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   Posted 7/24/2007 6:10 PM (GMT -6)   

Partial Quote from Wiggyann posted on a reply post on someone else’s thread 4-25-2007 

My husband's gleason score was a 7. 

His psa was 6.6 at the time of his biopsy, but had been as high as 7.2 which he had not known.

Out of 12 cores taken, 8 came back positive for androcarcinoma.

Seven were 3+3=6 and one core was a  3+4=7, which is why his gleason score had to be a 7.

He had 25 IMRT (radiation treatments) and a 90 seed pallidium seed implant and he is almost three months out of treatment.

His psa at one month post treatment was 2.60, his next psa will not be until the last of November.



  :-)   Hi ~ Wiggyann & Loved One,


A   “Special”  Warm Welcome  to  You!   yeah  


KNOWLEDGE IS POWER... and POWER conquers fear


Without knowledge of what we are up against…. There is no power…. only fear.


This journey with prostate cancer is best traveled with friends. 


You reached out in April and somehow we didn’t quite grab hold….. I posted your posting on JustJulie’s thread and she did respond…(I’m thinking you didn’t see it).  


Threads are moving so fast these days that I decided to Welcome You with your very own Personal Thread… 


We’ve got you now and we plan to keep holding on…  :-) ~ so please let us know how things are going.


We are here for you and your loved one.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


In Friendship ~ Lee & Buddy


“God Bless You”


It's a little prayer  ~  "God Bless You" ...but it means so much each day,

It means may angels guard you and guide you on your way.



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mama bluebird - Lee & Buddy… from North Carolina

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April 3, 2006  53 on surgery day

RRP / Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy

PSA 4.6   Gleason  3+3=6    T2a   Confined to Prostate

2nd PSA 02-06-2007 Less than 0.1 Non-Detectable :)


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   Posted 7/24/2007 6:41 PM (GMT -6)   
Hey Wiggyman,

Glad you found us. We are here to support each other with encouragement, info and support. Please stay with us and keep us updated on you husband's progress with radiation and seeds. We need all the information we can get on the various forms of treatment the their outcomes...

Age 73. Diagnosed 11/03/06. PSA 7.05. Stage T2C Gleason 3+3.
RRP 12/7/06. Nerves and nodes okay.
Pathological stage: T2C. Gleason 3+4. Cancer confined to prostate.
PSAs from  1/3/07 - 7/18/07 0.00. 
Next PSA on 10/17/07

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   Posted 7/25/2007 6:40 PM (GMT -6)   
Thanks so much for posting on my new thread. And a big
and very special thank you to Lee and Buddy for setting it up for me :)
My husband's urologist gave him treatment options because of his age. He is 68. He told us that if he were a younger man, he would have recommended the surgery. My husband really did not know what to do and he said 
after several weeks that maybe he should just go ahead and have the surgery.  Then, he spoke with his step-brother who had the surgery and he told my husband that if he had it to do over again, he would have never  had the surgery. So, my husband and I talked about it and we decided to make  an appointment with the radiation oncologist for a consultation. He had all of my husband's records, a copy of his biopsy and his CAT scans and bone scan, etc. and he  told us that my husband had a lot of disease in his prostate (bless his heart, he didn't refer to it as cancer).  He told us that he wanted to do 25 IMRT radiation treatments and he would focus on the prostate and also the area around the prostate; in case, any cells had leaked out and then he
told us that he wanted to do the seed implant also.  He said this would give my husband a 90% chance for a cure.  I did a lot of research online and found that the radiation combo as they refer to it now has as much success in curing postate cancer as the surgery.  So, my husband decided to go ahead with this form of treatment.   It is now three months after he had a 90 seed  pallidium implant which is a surgical procedure done in the hospital as an out patient and the next afternoon, he was back to work at his part time job.
One month after the seed implant, his psa was 2.60, which his doctors said was good.  Psa comes down slower and over a period of time with the radiation combo. His next psa will be on December 24th.  And we are praying and believing for the lowest psa possible at that time.  Until this happened, my husband had never had any kind of surgery where he would be under anesthetic and I know he was quite anxious about having this done.
psa at biopsy 6.6, but had been as high as 7.3 which
my husband had not known.  His Gleason score was a 7.
Out of 12 cores taken, eight came back as being positive
and were rated 3+3=6, and the eighth one came back
rated as a 3+4=7, so the urologist had to make his gleason score a 7. 

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   Posted 7/25/2007 7:29 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello Wiggyann,

You have come to the right place. I was lucky too; I just happened upon this sight, and discovered the most wonderful group of friends anyone could hope for. Please keep posting us, and don't hesitate to voice your concerns because we're here to support both of you. We will pray for your husband's speedy recovery.

Diagnosed at age 60
PSA went from 2.2 to 3.8 in 14 months
2 of 14 cores positive at 10%
Gleason 6(3+3), negative DRE, neg. boundaries
DaVinci surgery on 02/23/06

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   Posted 7/25/2007 8:33 PM (GMT -6)   

Hi wiggy, welcome to the forum.  That 2.6 PSA sounds very good.  My uro wants mine to be half what it was before my radiation.  Would be about a 2.5 for me.  I think your husband is doing well.  As biker90 said, keep us informed.  The more info we have about different treatments, the better.  Yours is one I'm not familiar with.



Gleason 3+3=6, T1c, one core in twelve, another pre-cancerous.
62 years old and good health.  Married 37 years.  To same woman!
Began IGRT January 23, 2007. 

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   Posted 7/25/2007 11:16 PM (GMT -6)   
Thank you spinbiscuit and jetguy for posting on my new thread.  I really appreicate it.  And I too have found
that there are some very, very nice people on here.
I am so happy that I ran across it.
My husband told me recently that out of everything he had to go through that having the biopsy was the worst experience for him.  He said it was the most humiliating and embarrassing thing he has ever been through.  When he told me what happened, I was appalled and cannot believe that the urologist's nurse prepares every man who has a prostate biopsy the way she did my husband. Maybe, in my next post I will share with everyone what happened.  My husband didn't want to tell the doctor because he didn't want to cause any kind of a problem since this urologist was the one who was going to be performing his surgical seed implant along with his radiologist. 
Wishing you both years of good health and
happiness, Wiggyann
Husband's psa 6.6 at time of biopsy, but had been up to 7.3 which he had not known.  Out of 12 cores
taken, 8 came back positive for Adenocarcioma. Seven had a Gleason score of 3+3=6 and one had a Gleason score of 3+4=7, so his Gleason score had to be a 7. Stage T1c biopsy due to high psa.  DRE
negative.  Radiation combo, 25 IMRT and a 90 seed palladium seed implant, which is also referred to as  brackytherapy.

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   Posted 7/26/2007 10:25 AM (GMT -6)   
Hey Wiggann:
Glad to see you posting.  It is a long, slow process to healing with seed implants but my husband and I are holding steady to the course.  Hope your husband's feeling a little better than last time we spoke.

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   Posted 7/27/2007 3:44 AM (GMT -6)   
My Husband's Prostate Biopsy Travesty (as he referred to it)
Dear JustJulie and everyone who has posted on my thread.  I have been wanting to share this story for awhile and I sincerely hope that in doing so I do not offend anyone.
The nurse called my husband in from the waiting room and took him back to a special room where this procedure is performed.   Then, she had my husband undress from the waist down and sit in a chair while she put a condom on a cylinder type probe which was on the table and lubricated it using both hands.  She did hand him a napkin or hankie which he said was probably for him to cover himself with. The probe was larger then they describe on the biopsy sites and the nurse said to him, "Oh, this doesn't all go inside of you, only about this much does.  and she indicated a place along the side of the probe. My husband had not asked any questions or said anything to her.
Then, she had my husband lay down on a bed which was in in the room. He told me how he kept pulling his shirt down to try and cover himself.  After the urologist came into the room, he performed the biopsy, which my husband said was "uncomfortable" and then he immediately left the room.
The nurse got my husband up and there was a box of kleenix sitting there , so my husband took several and wiped himself and came away with blood covering the kleenix and all over his hand.  He looked around for someplace to put the klennix and
saw a small wastecan in the corner of the room, so he tossed
the kleenix and missed the wastecan. 
He decided to retrieve the tissue and went over and bent down and picked it up.  When he stood back up, he said he remembers hearing a "crash" and the next thing he knew he came to and he was lying on the floor and when he opened his eyes, there wa a doctor, another man and the nurse and all three of them were bending over and staring down at him.
No one had been in the room before he passed out, except the nurse.
Neither one of the two men was the urologist who did the
 biopsy, but one of them was the urologist who shares the office with my husband's urologist.  He asked my husband if he was "okay" and then both of the men helped my husband up.  And he  immediately began putting his clothes on and he told me later that he was never so humiliated and embarrassed in his life because there he was naked in front of all of these people and he said there was blood all over everything. 
Then, the door opened and the urologist who did his biopsy
poked his head in and asked what was going on. The nurse told him my husband had "fainted" and then she said that she had seen him starting to fall and she had gotten out of the way.  The urologist went on about his business when he found out my husband was okay and then the other men and another nurse who had come into the room left, too.
Then, the nurse made my husband lay down for awhile and
then she got him up and helped him out to the waiting room
and said to me , "He fainted."  There were other people in the waiting room when she said this.  And then she said, "and make sure you drive him home!"
At the time he was just very relieved to have it over because I know he had been very anxious about having having the biopsy done.  But later on when he told me about what had happened and how humiliated and embarrassed he had been.  It really upset me, too.
He also told me that from the time he had the biopsy done, which was the last part of last year until  almost summer,  after his radiation treatments and seed implant that his bowel movements had not been like they had been before he had the biopsy done.  So, I have wondered if maybe his rectum or bowel may have been injured in some way when he had the biopsy done.  Of course, with all of the  tests, treatments,  and the seed implant going on, there was no way my husband was going to go back and tell the urologist about that. And the problem did finally clear up several weeks after he had the seed implant done.  
My husband said several weeks ago, I still don't know what I was doing sitting in that chair without my pants on!  Well, I
don't know why she would have put the condom on the probe and lubricated it using both hands in front of my husband.  I have never heard of anthing like this before.
Anyway, would sure appreciate some input on what happened.

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   Posted 7/27/2007 7:49 AM (GMT -6)   
I just wanted to say Hi, Wiggyann. Have to say you're in the warmest hands here at Healing Well! I remember my husband's biopsy all too well. The uro said he bled all over the place, too. When I was called in afterward, the look on my husband's face was like he had been totally devastated. The pain was pretty bad for him, too, as he had only a local numbing something or other. Sounds like your husband was faced with some very insenstive care issues, if not worse.

It's good to hear he's doing so well, now. Please stay around - there are many new ones coming in that will benefit greatly from your experience.
Husband age 66
PSA on 5/1/06: 4.2 (had doubled in 13 mos. and rising monthly)
DaVinci Surgery 8/2/06 - Austin, TX w/Dr. Randy F.A.G.I.N.
T2a (at biopsy)
At pathology - cancer cell leakage into fatty tissue
Post-Surgical PSA on 10/3/06 - undetectable!
Update: 11/1/06 - perhaps bladder neck involvement; 30%-50% chance of recurrence
Future: PSA tests twice-yearly for now - Next one: 4/17/07

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   Posted 7/27/2007 2:17 PM (GMT -6)   

Wiggyann & Hubby,


This journey has enough stones in the path ~ we sure don’t need health officials adding to the stress.  I am saddened that your husband had to deal with such issues.  It is obviously playing very heavy on your mind since it’s been 6 months plus…  I hope as you share your thoughts with all of us ~ it helps you in return…  Sometimes when we share a burden… it helps lighten the load and makes things more bearable.  Your distress over this is understandable.  It was very inappropriate for the nurse to do what she did….


When Buddy went through the biopsy procedure he did not feel anything in appropriately was done by the female nurse… nor the urologist who actually handled the probe.  The instruments were placed on the tray for the doctor and then she left…. Buddy then disrobed and was given a sheet to cover himself.  Both the nurse and the doctor entered to begin the procedure.  After the procedure ~ he used tissue to clean the gel…. There was no excessive bleeding.  He came out and we had our 2nd conference with the doctor.  Buddy drove us home.  He gave the pain lever a 3 out of 10.  No oral medication was used.  Lidocaine was part of the probe…


It sounds like things are going well for your husband….  The bowel issue concerned me but I’m glad to see in your writing that this too has begun to clear up.


As time permits…. Maybe you can give us some information in your signature line… showing dates… and procedures.


I’m glad you “reached out” again to all of us….  This path is truly best traveled with friends.

Keeping you close in thoughts and prayers…

Hugs from Lee & Buddy

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