2013-2015 3.0-3.3 (new normal); 11/2015 4.6; 05/2016 5.7
Biopsy: 12-core biopsy 07/2016; 3 cores G3+3, 5% or less; 1 core 3+4, 15%; 1 core HGPIN; 2% of gland involved. Summary G3+4.
CyberKnife SBRT with Dr. Hirsch; start 11/15/16, finish 11/23
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