Posted 2/21/2008 5:26 PM (GMT -6)
I just finished my FIFTH colonoscopy over the course of about 15 years. I have been diagnosed with IBS, Chrones (when i went for my next colonscopy the second doctor told me the first one was wrong and thats not what it was) an inflamed colon, from a heavy night of drinking "Red Deaths"   devil when i was in my twenties (that was my FIRST colonoscopy)...Every single time i ever had this procedure it was due to me Shi**ing blood for weeks to a month. I am so tired of having to be subjected to this invasive and humiliating procedure ESPECIALLY because there is not a single Doctor who has ever been able to tell me WHY I AM GETTING THIS and WHAT I CAN DO TO PREVENT IT FROM HAPPENING AGAIN.  mad  I SUBJECT MYSELF TO IT CAUSE I CONSTANTLY THINK I HAVE COLON CANCER and HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO SPEND THE MONEY FOR MY OWN PEACE OF MIND.
 am not one to blindly take medications with no real remedy to solve the underlying problem.
My latest Col. procedure the Doctor told me nothing except.. "It just happens to some people". (oh REALLY EINSTEIN???!!!) HE DIDNT EVEN TELL ME WHAT I HAD!!! (sorry Im mad-heh)
So i looked up Canasa on line (which is the medication he gave me to TREAT /bandaid it) and as far as i was able to tell through my SELF diagnosis.. I have Ulcerative proctitis, as i have all the symptoms of this.
So i researched a bit more and found a site that mentioned that for some reason unknown to the medical industry, certain peoples immune systems detect feces as a foreign antibody in the system and attacks it as though it were trying to kill a GERM or a BACTERIA or a VIRUS in the body much like it would do if you were ill. What happens is that a person with this conditions body will release an over load of white blood cells into the walls of the colon in order to KILL the "foreigner"... in the end, the colon is overloaded with WBC's which in turn causes constipation, and inflammation of the colon walls. The streaming in of WBC's Alone causes bleeding of the colon walls .
Ok.. so that was the MOST of what i got. still No remedy . Until today.
I have some HOPE again and am about to investigate this MUCH further.
A friend of my mothers called today. When i told her about what was going on with me.. she sarcastically asked me.. "And? did they TELL YOU WHY YOU HAVE THIS? did they tell you HOW TO CURE IT??" and i said no to both.
She vehinemently believes with all her heart (and gave me examples of people she knew) that i have living in me a PARASITE. An intestinal parasite which is probably laying eggs within my colon. But medical doctors do not test for these when they do stool and urine samples. She said the way to kill parasites (which can be contracted from tiny bacteria from a single person in lets say a restaurant, like a food handler, or tap water, or many times from foreign countries BUT NOT NECESSARILY) is with NATURAL REMEDIES.. like clove or something along those lines. Of course that was a hypathetical remedy so dont everyone go out and start taking clove.
Reading about the WBC's last week and the attack on the feces... makes sense with the parasite possibility. Because perhaps it is detecting the PARASITE.. and not the feces at all!!! and my body IS IN FACT working properly by attempting to illiminate the foreign body from my colon.
(Before anyone says anything i am NOT trying to say that FOREIGNERS are linked to FECIES IN ANY WAY!!! You gotta be soooo careful nowadays not to offend anyone. lol)
Anyway, I talked to her for a very long time. She is extremely involved in the natural remedy and holistic scene.. but not against Doctors.
I just know for myself, i am so sick of hearing from Doctors who are SUPPOSED TO BE CURING ME.. that there is no cure and "here take THIS PILL or this SuPPOSITORY (for the rest of my life) and see you next year when the bleeding starts again so we can prescribe something else for you".
does anyone feel the way i do about not having a remedy, solution or cure for what they are dealing with? I didnt read very many of these posts but from what i read it seems like everyone is kinda like, accepting of the fact that they're sick and willing to keep medicating without really knowing why they are.
Well, for right now I believe the Parasite thing. I saw a whole program on this and i am definetly going to get checked. The problem is I have no insurance and am very worried about how much NATURAL remedies are going to run me. NOT THAT INSURANCE WOULD COVER IT ANYHOW.
But my health is more important than this medical beuracracy.
what do you think? anyone? (not about my bung hole about the parasite theory) And did anyone ever hear of this before???
Posted 2/21/2008 5:40 PM (GMT -6)

After a quick search, the available information seems to be that there isn't much information about Remicade and fertility as yet. However, I did find one study that showed it may be helpful in reversing infertility in some men with IBD. Here's the link if you want to read the article:

Ineedaremedy, there is a cure for UC. It is total colectomy, usually with a j-pouch reanastamosis to hook things back up again so you don't have to wear a bag. There are some intestinal parasites, such as hookworm, that can cause anemia and slight bleeding, but not of the sort you get with UC. And doctors aren't resposible for curing you or making you better. They can recommend treatment, which you either follow or not. Ultimately, we're all resposible for our own lives and health and attitude.
Moderate to severe left-sided UC (21 cm) diagnosed 2001.
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In remission since April, 2006. Remicade has been my wonder drug.
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