Posted 12/28/2007 3:01 PM (GMT -7)
dakota... your post made me feel so much better thanks!!! it made me smile... specially the last sentence *hugs*
Kara, 20
Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis March, 07
-Left sided all the way up
-Was on didn't do anything for me. Had horrible flare up...been on lialda and pred since. Seems to be working!
Medications: Colazal 3 pills 3x a day
                  Prednisone - 20mg in the morning w/ food.
                  Lialda - 2 pills in the morning w/ food.

Posted 12/29/2007 11:29 AM (GMT -7)
I've gained 35lbs on Prednisone.
I'm not happy about it.
Posted 12/29/2007 11:00 PM (GMT -7)
I totally understand!!   I just finally finished my pred taper.  I was on high doses of pred for a good month,  then in the hospital was on high doses of IV steroids,  then out of the hospital on a pred taper.   My moon face is sooooooo  unattractive.   I hate the pics of me taken on christmas,  talk about a "fat mama".   I have so much fat on my cheeks and my chin!!    i have always had some abdominal fat,  at least since having my kids, so thats not new for me.  But I think I gained back all the weight I had lost with being so sick.   But now I was hoping to start exercising after being off the steroids,  but now I have so much joint pain and fatigue from my "anemia of chronic disease",  its hard to get going on an exercise program.    Oh well,  I will try to soon I guess, maybe it'll be my new years resolution!  :o) 
40 yo RN, happily married, with 2 beautiful daughters, Tianna(14 yo) and Alyssa(10 yo).   Diagnosed L sided Ulcerative Colitis in Jan '04 and Diabetes type 2 in June '05.
Remicade infusions ~ 11/6/07, 12/6/07, 12/20/07,  6-MP 100mg daily, Pentasa 500mg twice a day, prednisone 20mg 10mg 5mg daily, Nexium 40mg twice a day, Lantus insulin 45 35 units daily, Novolog 10 8 units with sliding scale at meals, Amaryl 2mg daily, multi-vitamin daily, Calcium daily, B complex vit daily,  and pro-biotics daily.

Posted 1/5/2008 7:06 PM (GMT -7)
I'm on pred for 10 weeks now and hate the moon face and also particularly the abdominal distension as well. It bothers us men as well!
37 year old male
Diagnosed ?UC 2003 on hospital admission but found to have campylobacter and treated successfully.
No symptoms until Spring 2006 - treated with prednisolone and mesalazine
2007 - only 2 months in Summer without symptoms, on 2g twice a day of mesalazine, just finishing 10 week course of prednisolone and just starting 6 MP (didn't tolerate azathioprine due to nausea), mesalazine suppositories and prednisolone enemas. Also take probiotics.
Stopped smoking 2005.
Ulcerative procitis is still flared-up.

Posted 1/5/2008 7:17 PM (GMT -7)
I've been on varying doses of Pred for a long time, April will be two years. I am on 40 mg now, have gotten as low as 5 mg every other day, but got horribly ill and had to go back on. When I got ill I lost all the weight I had gained on the Pred and then some, but I've gained back 7 lbs in two weeks and am already 3 pounds over my ideal weight and trying so hard not to over-eat, but I am ravenously hungry all the time. I mean, I can eat like a truck driver and within twenty minutes my stomach is growling.

I was hoping that being on Remicade would get me off the Pred, going back to my GI Jan 21, so hopefully I'll be able to start weaning off again.

One thing I can tell you is that anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds help with a lot of the other side-effects, not the weight gain and moon face, but the agitation, the b****iness and sleeplessness. I am on 10 mg of Lexipro to help with depression caused by the chronic illness and some other rather stressful issues going on in my life. I take Xanax as needed. Most nights I take a couple of Tylenol PM to help me sleep, sometimes followed by a Xanax chaser which does the trick if the Tylenol PM isn't enough. Getting enough sleep helps a lot. It also helps that this time of year the whole darn world is on a diet ;-)

Diagnosed UC April 27, 2006
Remicade infusions: 7/21/07; 8/18/07; 10/13/07; 12/15/97;
Lialda, 4 tabs in the morning; Protonix; Prednisone 4/27/06-present, was almost off, back to 40 mg; 12/1/07 - 12/29/07 weekly Venofer (iron sucrose) injections; 9 mg Entocourt EC; Xanax as needed; Lexipro 10 mg, Rowesa; Asacol; Colazal three 750 mg capsules 3X day; Bad reactions: Imuran( 2/07)

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