Can you have Celiac & go weeks without being sick??

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   Posted 5/13/2013 5:43 PM (GMT -7)   
Im wondering, anyone out there who think they may have celiac, go for weeks at a time without being sick ?? Ill post my previous post...
Im wondering if there is only certain types of food that could be making my father sick as he can go weeks or even a month without having his symptoms ??
I really need some help, I have seen my father suffer for far too long. Im going to tell his story, that has been going on for 20+ years on & off.
The past two years it has been getting worse, he can not keep a job as he is "sick" more often than not. The thing that gets me though, is that he could go a month or two without being "sick" and then it will hit him, he could be sick for a week straight, two weeks straight, maybe he will have a day in between where he feels decent.
Now when I say "sick", let me explain. ..
His symptoms usually tend to start when he wakes up in the morning, he says usually it will come on right after he takes a bowel movement, which sometimes is diarrhea like, sometimes he tends to be a little constipated. First he gets a nausea feeling in his stomach, he will start vomiting, until there is nothing left to come up, than it is just dry heeves. His body and muscles get very sore. He gets bad anxiety that goes along with it, does not want to be left alone, sometimes gasping for air. Vision is blurred, usually gets a severe headache with it. No perception of where he is, when he trys to walk from his bedroom to the tiolet, you would think he was drunk. He gets extremely bad gas with it, he can not stop burping. He says he has no actual pain feeling in his abdomen area, just the nausea.
So, he was in and out of the hospital years ago, eventually got fed up and stopped going. Now these past two years it seems to be happening more frequently, he has been in and out of the ER and to his family doctor all the time. The ER docs usually give him a zofran, hook him up to an IV, and send him out the door once he starts to come around .. the majority of the time we do not even make it home until he starts feeling ill again. His family doctor, can not give up on the fact that it is anxiety. He has prescribed him ativan, sertaline (spelling?) and another one as well, he has increased the dosage multiple times, and it is not making anything get better, not even the SLIGHTEST bit!
He has gone for blood tests, which the doctor stated was all normal. He has also had a CT, which was normal.
I hate to see the pain my father is going through day after day. I need help on ideas if this would be celiac disease, or something else??
Please, open for any suggestions.

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   Posted 5/16/2013 12:46 AM (GMT -7)   
Yes, it is possible for people with Celiac or non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity to have times when they are well and times when they have symptoms.

I still think he might have abdominal migraines or something similar. And I think perhaps an Integrative or Naturopathic Physician may be more capable of helping to identify what is going on.

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   Posted 5/18/2013 10:32 PM (GMT -7)   
I had those exact symptoms and I thought it was food allergies but it turned out to an intestinal infection called Clostridium difficile or c-diff: A bacterium that is one of the most common causes of infection of the colon in the US. Patients taking antibiotics are at risk of becoming infected with C. difficile as antibiotics can disrupt the normal bacteria of the bowel, allowing C. difficile to become established in the colon. In severely affected patients, the inner lining of the colon becomes severely inflamed (pseudomembranous colitis) with the potential to perforate. A significant number of hospitalized patients are on antibiotics. In industrialized countries approximately four-fifths of all C. diff cases occur in patients aged over 65 years.
Any Competent GI doctor can find this in a stool sample!

Symptoms of more severe cases may include:
Elevated body temperature
Loss of appetite
More severe abdominal cramping and pain
Nausea and Vomiting
Pus or blood in stool
Watery diarrhea; the patient may go to the toilet ten or more times in a day.
Unexplained weight loss.

What are the treatment options for C. diff?
If the patient has been taking an antibiotic during onset of symptoms the doctor will ask him/her to stop taking them. In mild cases this may be all that is needed. However, if symptoms are more intense, further treatment will be required.
Antibiotics - standard treatment for C. diff infection is an antibiotic - a different one if the patient was on an antibiotic when symptoms started. If symptoms are moderate the doctor may prescribe metronidazole (Flagyl). For more severe symptoms vancomycin (Vancocin) may be used. In both cases, the aim is to stop the growth of C. diff, which allows good bacteria to reproduce in the intestine. These antibiotics may cause some side effects, including nausea and a bitter taste in the mouth. When taking metronidazole the patient must not consume alcohol.
Probiotics - some types of bacteria and yeast help restore a healthy balance in the intestine. Saccharomyces boulardii, a natural yeast, together with antibiotics have been shown to prevent recurrences of C. diff infections.

I hope this helps, i was on the Flagyl, 500mg twice a day for 10 days and it cleared it right up. I am still taking the ProBiotics, its a prevention thing too. Angie
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   Posted 7/15/2013 3:07 PM (GMT -7)   
I was having almost exactly the same symptoms, and spent the better part of a month in the hospital. They would send me home only for it to come right back! Time and time again. A couple of times I lost consciousness. They FINALLY did an endoscopy and a colonoscopy and determined that I had a celiac related form of colitis called lymphocytic colitis. The treatment? I had to take 3 peptones bismol tablets 30 minutes before each meal for a few weeks. I still had loose stools for a few months, but at least I was returning to the land of the living, and could keep food down again.

They started me on a liquid diet, of course, and then gradually let me have the things celiacs can have. It is just another annoyance of having celiac. Mine is further complicated by the fact I cannot tolerate rice, corn, or lactose. Most of the gluten free things out there are based on rice and/or corn, and they hide corn syrup in everything, it seems. I have learned to be vigilant.

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   Posted 7/19/2013 7:28 PM (GMT -7)   
I have similar type pattens to symptoms of your father, not as violent, there is no vomiting and I do not have diarrhea anymore often than any person might have on average over the course of a year. However, I do have the coming and going thing with gas/bloating stomach cramping where I could be fine for weeks or longer or occasionally have a bad day and then have a run of weeks on end where its pretty bad. The bowel movement problem is there too, having one during a period of major discomfort can make me feel better while having one when I have been feeling great can bring on 2-3 days of discomfort, it seems to reverse whatever the trend has been leading up to it. I also have subsiding of symptoms at night, never will I be awoken by stomach discomfort and often times I'll go to bed in pain and wake up 1-2 hours feeling great but if I stay up for more than 15-20 minutes it starts coming back. I had one borderline positive blood test with all other blood tests being negative (I was told the test was not the up to date version by someone). I saw a celiac specialist who told me that 2 of the symptom tendencies your father and I have are often red flags it is not celiac. The first is the coming and going of gastro symptoms. Celiacs who exhibit non classic or non gastrointestinal symptoms such as DHT frequently have periods of remission in their symptoms, those with stomach symptoms though almost never do, that does not necessarily mean they won't have a few days here or there where they feel okay but they will never go weeks or months with no problems. The improvement of symptoms during sleep is also against the celiac tendency, its fairly common for celiacs with gastrointestinal symptoms to be awoken with stomach discomfort or diarrhea in the middle of the night. IBS/Colitis variants are known to exhibit the quieting down phase during sleep, as a matter of fact IBS patients are sometimes told to see their doctor if they find they are suddenly being awakened at night by discomfort as it is not a hallmark of the condition.
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