husbands new psa numbers

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   Posted 10/24/2007 1:05 PM (GMT -6)   
sad  hi everyone: well things did not go well with our oncologist today. rob's psa has gone from 58 in sept. to 80 now so this means that the kenocotozone is no longer working. now dr. is going to try new drug can't remember name just that it starts with an something. have to take it to get filled than i'll be able to read it. he'll start at 100 mg. and if that doesn't work will increase to 300 mg. this of course as long as his liver function stays okay. we need to watch for vomiting and skin colour. if something goes wrong we go to emergency room, yeah,. dr. will then try casodex. upon initial diagnosis, he was only given casodex to use 10 days prior to starting lupron. urologist said that this was to get his body ready for lupron. after lupron started, urologist took him off casodex.  he is so discouraged right now. should have known something was up since his lower back had been hurting on and off for past week and a half. we thought it was just from being bent over too long when he worked in the garage.  one oncologist says that chemo will help while this oncologist says chemo doesn't help prostrate cancer much. anybody got any advice or opinions on this? it's so hard to know which way to go. my husband is still fighting the idea of chemo. when i asked the dr. today if kenoconozole stops working was there anything else we could try before chemo he said no. then he turns around and suggests the above meds. does anyone know of any new meds that might help? there must be other ways to keep psa down. is there any way besides meds that will bring or keep psa down. why is it some meds only work such a short time for some men while others go a lot longer before something stops working? what else can we do? desperately looking for alternatives. when he was weighed last week before his zometa infusion, their scale said that he had gained weight. today when weighed downstairs on another scale they said he has lost 6 pounds. i don't know whether to worry about this since he has been working a lot in the garage rather than just sitting and eating a lot. he is watching what he eats especially now that i'm home. don't know when to worry more or that things are normal. i know that i'm asking a lot of questions today, bit of a panic mode. i keep counting down the months and wonder if this is a sign that we are getting close to the end. if the psa continues to go up then down we can deal with this, but to think that we have run out of options is scary. it's too soon. i don't want to lose him. any thoughts are appreciated.  thanks everyone. your friend lifeline.  ps you are all in my prayers and i hope everyone keeps positive, fights, and wins.  

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   Posted 10/24/2007 3:18 PM (GMT -6)   
Aww, Lifeline...a big, big hug goes out to both of you today.

Please try to stop counting life in months or weeks. Life isn't over till God says it is. What we're expected to do is live, love and laugh as he intended for us to do. It is so difficult to watch a loved one struggle but listen very close...If we had lived our life as though our child were dying, we would have missed 11 of the most wonderful years our daughter had to give. As hard as it gets, try as we may (and you will keep hoping and trying), we still have but this one life. Worry is our burden but it does weigh us down far more than laughter will. Don't forget to enjoy the lighter moments too Lifeline. I know you won't forget. I'm reminding you anyway.

I can only think of perhaps trying a naturalpath to see if there is anything that may help you dear hubby at all. Wish we had answers to your questions.

Thougts and prayers, Swim

Tony Crispino
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   Posted 10/24/2007 4:16 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Lifeline,
Sandostatin and Leukine are additional options though short term. I am unable to find the kenocotozone in any reference material. Do you mean Ketoconazole? If so, I can find reference to changing treatment doses along with Sandistatin and Leukine and Estrogen that have had promising results. This is out of the Snuffy Myers book and you may want to talk about this with the oncologist.

Our prayers are with you and your husband.

Age 45 (44 when Dx)
Pre-op PSA was 19.8
Surgery on Feb 16, 2007
Post-Op Pathology was poor: Gleason 4+3=7, 4 positive margins, Stage pT3b (Stage III)
HT began in May, '07 with Lupron and Casodex 50mg
IMRT radiation for 38 Treatments ending August 3, '07
My PSA did drop out after surgery to undetectable.  It has not returned and I will continue HT until January '08.
My Life is supported very well by family and friends like you all.

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   Posted 10/24/2007 4:40 PM (GMT -6)   

I feel Swim's point is good here. My paraphrase:
   As best you can, you and Rob enjoy your time together ....
  ...and let us help you wade through all of this overwhelming / engulfing information.

I personally find it encouraging that Rob is staying busy as best he can.

And Tony is such an asset on these topics!

We still remain
holding you close
in YHWH's Dream & Listening Heart of Love.


The four consonants of YHWH are called the "Devine Tetragrammicon" and are used to refer to the unknowable name of God.
See Rev 2:17 for your unknowable name.....
Each letter represents one of the four "traditions" - actually groups of scribes (e.g., the "Priestly Tradition") that recorded the same texts of the Torah - only slightly differently based on their group's perspective.  My perspective is REV 2:7....  :-)

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   Posted 10/24/2007 4:58 PM (GMT -6)   
We should be okay on the email now.

I'm so sorry your doctor's visit turned out this way. Why some treatments work for one person and not others...I don't know if there's a good hard answer to this. It seems every individual is different and bodies handle the drugs or whatever form of treatment in different ways. It's not the way any of us would want - it would be great for all if everything tried, worked. It just doesn't go that way. Tony mentioned a few things that are helpful - Do you want Snuffy Meyers book...let me know.

You and your dear husband are in a difficult position in this disease. His objection to chemo is understandable, but saying that, I understand you want him to try anything. You're not at that point but it's his decision, lifeline. It is. Try to move past the fear...the fear will rob you of time...let us help you fight it.

I know you'll help him in any way you can, you'll love him just as you have been, you'll take care of him. Also, re-read Swims's real and priceless.

Please be in touch.

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   Posted 10/24/2007 9:34 PM (GMT -6)   


Swim is so right on this. Don't look at time as a sentence. Every day is a blessing. None of us know the answers to why some things work and some don't. I know that you must keep trying. You have chosen a wonderful name............Lifeline. My wife, my family, my friends and my church are my lifelines. My wife is my rock, my firm foundation (along with GOD). Her strength gives me strength. You can do the same. By enjoying every day your focus will be on each other and not on the monster. My oncologies did not tell me how much time that I have left, he only said to do the things, together, that we want to do. But do them now. If he had not told us that we might have gone further into our own pit of dispair. But now, we have joy. I pray that you will find joy, peace, happiness, and a deeper love than you could ever imagine.

All of our love and prayers.

A big War Eagle to you both.


Age: 54
PSA 43 7/2005
Biopsy 12/14 Gleason 7 & 9
Divinci 9/2005 - spread to bladder
HT - 10/2005 (Eligard every 6 months)
RT - 10/2005 (38 treatments)
PSA 0.12 to 1.9 2/2007
Bone Scan and CT 4/2007
Casodex 4/2007
Spread to Spine (L4 & T5), rib, and pelvis
Zometa infusions 4/2007
PSA 4.8 8/2007
PSA 4.9 9/2007
PSA 5.4 10/07
"I will persist without exception - I will find a way where there is no way"

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   Posted 10/25/2007 3:37 PM (GMT -6)   
to everyone who responded to my last post about robs psa climbing and the other stuff i wrote. thanks from the bottom of my heart. if i hadn't found all of you neither of us probably would have made it this far. you are all our inspiration and hope whether it is on good days or bad, but especially on the bad days. you help keep me going when i sometimes want to just go to bed and bury my head hoping that this is just a bad dream and when i wake it will be better. i struggle with asking god for help especially for myself. i now just ask him to help my husband and i continue to pray for miracles. it's funny when devestation hits you how some of us like myself look back and wonder if the mistakes made in the past are now a punishment. thanks goodness my husband has a stronger belief with faith. anyway, thank you TC for your info on the drugs. yes, i should have looked at the bottle of keto before attempting to spell it, as your spelling is correct and mine was not. i will give the doc the names of these drugs when we teleconference in a month. husband's back pain is escalating and into his hips, guess it's due to his psa rising. he is taking tyenol 3 for now. hopefully this will help until the new drug hopefully kicks in. the new drug is called Cyproterone Acetate (checked the bottle). 200mg per day. also called Gen-Cyproterone, he just started today. does anyone know if this works how long it takes before noticing a difference in pain level. just moving hurts him now. got to go, husband calling me, his pain is quickly escalating. i'll return when he is feeling better. thanks everyone. lifeline

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   Posted 10/26/2007 2:50 AM (GMT -6)   
Dear Lifeline,
I was just thinking when I read your post, that maybe this time you can let some of us "carry you" in our prayers? I can't answer any of your questions, but I am sure someone will be able to. Recently you wrote to me on my thread, to help celebrate my husband's recent good news, and this reflects a wonderful heart, and a kind and generous spirit. Thank you for your message.
Good luck with finding the answers to your questions now. Keep posting whenever you need to, or feel like it. Keeping you in our prayers too. It is hard when faith is tested and I think it happens to many people. However, the loving way you are caring for your husband right now, is a prayer itself, I think. Thinking of you today. Let us know how you get on later. Take care Lifeline. Lana
Creed_three (Lana & CJ)
Husband CJ aged 49 yrs. 
First PSA 3.5 (Nov 06). 1 x (5%) core of 12 positive at biopsy. 11 cores negative. Open Radical Prostatectomy with nerve sparing, on Tuesday 17th April 2007 (Sydney, Australia). Gleeson 3 + 4 = 7.  Cancer confined to prostate. Margins all clear, including bladder neck and seminal vessicles. 
1st PSA 0.01 - undetectable (June 07)
2nd PSA 0.02 - undetectable (Oct 07)

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