Happy Thanksgiving!

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Tony Crispino
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   Posted 11/21/2007 12:45 AM (GMT -6)   
Well its turkey day again this Thursday and I will be travelling tomorrow to Laguna Beach California, so I am sending you all a very Happy Thanksgiving a couple days early.  My thanksgiving prayer this year is going to be extra special.  Last year I did not have a great time during the holidays.  I wasn't really up to it.  I had all the same faces but I was a little flat on the enthusiasm for the holiday season.  Not this year.  It hasn't started yet but let's rock!  What am I thankful for?  If I had to write it out...:
Thank you to my wife, Ruthie.  I can't imagine the strain this has placed on her, but she is resilient and without her...sorry can't write it!
Thank you to God for caring for our baby for nine years, now.  I can't wait to see him, and I miss him so much, I am certain that in God's hands he's now a fine young man.
Thank you to my dad.  He has been the ultimate love and support I have always wanted him to be.
Thank you to my mother.  She has been through alot, God has been caring for my step father for nine years now, too.  We lost Danny the same day as our baby to cancer.
Thank you to all our family members.
Thank you to my new coworkers.  I can't imagine where we'd be if they hadn't been so willing to add an employee with stage III cancer.
Thank you to all health care professionals who have helped me.
Thank you to Blackie, Mickey, Dirty Harry, Sebastian, and the newbie...Charlie!  (one dog ~ four cats)
Thank you to my friends.  So many to name, but you all are included.
Dear God, This year has been the most spirtual of my life and for that I am very thankful.  I am so grateful to you for allowing me to finally really accept you into my heart, for giving me a chance to do so, and for your forgiveness.  Thank you for your loving hand and guidance over this last year.  I pray that you do the same for my friends with cancer, that you have done for me.  I pray that you have our child in your love and beside you if and when I arrive to be with you with your blessings. Amen.
May God Bless you all that are here.  And Thank you!

Age 45 (44 when Dx)
Pre-op PSA was 19.8
Surgery on Feb 16, 2007
Post-Op Pathology was poor: Gleason 4+3=7, 4 positive margins, Stage pT3b (Stage III)
HT began in May, '07 with Lupron and Casodex 50mg
IMRT radiation for 38 Treatments ending August 3, '07
My PSA did drop out after surgery to undetectable.  It has not returned and I will continue HT until January '08.
My Life is supported very well by family and friends like you all.

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   Posted 11/21/2007 2:08 AM (GMT -6)   

Thank you Tony for all of your well wishes and prayers for all of us. Right back to you friend. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Turkey Day and a blessed holiday season. Thank you for the time you have spent responding to my e-mails they are truly appreciated.



Rick & Diana
6-30-06  PSA 2.54
1-22-07  PSA 4.98
1-26-07  PSA 5.09
Diag: 2-14-07 Gleason 8 Stage T1c PSA 5.09
Bone Scan 3-1-07 Clear
3-6-07 Triple Spinal Fusion (due to old back injury)
Radical retropubic surgery 4-2-07  Post surgery Gleason 9 Stage T3a Positive margins
4-29-07 PSA 0.02
6-9-07   PSA 0.02
7-6-07   PSA 0.03
8-1-07   CT Scan & Chest X-Ray   Clean
 9-26-2007 PSA 0.07
11/1/07 PSA 0.1

Cedar Chopper
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   Posted 11/21/2007 6:03 AM (GMT -6)   

I cultivate a sense of wonder that makes "thanksgiving" come easy to me.

Here's wishing all of you those multitude of things we can all be thankful for!

My Thanksgiving prayer? 
Why just a simple, cheap and easy cure for all cancer everywhere...  right now..... scool !
May God's Love be with you, always - in the Son!


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   Posted 11/21/2007 7:49 AM (GMT -6)   
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family - TC

God Bless ya!
Age 44
PSA 4.8
Gleason 3+3=6
Biopsy - 3 of 12 (2@20% / 1@80%
Da Vinci 7/31/07 @ Duke
2.5 hr. surgery, released from Duke with in 14 hrs.
Saved both nerve bundles. 
Foley out 8/10/08
Positive Pathology Report 
Near left side nerve bundle
New Gleason 7
Oncology visit in the near future for radiation
Back to work 3 weeks following surgery - Sales
9/13/07 - 1 Post PSA Undetectable less than 0.1 
9/17/07 - Pad Free! 
10/11/07 - ED, Trimix injection .2cc Tooo much but it worked. Now on .05cc, 3 times a week
No luck with viagra or pump. 
11/19/07 - 5 mth. PSA 0.1 (Ouch)
12/14/07 - 1st Appt. with Medical Oncologist - Radiation here I                 come. (This sucks)  

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   Posted 11/21/2007 9:04 AM (GMT -6)   


Well you did it. You made the old hormone guy cry. Your story and your praise for our Lord inspire me. I too feel different this holiday season. Thanksgiving and Christmas "WILL ROCK"

. I am truly thankful for all that I have and what awaits me in Heaven. We should all list our thanks here so all can see and rejoice with one another. I'll start.

I give daily thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for His grace and mercy. He has changed my life and prepared me for the battles to come. I will carry His shield and spear as my armor into battle.

I could not make this journey without my wife of almost 29 years, Johnnie. She is my rock of strength. She is the strongest person of will I have ever known. My love for her has no bounds.

My family and friends are so special. Their care and support give me hope.
My church. My place of peace. I can't say enough about what they do every day to lift me up to the Lord.
To all of you, my special freinds at Healing Well. You give me light to see in the darkness. You give me comfort and rest. Your love for me and all here is a true inspiration of how we should live our daily lives. You carry my burden when I am weak. You lift me up when I fall. You give me drink when I thirst. I love you all.
Dear Lord,
I come to you today to ask for hope and healing for all who fight this monster. Take us into your arms and let Your love flow down upon us all. Bring peace to us all knowing that you await our arrival in Heaven to be with you.
In the name of Jesus,
Thank you Tony. Be blessed and "ROCK".
Your friend Walt
Age: 54
PSA 43 7/2005
Biopsy 12/14 Gleason 7 & 9
Divinci 9/2005 - spread to bladder
HT - 10/2005 (Eligard every 6 months)
RT - 10/2005 (38 treatments)
PSA 0.12 to 1.9 2/2007
Bone Scan and CT 4/2007
Casodex 4/2007
Spread to Spine (L4 & T5), rib, and pelvis
Zometa infusions 4/2007
PSA 4.8 8/2007
PSA 4.9 9/2007
PSA 5.4 10/07
PSA 6.4 11/07
"I will persist without exception - I will find a way where there is no way"

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   Posted 11/21/2007 11:28 AM (GMT -6)   
Very well stated everyone, I /we do have much to be thankful for and as strange as this might sound I know I am a better person for what I have experienced this past year, my perspective on many items has changed. I wish you all a great Thanksgiving and Holiday season and hopes for long lives and more cures.
Thanks for starting the thread Tony very well said.

Age 49, PSA 6.22 on 9-26-06
Biopsy 11-01-06, 2 of 13 cores 10% cancer, 2 other cores abnormal Up-dated 20% prostate cancerous
Gleason score 3+3=6 After Pathology report 3+4=7 some agressive 5 cells found
Da Vinci surgery 01-09-07 UW Madison
Pathology Report- cancer 100 % capsual contained 1-18-07
Catheter removed 1-18-07 suffered bladder spasms Catheter reattached 1-18-07
Catheter removed 2nd time 1-24-07
1st Post PSA Blood Test 3-22-07 <.1 Undetectable
2nd Post PSA Blood Test 7/5/07 <.1 Undetectable
3nd Post PSA Blood Test 11-12-07 .2 monitoring
Next Poat PSA Blood Test Scheduled for 1-17-08
Incontenence-Pad free since end of May 07 4 1/2 months post surgery 
ED back to 95% prior to surgery - no medication required.

Doting Daughter
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   Posted 11/21/2007 12:51 PM (GMT -6)   

AMEN!!  I'll start the same way I will end.

I'm thankful for my father.  He has been my biggest fan since before I was born and I feel so lucky to have been blessed with a man that embodies strength, dignity and courage even while faced with cancer.  Thanks to God for every day I have with him...may there be many more cancer free days.  Please Lord hear my prayer. 

I'm thankful for my son.  He is now 5 1/2 weeks old and the greatest blessing I have ever received.  I am totally in love and know that the timing of his birth was part of God looking out for our entire family at a time when we were on our knees.  Thanks be to God. 

I'm thankful for my mother, who has always been the rock of our family and continues to provide all of us with strength and laughter.  I hope I am half the mother she is. 

I'm thankful for my husband, who has lifted me up, prayed with me daily, nightly and endlessly for my father and all of you fighting this war.  He is an amazing husband, father and son.  I'm truly grateful.

Thanks to all of you for your wisdom, your ear and your support in what has been the most difficult time in my life. 

Thanks to God for peace when my heart is breaking, strength when my body is weak and hope in the unseen.  AMEN!!!  

Peace and happiness to you all at Thanksgiving!  


Father's Information
DX July 15, 2007
Age 62 (now 63)
PSA 5.5
Original Gleason 3+4=7 
Post Surgery Gleason- 4+3=7
DaVinci Surgery Aug 31, 2007
Focally Positive Right Margin
One positive node
Bone Scan/CT Negative (Sept. 10, 2007)
T3a N1 M0
Oct. 17 PSA 0.07
Nov. 13 PSA 0.05
HT to being Nov 07
Radiation soon to follow

M. Kat
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   Posted 11/21/2007 12:57 PM (GMT -6)   
AMEN..AMEN...AMEN! God bless all of us!! kat
Husband Jeff 56 years old diagnosed July 27, 2006
PSA 6.5, 2 positive areas in biopsy, Gleason 3+3=6
Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy August 30, 2006
pathology report - all clear - cancer gone
1st post-surgery PSA test <0.1, 2nd post-surgery PSA test <0.1, 3rd PSA <0.1
no more pads Oct 12, 2006
first "real" erection with use of pump 12/16/06
3/07 - occasional dribbles and erections with Cialis and pump
8/07 - 1 yr PSA <0.1
9/1/07 - achieved erection with Viagra - no pump!

FLHW(David E)
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   Posted 11/21/2007 4:11 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm in a hurry, leaving work for the holiday and don't have time to post anything "original"
so here is a link to my Turkey Day blog entry.

Dx'd 2/18/05
PSA 219, bone mets, lymph node involvement
Gleason Score: 7
Current (11-17-07)
PSA: 23
Lupron, Keto, Avodart


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   Posted 11/21/2007 7:43 PM (GMT -6)   
To all the Team at Healing Well,

Wishing you all a Blessed Thanksgiving

Don & Susan

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   Posted 11/21/2007 7:54 PM (GMT -6)   
To all our friends at Healiang Well. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Mika and Dale

Tim G
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   Posted 11/21/2007 8:01 PM (GMT -6)   
To each of you at the Prostate Cancer Forum--
Happy Thanksgiving! 
The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings  Eric Hoffer
Age 59 PSA 2.6 (Quadrupled in one year) Gleason 5
Bilateral nerve-sparing RRP 6/21/06
Cancer confined to prostate, post-op PSA's non-detectable

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   Posted 11/21/2007 8:13 PM (GMT -6)   



Thank you so much for your inspirational words and kind Thanksgiving wishes. Have a great Thanksgiving!



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   Posted 11/21/2007 8:42 PM (GMT -6)   


This is a Powerful thread… 

It touches deep within our hearts…

            ~ God Bless You ~ 



  :-)    Forum Family of Friends,


We Are So Thankful for Your Friendship


“Our Journey” ~ brought us here to HealingWell

Our being here was meant to be

Each and every~day is

“Our Thanksgiving”


I hope "you" know

how much your friendship means

~ today and always ~

Have a Very Happy Thanksgiving


In Friendship ~ Lee & Buddy

mama bluebird - Lee & Buddy… from North Carolina


v          We invite you to visit our personal thread:  Click Here:  “Our Journey” ~ Sharing is Caring 

April 3, 2006  53 on surgery day

RRP / Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy

PSA 4.6   Gleason  3+3=6    T2a   Confined to Prostate

3rd PSA 08-07-2007 Less than 0.1 Non-Detectable :)

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   Posted 11/22/2007 1:39 AM (GMT -6)   

Hi Tony,

I wish you and the family a very Happy Thanks Giving, and to all the wonderful friends on this sight; "Happy Thanks Giving to each and everyone"


Diagnosed at age 60
PSA went from 2.2 to 3.8 in 14 months
2 of 14 cores positive at 10%
Gleason 6(3+3), negative DRE, neg. margins
DaVinci surgery on 02/23/06
Last PSA 08/26/07 @ 18 months "0"

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   Posted 11/22/2007 11:56 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Tony
WOW! Your spiritually motivated words of thanks were most beautiful, especially at this time of the year. Your words remind us that, despite adversity in life, we also have to focus on our blessings in life and be thankful for them.  May the road ahead be as good in the future as it has been to you and your loved ones this year.  God Bless!
-69 years young!
-29 core biopsy 9/27/06 at age 68
-PSA 7.1, Stage T1c, Gleason 7 (3+4) [less than 20% in one area], Gleason 6 [less than 5% in two other areas], Negative DRE, bone scan and Endorectal MRI. 
-Completed 39 Proton radiation treatments 2/22/07-4/18/07.   
-PSA History: 7.1 pre-treatment; post treatment: 2.1 (3 mo.), 2.4 (6 mo.).  Radiation oncologist said the 3-mo. drop of 70% exceeded expectations and the slight 6-mo. movement upwards is not a
cause for concern.
-The following is a link to My Journey With Prostate Cancer -- Proton Radiation Therapy.  http://www.healingwell.com/community/default.aspx?f=35&m=726381

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   Posted 11/23/2007 12:00 AM (GMT -6)   
Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends at HealingWell.com!
60 years old
Dx March 2007
Pre-Surgery Gleason 3+3 = 6
Clinical Stage: T1c
Biopsy: 1 in 10 positive
Da Vinci: June 7, 2007 
Post-Surgery Gleason 3+3 = 6
   Clear at margins
First Post-PSA Sept 07 = <.01 (Hooray!!)

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