Am I likely to be diagnosed? Please help!!!

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   Posted 1/24/2014 11:30 PM (GMT -7)   
I recently had an endoscopy due to some esophageal sympoms (sensation of food sticking in the throat, etc).
As someone with severe health anxiety who always thinks of the worst, I was decently relieved to hear from the gastro dr. right after the procedure that it was just a mild case of gerd and a hiatal hernia and that I will just have to be on some medication for 6 wks and after that, only occasionally, when needed.This was relatively nice to hear when my mind had already gone insane with fear thinking of "Barrets esophagus" or even the horror esophageal C word.

He set up a follow up appointment and told me to also get a referral from my GP to another Dr that should also look into possible "allergy to gluten".

A couple of weeks later the results from the biopsies taken during the endoscopy came back with the DX "reflux esophagitis - no precancerous changes".

Not great, but hey - treatable.

The trouble started when I began to look up what every image from the endoscopy meant -as I received a copy with the images at home.

Two of the images read: "2nd portion of the duodenum: atrophic" and "duodenal bulb: atrophic".

When I did the research on the Internet I realized the link between what the gastro saw on those two images and him mentioning a possible gluten allergy and the referral to another Dr.

Right now I am freaking about about having Celiac disease and I have 2 questions:

1. Am I correct in concluding that those atrophic findings in the duodenum indicate a high likelihood of celiac? Could they be due to other things? The Castro Dr. Never mentioned the word "Celiac" but he did tell me to check with another Dr (He may have said Allergy Dr, if I am not wrong) about possible gluten allergy. The interesting thing is that, when I attempted to make an appt. With an allergy Dr., they told me they don't test for gluten allergies and that the gastro Dr. Should do that ! Now I wonder why in the world the gastro Dr. Sent me to an allergy Dr?

2.If I have celiac, would the biopsies taken during endoscopy have confirmed this disease?

The only thing the biopsy report says is "reflux esophagitis". As the Dr. Obviously identified the atrophic duodenum, I am pretty sure he would have biopsied that little portion too, am I correct?

I have the follow up visit on Monday and I have a million question for the gastro dr, but in the meantime, could someone perhaps confirm that a DX of Celiac would have been clarified by the biopsies, if present? Wouldn't the Dr. Have mentioned this possibility to me, instead of calling it just "Gluten allergy"?

Otherwise, I do not experience any of the typical symptoms I read about celiac, such as diahrea, stomach cramps, etc.

I was however found to be vitamin d deficient a couple of years ago but after my gp put me on vitamin e over the summer and after some sun exposure,the vitamin d levels were back at the optimum level.

If you can reassure me in any way, I would be forever grateful!
My greatest fear is that those atrophic findings indicate a high likelihood of Celiac.

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   Posted 1/28/2014 12:22 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi there! I am not the best one to answer you on here but am sure others will write you. I am abit foggy today, so forgive me if I don't totally get what you are saying. Usually they can check the top part of intestine thru stomach and take biopsy for celiac..yes. An allergy or sensitivity to gluten is another test done only by certain doctors or those in the the naturalistic healing? Not sure. I had blood test for celiac because my daughter tested positive and I then I did too, and so did my sister. We do not have stomach issues really. I have CF and daughter has RSDS along with sister. (that's why the testing) We are currently working hard on our diets and staying away from gluten. I feel better already. I do miss it and makes me cranky but I manage fine. You can always try gluten free diets and then go on again. If you get know! Hope I helped somehow. This is a good site to be on. Hope it works for you. I also feel food sticking in my throat and get hiccups a lot from it. :)

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   Posted 4/3/2014 9:29 PM (GMT -7)   
Sup just scared, seein if you ever got the biopsy or not? Did they conclude with celiac?

I can tell you from personal experience I'm still trying to sort it out with the doctor having no idea. During endoscopy he saw with his own eyes my duodenum area was flat and suspected celiac with villous atrophy. He was completely dumbfounded that the biopsy came back normal.

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   Posted 4/11/2014 9:31 AM (GMT -7)   
what they most likely messed up was the allergy doc should be able to prick test you
There are many blood tests for gluten /celiac testing
all performed by usually your gastro doc

from here you can get allergy tested for foods....WHEAT , RYE ,BARLEY,GLUTEN ETC almost all come back negative.. BUT a allergy office should and can test this...
this is the standard allergy testing (prick in arm) then if you want to go further they send the same test out to a lab with your blood to be looked at under a scope (CAPRAST) both of these are IGE antibodies
many do come back negative here to...not always the case

you can also get genetic tested for the HLA DQ area you need one gene from the A side and one from the B side ..if you have that you can be reactive to gluten . the problem is many people can have these genes.. the more of them thou the high case your real reactive

For my self I carry 4 genes two copies --I dont have celiac but i have some intolerance to it.
you have to test out as diseased to have celiac(biopsy ).. if your not diseased-- and no biopsy comes back your tossed in the IBS/ intolerance area.. and up to you to find your causes food journal

or from the tests above in the link at lab corp....

If you have the money -- you can test more in advanced testing but its not covered by any insurance
some believe you can have reaction in blood theres several different antibodies or GUT fecal

for blood advanced testing of IGG IGA IGM TCELL and IMMUNE COMPLEX all at the same time google
elisaact and read up on it

FOR FECAL IGE testing in the gut---the same antibody the standard allergy office uses IGE
look here enterolab( gogole them)

Standard allergy office testing is an instant allergy IGE (prick test)
many do not react here,, some can react up to 3 days later after things enter the immune system
why people seek ELISA ACT to get answers or FECAL testing of IGE

or lab corps IBD EXPANDED PANEL -- look this test up as well on there site

All this is going to do is tell you that you are reactive for sure....and if you have celiac for sure
its pricey to do all of this... why many docs say make a food journal.

Several of these advanced test also find other things your reactive to and can be of use
The COLON test or ENDO test BIOPSY is the golden standard to access if you are diseased

but remember you can come up negative here and still have problems and be intolerant( the hardest thing to figure out) above are several good but pricey steps to pin point it

You see you are tossed all around like a ball to figure out this problem , good luck and hope this all helps
if you have any question shoot away
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