thoughts on Gluten protein and CANDIDA protein and genetic testing

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   Posted 4/10/2014 7:37 PM (GMT -7)   
Wanted to ask here, I post in the crohns forum.. I ve had many tests done... all gluten tests , crohns tests Ive paid for many advanced tests docs do not use from advanced allergy testing to advanced bacteria tests, organic acid tests stool tests and a test rarely used by GI doc called an IBD expanded panel. I test in blood on the IBD expanded panel for crohns.. nothing comes back for celiac.. but heres my story

For me I got sick over two years ago. I decided to document my life in testing from day one..which I have not seen anyone do on the net!!!!. I did every standard test docs do and many advanced tests many most likely never have heard of.. I did genetic test my self. My family tree dates back to 1890 with my great grand father having type 2 diabetes , crohns and diabetes run in my family on this side (my moms) flowing down the tree to present.... my result are below are what they mean

my genetic results were this IN the HLA DQ area
1-4 associated with sensitivity or intolerance
1) DQA1*05:01 one copy associated with coeliac disease
2) DQA1*05:05 one copy associated with coeliac disease
3 )DQB1*02:01 associated with type 1 diabetes , copy associated with coeliac disease
4) DQB1*02:02 one copy associated with coeliac disease
As well I have more ---that fall under disease association / celiac Disease HLA DQA/DQB
HLA DQ ALLELES detected disease associations
5) DQA1*01:02---- narcolepsy- sleep disorder
6) DQB1*06:02 --- narcolepsy- sleep disorder, type 1 diabetes, type 2 Diabetes, , pemphigus-- Pemphigus foliaceus skin sores/ rash

Now ive done tons of research in the field of crohns... Im starting to think CANDIDA-yeast/fungus may be the cause here. and I think im on to something

I did a test called the IBD EXPANDED PANEL- its a test at lab corp. It a test used for blood for IBS ,CROHNS and colitis NOT CELIAC..

It tests 5 antibodies.. ALCA AMCA ASCA ACCA each mean something once i researched them
AMCA = candida yeast
ASCA = bakers brewers yeast
ASCA = sugars-- starches grains , milk , mushroom sugar
ACCA = basiclly shell fish etc

So my point ...I tested and came back postive for AMCA and ALCA
MY AMCA was very high (candida) and ALCA was a little high..(sugars) this was when I was at my sickest point

I did many advanced tests one at enterolab...GUT FECAL test---- gluten soy ,corn rice, potato, grains milk etc came back reactive - did nt leave me much to eat
I did elisa /act advanced IGG IGM IGA tcell immune complex testing(tests all at the same time)Its a
BLOOD test --- milk, potato, butter, yogurt, collard greens, buckwheat came back reactive didnt leave me much to eat. from the both I made my diet..

I did all the standard allergy testing IgE prck test and caprast--blood sent to lab ------here all came back negative.. as well lactose intolerance test. which almost all of us IBS, crohns, colitis and celiac people this seems to happen and we are told to make a food journal..

So back to my point... I changed my diet to A PALEO, low sugar diet.. (removed anything that digested as sugar) My IBD EXPANDED PANEL numbers started to come down. SO I added in antifungals....numbers dropped even more. I did this over two years..every 3 to 4 months numbers dropped.. today my numbers are Normal now. My thoughts are I had candida overgrowth which caused gluten intolerance. and many other intolerances that caused me to become sick... I could not eat gluten at all when I was sick..., I did nt have celiac yet I carry all the genes for it. What I also found is the protein in gluten looks just like the protein in candida in research.

I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IF ANY CELIAC people would try this blood test to see what they come back in antibodies..(AMCA) from my families long history of type 2 and crohns... and finding out my genes
I really think i am starting to Link this disease. many IBS problems could be linked and tied to yeast...and depending on the person..bacteria invades behind it (crohns and colitis)

I say this as many with crohns will have reactive ASCA = bakers brewers yeast or AMCA = candida
please look at the antibodies crohns people or colitis people have it may open your eyes or interst you

Im thinking that people get over ran with yeast , then come reactive to it... depending on how many genes you have say example me... your immune system cannot tell the difference i gluten and yeast causing you to break down your layer more.

Today i dont really eat gluten or grains at all... I stick to a paleo , low sugar with good fats diet. I have no problems.. Yet I can now eat gluten and grains if I choose with out any problems.. and drink beer,

I dont do it often I can... I really think that yeast caused my crohns, which then gave me lowered my ph allowing bad bacteria to grow , then get in thru my gut along with food proteins giving me intolerances

today many of those intolerances are gone... Until I killed /lowered yeast i could not get my good bacteia from probiotics to rise.. Today my levels are HIgh and can show it from testing.

Any thoughts here....I d love to share any of my data

I would really love to see a celiac take this test !!!!! IBD EXPANDED PANEL lab corp

thanks for you time EDDIE

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   Posted 4/10/2014 7:56 PM (GMT -7)   
my thoughts are this way as well on the yeast -----

It took me over a year to lower my yeast... and two years to maintain it now... eating a PALEO , low sugar fat diet.

When I started my diet I did the SCD diet.. and shopped and bought all gluten free products. I gelt better but never got right. What I found was all the gluten free foods were made from corn, rice or potato flour.... which all feed yeast.. so your never going to lower it.

You remove the gluten and grains , they look like AMCA -- candida yeast ---so you relieve the immune system helping it.
Again from what I found candida yeast proteins look like gluten proteins.. to the immune system.. you never remove the problem YEASt - as your still feeding it from the corn , rice and potato foods.
Yeast keep the PH low in your gut... keeping you your good bacteria from growing.. that produce the fatty chain acids that digest fibers that raise your PH for good bacteria to live and thrive

This is what I found with my self... again Im crohns but have these genes... did alot of testing for 2 years documenting everything..

What are your thoughts!!!!!
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