Posted 4/26/2008 10:49 AM (GMT -6)

Thanks again everyone for sharing information and suggestions. 


I did reach the on-call doctor, and it just happened to be my doctor this morning.  He said that it is “absolutely false” that Keflex would create issues for someone with UC.  He urged me to continue taking the antibiotic, and like everyone here he suggested taking a probiotic. 


The pharmacist suggested Florastor, so I will start taking that later this afternoon.  I’ll also make sure that I increase my yogurt consumption for the next few weeks. 


For several months at the beginning of last year, I used saline nasal spray.  I stopped when I got my UC diagnosis because I did not know if they might be related.  I should probably resume now.    

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Posted 4/26/2008 8:32 PM (GMT -6)
Just another option - my primary doesn't like putting me on any antibiotics because it can irritate my crohns. When I get a sinus infection I get prescribed a steroid nasal spray. The infection takes longer to go away than with an antibiotic but does go away within a few days of the spray.
26 Year old married female law student.  Diagnosed w/ CD 3 years ago, IBS for over 10 years before that, which was probably the CD.  I am sort of lactose intollerant too but can handle anything cultured and do well w/ lactose pills and lactaid.  For crohns I am currently on Pentasa 4 pills/4x day and hysociamine prn.  I also have bad acid reflux and have been on PPI's since age 13.  I have been through prilosec, prevacid, and nexium.  Currently I am on Protonix in the morning and Zantac at night.  I alos take a birth control pill to allow some fun in my life.

Posted 4/27/2008 6:53 AM (GMT -6)
No doctor of mine would ever think of prescribing me! I had some older doctors not too long ago that insisted that certain antibiotics were safe for me. So I would trust them and take them only to end up in a miserable flare. This is before I started probiotics. Now I am with a doctor that totally understands Uc and it's complications because her mother had it so of course she learned all she could about it. Once I had an infected cyst and my regular doc was away so I seen her associate. He told me to try Omnicef so I did only to end up with massive watery D all weekend. I then called my regular doc on Monday and she told me that Omnicef is has been known to cause D in some people and told me to stop asap. So in short, docs don't know everything especially on how a Uc'er or even a normal person is going to react to a certain antibiotic. Of course you have to deal with the antibiotic since you have a sinus infection but as long as you take precautions then things should be fine. Just a FYI, Uc'ers should avoid any of the 'cyclines and 'cilians. These have been proved to cause c. diff.
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Posted 4/27/2008 7:19 AM (GMT -6)
Remember, you may be the only patient with IBD your primary doctor treats. Mine has two patients with UC. With all the diseases they have to deal with, I was surprised that my primary picked up on the UC right away. I really don't expect her to be up on all the ins and outs of a disease she sees twice in her practice.

All of my doctors and dentists ask me what antibiotics I can take. That simplifies things. I know I can take Cipro and Azithromycin. I know I can't take 'cillins, 'cyclines and other mycins. I've been very lucky in that I don't need antibiotics often.
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Posted 4/27/2008 4:56 PM (GMT -6)
Pessimist said...

I did reach the on-call doctor, and it just happened to be my doctor this morning.  He said that it is “absolutely false” that Keflex would create issues for someone with UC. 

I've heard that Keflex can cause issues for UCers. It doesn't mean it will necessarily cause issues for everyone with UC, but the possibility is there and for your doctor to say it is "absolutely false," is, well, absolutely false. At least he agrees probiotics are beneficial for us. My doctor denies they do anything and told me to stop taking them.
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