Posted 2/16/2008 11:45 AM (GMT -6)
I didn't have any side effects and it took about 2 weeks before I noticed a difference in my mental status. As for your friend saying those things, it doesn't seem like she's a friend at all because SHE is not listening to you. I personally stay away from people like that - but I know it hurts nonetheless.
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Posted 2/16/2008 11:49 AM (GMT -6)
I was always in a fog when I was in a bad flare. What with loss of blood, lack of sleep and steroids, some days it scared me just to drive. I'm better now, but I seem to have problems remembering names.

Good, one more thing to worry about. Is Alzheimer's autoimmune?

Just kidding.......I hope.
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Posted 2/16/2008 12:13 PM (GMT -6)
I feel like this often. I also have been d'xd with fibromyalgia and blame it on that. I find myself talking about something with a friend and in the middle of the convarsation I get confused about what I was talking about and they stare at me waiting for me to finish my thought, it is so embarrassing! I have locked myself out of the house twice in the past month!
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Posted 2/16/2008 12:59 PM (GMT -6)
This brain fog can lead to being misunderstood for sure. People can read into it all kinds of WRONG conclusions; laziness, disinterest, boredom, incompetence, yes even selfishness.

Things like that about the disease make me feel like it is truly an ordeal. Even when I have a bad day at work and try to talk to people about it, I get the feeling everyone skips over what I'm saying and just thinks "Here he goes again, *****ing about the disease."

Sometimes I really feel that the best thing in the world is just to be understood. I am sometimes around people who try to judge the truth or validity of what you say based on your body language, emotional expression, behavior, etc. And I feel like saying, "Look, Sherlock Holmes, don't read into my overall presentation, just LISTEN TO MY WORDS, I have a traumatic process going on in my body, and yes I may have stuttered or came across as "low energy," but its not a comment on my mental status or attitude, or a prediction of the truth of my statement, I am just in poor health!

Don't forget; it is much easier for people, even our friends and family, to place the blame for our conditions directly on us. It is easier to say "that person can't manage stress," than it is to admit there are literally hundreds and thousands of mysterious frightening, debilitating medical conditions that may strike anyone and anytime. And to admit that medicine and science sometimes don't know what's wrong either. And to admit that sometimes sick people still have to get up in the morning and go to work...

In other words, I think people that do not understand or care to, are simply displaying a side of their human nature. Maybe only the sick can really know the differences between these two worlds or health and sickness. But no doubt, most of the hardship one has to carry around on one's own, with the exception of boards like this.

Bottom line is I've decided I don't do enough praying.

Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 6/2006 at age 26 after sudden E.R. visit
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 ~I had Mono in 2000
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Posted 2/16/2008 3:13 PM (GMT -6)
I always get like this Janice.So you are not on your own at all.Sometimes it is the ones close to us that are the most unsensitive to us.Yesterday i nearly had an accident whilst driving because of the brain fog/fatigue.I lalso ost my car keys for about 2 hours and my wife is always saying that i'm never listening to people properly.i guess we all have these days, people that don't understand(or want to understand) will always be ignorant so let them go.Let them think what they want because that is their problem and not yours.
    You are too nice of a person to let someone upset uyou like that.
                            lots of hugs heading your way

                                     keep the faith 

         asacol/proctifoam/Zoton (lansoprazole)/propranalol


Post Edited (fatboyslim) : 2/16/2008 1:23:39 PM (GMT-7)

Posted 2/16/2008 8:43 PM (GMT -6)
Apart from insensitivity of relatives, friends, and/or bosses & co-workers, there is the fact that modern life is complicated. There are so many chores one has to do. A neighbor of mine says that even her 85-yr-old father, a widower living in suburban house, is making himself lists of tasks which need to be done so as not to overlook something essential. This afternoon while I was on my way home from grocery shopping, the thought occurred to me that I should run into the public library branch to see if they have an income tax form I need. But no! I got distracted, went home, unpacked the groceries, & then realized that I still hadn't picked up the tax forms & the library would be closing in 10 minutes! (Sigh.) Well, another errand that will just have to wait a few more days ... / Old Hat (nearly 30 yrs with left-sided UC ... [etc.])
Posted 2/17/2008 9:48 PM (GMT -6)
Iam so glad Iam not the only one!!! I was going to post the same question! I have ben on Asacol for 8 months and the mind fog seems so bad some days! Tho it could be that Iam 52,but some days I scare myself the things I forget. The stupid mistakes I make at work. Somedays its really bad...I just have to say I had a giant brain fart. LOL  To  excuse myself for being so out of it.
Posted 2/17/2008 10:47 PM (GMT -6)
This is making me even madder at my doc for not giving me Azul - I NEVER had this tiredness or brain fog with it and I was taking alot more Pred than now. I know I was younger but I really believe Azul is better PLUS he won't give me the rectal meds I know I need. I'm having regular BM's but some tissue and light blood and rectal pain. And like doors12 says - I really want to find out what's causing this. I truly believe there's more to all of it than just and body attacking itself. That's my part of my prayers every day, to have a healing and learn more about this horrid thing to help others. I spend time every day doing research into inflamation, PH balance and all the relationships to UC and other autoimmune diseases. I'm so glad we have this forum to vent and share.
Posted 2/18/2008 1:42 AM (GMT -6)
Hi there, I've been the same way. the other day I went to the market on the way home from work and could not remember what I went in for when I got there. I had to call my wife to remind me. I'm going to write things down from now on. I'll start a conversation and lose track or where i was going or ramble on when leaving a voice mail at work because i'm not remembering the point I wanted to make. In general I feel dumb. I've been told that short term memory can really get messed up with this. I am new to this UC monster and I can't belive how many different facets of your life it changes. I'm on 40 mg prednisone, 4 400 mg Asacol 3 times a day and a 4g/60 ml mesalamine suspension enema.

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