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   Posted 11/18/2007 9:53 AM (GMT -6)   



I figured I might as well start my journey to help others that are considering radiation treatment.


BPH since 1996

My name is Jim; I’m 54 with a family history of PC, father and two uncles on father’s side; father died 20 years ago at the age of 78 from PC. I have had been diagnosed with BHP for the last 10 years.


 20 Jul '06, Lump felt on DRE

The VA Doc went over my info reading the ultrasound reports on my kidney and my PSA results then the DRE was done, she is going to redo all my blood work to get the results up to date in the VA system. She said that my prostate was enlarged on the left side and there was also a lump and with my last PSA of 1.4 and a family history she wishes for me to have a biopsy done.


27 Jul  ’06, PSA Results - Tripling of PSA

PSA 3.61


18Sept '06, Prostate Biopsy

Went in at 8:00 AM to get IV started for Antibiotics, since I have Allergies to most, my biopsy is scheduled for 11:30 AM with Dr Ellis. After 3 hour of IV off I was to see DR Ellis, he was waiting for me, in the procedure / exam room with a tech at the Biopsy machine. The doctors said take everything from waist down off. He then jellied the probe and my butt to num things up, after that I got two shoots of a local. The ten core samples were over in about 15 Min. I had to wait 20 Min. after that to make sure I was OK. I then went to the restroom thinking I had to go but it was only colon spasms.


22Sept '06, Prostate Biopsy Results - 10 sample all negative, Prostate size 36.3 cc

I got the call around two today from DR Ellis’s nurse. It came back NEGITIVE; no PIN’s or signs of cancer. I’m to follow up every six months with a PSA and office visits.


 ---Oct. ’06- Seen VA neurologist for follow up on neck surgery.

He requested  x-rays because the tripling of my PSA along with the hip, back pain.


---Nov '06, Pelvic Hip X-Ray - Sclerotic lesions found on hip 

Received a requested copy of an x-ray of my hip and pelvis. I had serve pain early August and September.  I had seen my neurologist at the VA in October which requested the x-rays because the tripling of my PSA along with the hip, back pain. The x-ray report reads, 1 cm

sclerotic lesion within the left acetabulum. In addition there is a second sclerotic lesion in the right iliac wing.

***Bone scan recommend to rule out metastatic disease

12Dec '06, Bone Scan - Hot Spot on Brain

I received the final bone scan report along with the scan on CD.

The report reads as followed.

No abnormalities are detected in the pelvis.

Specifically, no abnormalities are noted in the right ilium.


There is a small area of increased activity noted in the skull or brain.

This is located anteriorly in either the left frontal or temporal bone.

However, this small area of increased activity could also be in the brain tissue itself as Tc-MDP can cross the blood brain barrier.



I have a vascular loop on the brain, first thought to be a brain aneurysm, this might be the activity noted.   As for nothing detected in the hip, pelvis, if a sclerotic lesion is 1 cm or less only 4% will be detected on a bone scan. Sorry I forgot to bookmark the


---Mar  ’07 PSA 2.6 is still above baseline.

Had 6 month PSA done with reading of 2.6 that is still above baseline. I was put on Levaquin for 30 days. Repeat PSA with fPSA is still 2.6 but free is down to 3%.


24Sep '07- 6 Month follow-up with DR Ellis

Met with Dr Ellis today to go over my PSA that was taken last week, the reading came down to 2.5 but free was 3%. DR Ellis then did the DRE to feel if my prostate is still enlarged and has any hard spots. The prostate felt fine to him just a little enlarged but nothing to be worried about. He said although my free PSA is down, he feels no biopsy is need to be repeated at this time but would if I want to and if it would put my mind at ease. I said I would feel must better if one was done but this time could we do a 14 core sample, I was going on the advise that I got from this forum. He said fine no problem and if it was still negative, we would still do six month follow-ups with PSAs and biopsies every other year to be aggressive due to family history. The biopsy was schedule for 12 Nov ’07.

12Nov '07, Prostate Biopsy - 14 sample 2 positive,

---Left Mid  Gleason 6 (3+3) at 5 % Adenocarcinoma,
---Left Lateral Mid Gleason 6 (3+3) at 15% Adenocarcinoma -

---Prostate size 40.2 cc
---Stage T1C

11 Dec 07, Bone Scan & CT Scan



18 Dec 07, Bone Scan & CT Scan – Results


Bone Scan, Whole Body



There is increased radionuclide activity on the left side of the skull.

Plain films of the skull show no abnormality.

This is suggestive of metastatic disease.



CT of the abdomen and pelvis



Abdomen:  Exophytic cyst  measuring 4.9 x 4.5 cm.

Pelvis:       The urinary bladder is collapsed with Diffuse urinary bladder wall thickening. Seminal vesicles unremarkable. The prostate is normal in size measuring 4.7 cm in width.

There is a small left fat containing inguinal hernia.



31 Dec 07, Family Meeting with Urologist


Meeting went well; DR Ellis went over the biopsy and scan results. He said with the biopsy showing two positive sites on the left, he might not be able to do a nerve sparing on the left side but the right side looks good. As for the scans he wishes me to have a head MRI and to see an oncologist. We agreed to go with the set date of 22 Jan 08. We also discussed IMRT and Proton treatment along with my cardiac issues.


3 Jan 08, Pre Surgery Meeting with Primary Doctor


My primary went over my meds and past pulmonary and cardiac issues. She said no PFT need and will schedule pre-op EKG and blood work. I am to stay off my Plavix until after surgery.


4 Jan 08, Head MRI


I had my head MRI today both with and without contrast, the results will be sent to oncology for review.  Urologist wishes oncology to see me prior to surgery to rule out METS from prostate. 


7 Jan 08, Pre-Op EKG & Blood Work


Had blood work and EKG today; the EKG showed LAFB and needs to be reviews by a cardiologist. 


8 Jan 08, Picked Up MRI Films and Report on CD


Report Impression Reads:


Focal abnormal intramedullary bone signal in the superolateral corner
of the left orbit is consistent with a metastatic deposit.

No intracranial abnormality demonstrated.

Mild chronic ethmoid sinusitis. Tiny retention cyst in left maxillary


9 Jan 08, Seen Medical Oncology about Bone Scan Results


Well! Today was a busy and great day at the same time. I started off seeing my Psychiatrist which said I doing fine with all the anxiety. I was then off to order a new pair of eye glasses and grocery shop. I finally ended the day seeing Medical Oncology, a DR Rossi, what a great guy. He went over my CT and Bone scans along with my MRI report and film taken this and last month. He feels that there is no way that the hot spot is from PCa and doesn’t even think it’s from any type of cancer. He is going to try to request past MRI films to compare the images. I’m to follow up with him in April. We also disgusted IMRT and with my health concerns and life style, I’m a caregiver for my wife. He feels I would be a good candidate for this type of treatment and will schedule me to see a Radiation Oncology.


11 Jan 08, Seen Radiation Oncology about Possible IMRT Treatment


I saw Dr McGrath, Radiation Oncologist at Emerson hospital today. We disgusted all the treatments for PCa and side efforts of each, not many I didn’t already know due to this forum. I did review PCdaves Journey and also found a good link about IMRT before hand. I was very open minded about all the treatments and stated that I was scheduled for surgery on the 22 Jan 08. I also told him I had a treatment of choice in mind but would hold off telling him until after our discussion.  He did bring up the possibly of a Clinical Trial at MGH that he could start and place me in if I so wished. It was for a higher dose of Gray’s on the IMRT, which I declined. I was also given the option of Proton Radiation at MGH but with the drive time I also declined. In the end my choice was IMRT do to my life style. We will be stating with mapping this Friday, 18 Jan 08. The full treatment will be 42 treatment 1.8 Gy M-F for a total of 75.6 Gy. 



NOTE: Reality sat in today when the oncology nurse handed me the ACS registration.

I had teary eyes all the way home. 


16 Jan 08, Receiver Call from HMO


I requested a case manger at the suggestion of my oncology nurse on Monday.

I received the call back today from my HMO, it was from a nurse Dale, and she is going to be my case manager.


18 Jan 08, IGRT (image guided intensity modulated radiation therapy) Mapping/Simulation


I was taken to the changing room to undress from the waist down and to put on one of those nice hospital gowns with opening to the front. A special contrast liquid was placed into the urethra and a catheter inserted into my rectum. I also received my first tattoos, three of them, one on each hip and one over the penis. A CT scan was then done of my prostate; the whole procedure was done in about 45 min’s.


31 Jan – Treatment Day One, IGRT started 


Well, today is the big day, the start of my radiation therapy and some anxiety did set in but I guess that's pretty much normal.  My start time for today only is 2:00 PM after which will be 8:20 daily. I’m to drink 24 oz of water 45 minutes before my treatment time. I live one hour from the hospital so I'll try to get there about two hours early and drink the water there, so I won’t flood the car.


1 Feb – Treatment Day Two


Woke up at 5:00 AM to get ready to leave my home by 6:15 AM, did the three S’s and made my breakfast, two English muffins and a banana with a 8 oz glass of V8 Fusion. I started myself on a low gassy food, B.R.A.T. diet, this diet was suggested by the ACS for anyone getting RT for PCa, so not to get the runs from the treatment. 


4 Feb – Treatment Day Three


I started the day the same as the other treatment days. I  was told that I need to increase my water intake, bladder not full, will try going up to 26 oz of water.


5 Feb – Treatment Day Four – First treatment talk with doctor


I disgust how I had the runs over the weekend, was told to soon to be from treatment most likely from diet. I did have a sandwich with peppers and onions, I will add those to my do not eat list.


12 Feb – Treatment Day 9 – Second treatment talk with doctor


All is going fine, no urine, bowl movement, or fatigue, problems


19 Feb – Treatment Day 13 – Third treatment talk with doctor


I told my doctor about a skin burn on my hips. I was given a treatment skin care sheet which suggested to wear loose fitting, soft cotton underwear, and boxer shorts recommended.

 It also says to change soap to something like Dove; I was using Irish Spring which might have metallic in it.


29 Feb – Treatment Day 21 – Cone down day


This is the day that the beam is fine tuned as to not radiate out to so much near by tissue.


6 Mar – Treatment Day 25 – Sign of First Side effect


Talked with doctor about slowing of urine stream; we will wait until our Tuesday treatment meeting to disgust if medication is needed.


10 Mar – Treatment Day 27 –First Side effect Worsen


My urine stream almost came to a stop over the weekend; I almost went to the ER. The stream was down to just drips at times. I did hold out and talked to doctor today. He placed me on Hytrin 1MG once a day for the urine stream problem.


18 Mar – Treatment Day 33 –Side effect


O well, the Hytrin worked to well. I’m now going every 45 min. and every 2 hours at night. I did talk to doctor today about this and we will try every other day or just on the weekends to so if that might help, if not an appointment with my urologist to check my flow is the next step.


25 Mar – Treatment Day 38 –Side effect


I think my flow problem may be worked out. I’m taking the Hytrin, Tuesdays, Thursday s, Saturdays and Sundays. The outcome is good. I can now wait 2 – 3 hours daytime and 5 hours nighttime, I only need to get up once at night.


 31 Mar – Treatment Day 42 – Treatment Completed


Graduation day, I’m both happy and sad at the same time, it’s hard to say bye to my treatment team, and they seem like part of my family. It was also sad saying bye to some of my fellow patients.


Now my new journey starts.

Follow up with radiation oncologist is 28 Apr and first PSA is to be a PSA 50 on 20 May.

Follow up with cardiologist on 29 Apr to go over LAF, enlagred heart, and other heart issues

My first post radiation visit with my urologist is 17 Nov.


11 Apr – Medical Oncology Appointment


Meet with DR Rossi today, he asked how I was doing and if I have now or have had any side effect during / from my radiation treatment. We talked about my urine flow and how I’m using the Hytrin with good results. We then went over past MRI’s, were he did see the same abnormality on the 2001 MRI as the one taken this year. 


19 Apr –Side Effect- First Time Run’s (This isn’t about Baseball)


Went to an ACS Survivor Caregiver Social today, had a great time but did a big no, no.

I should have known better but the food looked so good, I eat some grilled red peppers. 

One would think what’s the big deal with grilled peppers, I wish I knew, I can’t eat them any more since I have had my radiation treatments, they give me the runs. I was told before hand that this was one food to say away from for this reason.  To top this off and make thing even worst on the way home we stop for supper and I had green beans, another food I’m to say away from for the same reason, only to make maters worst.

It’s my fault since I knew better but since I’m out of treatment I thought it would be OK.

Looks like Banana Pancakes for breakfast tomorrow!!


28 Apr – Radiation Oncology Appointment ~ First Follow up


We talk about any side effects and taking my PSA and the doctor agreed with me that since it’s less then 6 weeks, it would be a false reading. We are sticking with doing the first at 50 days (May 20) followed by 100 days (10 Jul) then 7 months (13 Nov) after completion of treatment. First urology follow up has change to 18 Jul. My next Radiation Oncology appointment will be at my one year diagnoses anniversary and 7 month post treatment visit. The PSA 50 and PSA 100 was my idea based on information I provide to the doctor I found online. After this we are going for every 3 months for at less the first 2 years then every 6 months for the next 3 years. This is the ASTRO guide line for PSA checks.


29 Apr –GI and Cardiology Appointments


Seen my GI doctor first, we talk about my GRED and how the Omeprazole has been working fine by itself. I haven’t taken any of the Nitrostat for over a year for any chest pain from GRED so I’ll no longer be given a RX at this time for it. We talk about my family history for colon cancer and how I’m on a 5 year schedule for getting colonoscopy; my last one was in 2003. I’m now schedule for the scope on 20 Oct.


In the afternoon I was off to see the cardiologist. He want over all my past stress test, seeing that no problems were every found on them. I also had my last echo which shown some mild issues that were of no major concern to him. My EKG was taken had great results. The only thing I need to follow up on at this time, are my carotid arteries with a 30% blockade on my right one, I’m to have a carotid ultrasound on 8 May.


20 May –First PSA


I went to the radiation office at 9:00 AM today to get my blood drawn for my PSA 50.

This blood draw is being done at 50 day after completion of treatment. This was to give a true reading and not one that would have been inference by any inflammation from treatment. I called the office back at 3:00 PM to get the results.  The reading is right were it should be 1.16 pertreatment  was 2.51 this is decrease of 53%. Next PSA 10 July this will be my PSA 100,


Future Appointments and Events


  8 May~ Carotid Ultrasound

28 Aug~ Nurosurgery for CT and review of MRI's and Bone Scan Hot Spot

15 Oct ~Bone Scan follow up for the skull hot spot (Possible Skull Met's?) then every 6 months

20 Oct~Colonoscopy

21 Oct~Oncologly review bone scan

13 Nov~7 Month post radiation follow up with RO/ First year anniversary of diagnoses



1-3  May '09~ Weekend of Hope ~ Stowe, VT

  20 June '09~ Relay for Life ~  NHTI College, Concord, NH ~

   In Honor of  Men to Men, Concord,NHTeam Name is Blue Men Group


How I keep my bladder full for treatment:


Drink 8 oz of a fruit / vegetable drink with breakfast

Drink 8 oz of water after breakfast but two hours before treatment

Void 1 ½ hors before treatment time

Drink 24 – 26 oz of water 45 minutes before treatment.



My recommended Diet Is:


Foods to Limit and Why

Greasy, such as grilled peppers / onions (Can cause runs)

Fried, spicy, or very sweet foods (Can cause runs)


Gas-forming vegetables, such as beans, green or any type (Can cause runs)

Milk and milk products (Can cause runs)

Carbonated drinks (Can cause burning on urinating)

Chocolate (Can slow urine flow)

Caffeine drinks and food (Can slow urine flow)


Foods to increase

B – Banana

R – Rice

A - Apple Sauce

T – Toast (English Muffin)


(I was also advised to stop any and all vitamins and supplements, since some can hinder the effectiveness of radiation treatment)


IGRT Video

0.7 Sept 01
0.8 Sept 02
1.2 Nov 03
1.3 Nov 04
1.2 Oct 05
3.61 Jul 06
3.2 Aug 06
2.6 Sept 06 19%
2.6 Mar 07
2.6 Apr 07 3%
2.5 Sep 07 3%

Post Treatment PSA
1.16 May 08

0.83 July 08

Family history of PCa, father and two uncles

Link to first post:

Lump found on DRE







Jim, 54,~Jim-N1BRP. My Journey
Diagnosed: 12Nov. '07, Age 54

Treatment Started : 31 Jan 08

Completed 31 Mar 08

42 treatments 1.8 Gy M-F for a total of 75.6 Gy.

Prostate Biopsy: 18Sept '06, - 10 sample all negative, Prostate size 36.3 cc

Prostate Biopsy : 12Nov '07, Biopsy - 14 sample 2 positive, one Gleason 6 at 5 %,
other Gleason 6 at 15%- Stage T1C -Prostate size 40.2 cc

Bone Scan: 12Dec '07, - Hot Spot on Brain
Family history: Father and two uncles  die from PCa

Other: GERD, 30% Carotid artery blockage, Kidney Cyst, Asthma

Meds, Hytrin, BusPIRone, Trazodone, Tramadol HCl, Omeprazole, Plavix, Albuterol, Multi Vitamin  Mens

PSA's                   fPSA

1.2    Oct  05

3.61  Jul    06    

2.6    Sept 06          19%  

2.6    Apr 07             3% Oh NO

Post Treatment PSA's

1.16 May 08

0.83 July  08

0.83 Oct  08


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   Posted 11/18/2007 7:40 PM (GMT -6)   
Selmer said...

BTW, given that you are taking Nitrostat, can I assume you are already experiencing bouts of angina?



The Nitrostat is for GERD and not angina and the Plavix is because I can’t be on an Aspirin regiment plus I have an atria brain loop, first thought to be a brain aneurysm.<o:p></o:p>

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   Posted 11/21/2007 11:12 PM (GMT -6)   
Posted previously...  I'm having computer issues... so I'll be back with a little note a.s.a.p.
Wanted to let you know it's nice to see Your Journey!!! 
tongue  Hey Jim ~ I'm back!!!!!
It's nice to see you updating your thread and the link is perfect!!!
It truly is a journey and best traveled with friends. Thank you for staying close.
In Friendship ~ Lee & Buddy

Helping to keep Jim’s journey together for future readers… 


Threads started by Jim-N1BRP


07-29-06  Lump found on DRE

09-22-06  While I wait for my biopsy results

09-22-06  Biopsy Results

12-12-06  Bone Scan Scheduled

12-12-06  Bone Scan Report

05-27-07  I'm Back

11-13-07  fPSA Results

11-16-07  fPSA Cutoff

11-17-07  Newly diagnosed - Going from pledge to member!

11-18-07  Journey * Jim – N1BRP


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Hello Jim,

I am the guy who talked to you in the PCa chat room last night. It seems we share some family history as my father has PCa. Another thing we have in common is a fast moving cancer ( doubling and tripling times) pre-treatment. This is the main thing that concerns me about your numbers. In November of '04 I had a PSA of 2.2  which more that doubled to 4.6 six months later. At the time of my RRp in Feb. of '06 it was 5.7. My doctor missed this jump in PSA. The positive aspect of your PSA velocity is that your doctor caught it before it got too high. This bodes well for a good post-op path which I am confident you will  have.

I am very interested in your thread and will follow your progress.

Good Thoughts Always,


Biopsy: 12/03/05 Gleason 10; HT: 12/15/05; RRp: 2/14/06; EBRT: May thru July '06; Current PSA: .03 (09/21/07); Diagnoses: T3b Seminal Vesicle Involvement, Gleason 9 both lobes. 

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  :-) Hey ~ Jim,
Thanks for the update.... I looked back on the 1st posting and got it!! tongue We will be there for you!  Stay close and thank you for continuing to let all of us walk with you ~ and for walking with us!  Hugs from Lee & Buddy...

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   Posted 11/26/2007 12:38 PM (GMT -6)   

I will be adding more details to my Journey using cut & paste from my post and notes, so THANKS for the links.

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tongue  Jim ~
You are welcome. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us!  It's so important for our members to be able to see the "whole picture"  Excellent thread for "Your Journey".


Seeing the # of views on personal threads like kw’s, Izzyblizzy’s, Jetguys, Biker’s, pcdave’s, and many others… tells us how important it is to see the “whole picture”.


Just a personal observation.  Verdana 10 font is a little easier on the eyes…  cool   


Take care and continue to update!!! It is very important!

Hugs from Lee & Buddy

mama bluebird - Lee & Buddy… from North Carolina


v          We invite you to visit our personal thread:  Click Here:  “Our Journey” ~ Sharing is Caring 

April 3, 2006  53 on surgery day

RRP / Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy

PSA 4.6   Gleason  3+3=6    T2a   Confined to Prostate

3rd PSA 08-07-2007 Less than 0.1 Non-Detectable :)

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Hi Jim,

Thank you for your thoughtful post and for all the detail.  I'm sure this will be helpful to many.

I wish you well.

Kind regards,


"Idaho" ~ Barry


Da Vinci Surgery July 31, 2007… 54 on surgery day
PSA 4.3  Gleason 3+3=6  T2a  Confined to Prostate

1st PSA 0.04 (undetectable) 9/11/2007

My web site:

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   Posted 12/18/2007 9:31 PM (GMT -6)   
Vet & Barry

Sorry to take so long to post a reply


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   Posted 12/19/2007 2:07 AM (GMT -6)   

Hey Jim,

Great to see you posting again.  yeah

We're here and ready to listen, buddy!

All the best,


"Idaho" ~ Barry


Da Vinci Surgery July 31, 2007… 54 on surgery day
PSA 4.3  Gleason 3+3=6  T2a  Confined to Prostate

1st PSA  9/11/2007   <0.04 (undetectable)

2nd PSA 12/10/2007  <0.04

My web site:

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   Posted 12/19/2007 7:19 AM (GMT -6)   
Thanks, I’m OK and at ease about having the RRP. I just don’t know if it is still a good idea if I do indeed have Met’s on the skull. I did drop off a copy of my last Bone scan report to DR Ellis and told his office I have the past Bone scan on CD if they need to look at it.


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Jim ~ as time permits...>please contact bluebird
Thank you!!!  This is perfect  yeah   ~ letting us know when you update!!!  And continuing to update the 1st posting in this thread.....  A nice way to see the whole journey...
We are continuing to keep you close.  And we're glad you're staying close too!!
Hugs from Lee & Buddy

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   Posted 1/7/2008 9:09 PM (GMT -6)   

Hi Jim

I am so sorry to hear of your many health problems. I wanted to mention that Rick had his carotid artery blocked: Right side was 98% left side was 50% blocked. The doctor choose to roto root the right side & place a stent and the plan was to do the other side later. This was done in 2000 and both sides have been checked every year since and they are both now clear. The Doctor said that sometimes when you clean out one side it just sorta takes the pressure off the other side. I wish you the best as you face this journey of prostate cancer.


Rick & Diana
Age 68/ 67@ Dx
6-30-06  PSA 2.54
1-22-07  PSA 4.98
1-26-07  PSA 5.09
Diag: 2-14-07 Gleason 8 Stage T1c PSA 5.09
Bone Scan 3-1-07 Clear
3-6-07 Triple Spinal Fusion (due to old back injury)
Radical retropubic surgery 4-2-07  Post surgery Gleason 9 Stage T3a Positive margins
4-29-07 PSA 0.02
6-9-07   PSA 0.02
7-6-07   PSA 0.03
8-1-07   CT Scan & Chest X-Ray   Clean
 9-26-2007 PSA 0.07
11/1/07 PSA 0.1
11/30/07 PSA 0.12

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   Posted 1/7/2008 9:29 PM (GMT -6)   
Lee & Buddy
My email is on its way.

I don’t think it’s the 30% Carotid artery blockage that’s the problem but the Left Anterior Fascicular Block (LAFB) that showed up on the EKG along with what the skull hot spot might be that has my surgery in a hold.

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   Posted 1/8/2008 4:28 AM (GMT -6)   
January 8th...
Does my signature look better?

Reply:  January 9th


Hey ~ Jim, 

Lookin’ good…. yeah    We will look forward to you adding a little more to it once you get your results… along with a few of the PSA’s…  I see where you’ve gone in and edited (taking out the extensive signature on 4 of the postings). 


I also like your idea that we talked about ~ putting your personal thread: My Journey in your signature line.


Remember ~ the most important thing is that you keep close to all of us with your postings…  Keeping your 1st post with all the updates (like Biker90 and several others members) is really great ~ in helping us see the path that you are on in Your Journey. 


Posting that there’s an update …. Is perfect!!! tongue Then we all move to the top and read it!  Thank you for your input ~ in our e-mail correspondence.


Keeping you extra close at this time….

In Friendship ~ Lee & Buddy

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   Posted 1/8/2008 7:37 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm so sorry to see your news.
This must be fairly small - perhaps radiation will be something that will be suggested.
Thinking of you and hoping for the best,
Husband Diagnosed 11/17/05 Age: 63 PSA: 7.96 No Symptoms
2/09/06: LRP - Post Pathology - Gleason 4+3 Stage T2b NO MX
3 mo. PSA: 11.8 Stage T3a
6 mo. PSA: 18.8 Stage IV Systemic w/ distant lymph node involvement
Start HT - Lupron 3 mo. shots
12/06/06: PSA 0.8
03/07/07: PSA 0.3
06/06/07: PSA 0.1
09/05/07: PSA 0.1
11/27/07: PSA 0.1

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   Posted 1/10/2008 7:31 AM (GMT -6)   
I finally found time to post an update and reply to you.
As posted the Hot Spot is not PCa and doesn't even looks like any type of cancer.
The Oncologist ended saying  no matter which treatment I pick, I will no die from PCa.

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   Posted 1/13/2008 3:29 PM (GMT -6)   

tongue  Hey ~ Jim,

Keep us all close ~ as we walk with you!


*This is your very own Rainbow and it’s sprinkled with Sunshine*









v       Keep this little rainbow close to you

v       Use as often as you need

v       It’s been filled with extra strength to help you through this… pull from all of us!!

v       Knowledge is Power ~ Power takes away the fear!

v       Stop ~ take a nice deep breath…

v       Now ~ continue forward!!!

v       Keep posting!!! and Stay Close


yeah  Nice signature ~ it gives a good visual and the updates are perfect!!!  I am thrilled you are staying with your 1 personal thread! 


We'll be right there with you ~ and you will feel all of us!

Hugs from Lee & Buddy 


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   Posted 1/19/2008 3:28 PM (GMT -6)   
Bluebird aka Lee & Buddy,
Thank You for the Rainbow.
I'm going to print it off and keep a copy in my support folder.

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   Posted 1/20/2008 2:58 PM (GMT -6)   

Jim's Quote: Jan 18th from update on 1st posting on this thread……


18 Jan 08, IGRT (image guided intensity modulated radiation therapy)


I was taken to the changing room to undress from the waist down and to put on one of those nice hospital gowns with opening to the front. A special contrast liquid was placed into the urethra and a catheter inserted into my rectum. I also received my first tattoos, three of them, one on each hip and one over the penis. A CT scan was then done of my prostate; the whole procedure was done in about 45 min’s.


IGRT  scheduled to start 31 Jan 08 


~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~


   tongue   Hey ~ Jim & Loved Ones,


Thinking of you and sending special thoughts your way as you move toward your treatment.


Keeping you close… in thoughts and prayers. 

Stay Close... and know...


“Our hands will be on your shoulders”

special words borrowed from hamala



In Friendship,


 ~~*~~*~~*~~*~~~)*&^%  Group Hug  %^&*(~~~*~~*~~*~~*~~


From the 3 of us...

Lee, Buddy, & Murphy

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   Posted 2/10/2008 8:48 PM (GMT -6)   
  tongue Hey ~ Jim,

~ Keeping you close ~

Hugs from Lee & Buddy


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   Posted 3/4/2008 8:02 PM (GMT -6)   

You’ve just been HUGGED by  *bluebird

 ( Lee, Buddy & Murphy too! )



Please let us know how you're doing!!

We have you tucked close... I hope you feel our warmth.

Warm thoughts are surrounding you...

In Friendship ~ Lee & Buddy



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   Posted 3/10/2008 6:25 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Jim,
Glad to "hear" you again.  Thank you for keeping us posted on your journey.
Our prayers are with you.
All the best,

"Idaho" ~ Barry


Da Vinci Surgery July 31, 2007… 54 on surgery day
PSA 4.3  Gleason 3+3=6  T2a  Confined to Prostate

1st PSA  9/11/2007   <0.04 (undetectable)

2nd PSA 12/10/2007  <0.04

My web site:

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   Posted 3/16/2008 8:33 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Jim. Don't know how I missed your thread. I too, did image guided radiation therapy. It's been almost a year since I finished. I am doing well and hope the same for you.


August of 2006, PSA up to 4.2 from 2.7 one year ago. 
October free and total PSA 12% free and 5.0 total.
A month, or so later, 4.7.
Late in the year decide on Image Guided IMRT.
Begin 43 treatments on January 23, 2007 and finish on March 23.
Four month post treatment PSA is 1.9.
Seven month PSA is 0.8.

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