Posted 6/18/2008 10:00 PM (GMT -6)
Thanks, all. It is funny, but I find the pain moves around, too. My left wrist was hurting like crazy for a few days, and now the fingers and knuckles on that hand hurt. Wrist hardly hurts at all. Did anyone have POST flare up pain? Has anyone had a mild hot-flash like feeling in the lower legs or mild pains in the thigh muscle? The whole thing is just so gosh darn weird! and a real pain!
Posted 6/18/2008 10:11 PM (GMT -6)
I was diagnosed in April of 2002 and have had body pains ever since I got off of Pred in 2005. I was just telling my husband tonight that my toes hurt. I don't know if my pain is necessarily in my joints, but my fingers and toes hurt often. I don't seem to get a lot of swelling, but when I lay down for the night I get this throbbing pain. No fun, but it is something I've just kind of learned to live with. If anyone has any tips that would be great!

Posted 6/19/2008 12:40 AM (GMT -6)
A common side effect of UC is Ankylosing Spondylitis; a painful joint problem. Please consult your GI and make sure that you are not suffering from this; they can tell from a simple blood test.

Remicade - will have my 22nd infusion on June 12.
Vitamin B-12/Biotin, Probiotics
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Posted 6/19/2008 4:57 AM (GMT -6)

Pentasa gives me all those side effects....check my posting from the other day on the crohn's section, its call pentasa and feet.....



Posted 6/19/2008 5:01 AM (GMT -6)
Hi ArtGal,

Yes, ABSOLUTELY there is a correlation between what you are feeling and your long term UC. You could be me. Please take a moment to go over to this link in the Arthritis section and read more about Colitic Arthropathy. It sure sounds like the club you have joined.

I'm being successfully, yes SUCCESSFULLY treated by a rheumatologist and have taken on more fun and interesting challenges since feeling better than I've ever done before.

Last month I actually felt well enough to buy a Yamaha Morphous cycle and am now riding with the men in my family. Please take care of yourself. There are effective treatments out there!

Wishing you the best!

Rot Gut
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Posted 6/19/2008 9:00 AM (GMT -6)
My joint pains predate the intestinal symptoms by a decade. The biggest help I have found is exercise, and more recent research has found that it has an anti-inflammatory effect.
Posted 6/19/2008 10:17 AM (GMT -6)
I take Glucosamine and my doc said it's normal to have arthritis with UC. She is sending me to a rheumatologist just to be sure. It can't hurt to get checked out just to be sure. Good luck!
34 year old female, Diagnosed 5 years ago
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Posted 6/19/2008 12:43 PM (GMT -6)
I just started having back. knee and pain in my feet after my flare in january. I too thought it was from my low level of activity during and since the flare. I didn't know there was an connection b/t ulcerative colitis and joint pain. See, those symptoms I didn't even report to my GI because I thought they were unrelated to my colitis. So what kind of exercising is effective for this pain? I am old but up until 6 months ago I was pretty agile and got around pretty good. I'd like to be able to get there again.
Posted 6/19/2008 1:40 PM (GMT -6)
My GI takes note of my extra-intestinal symtoms (and admonishes his residents when they don't) but that's the extent of his interest in them. My GP is the one who tries to minimize their effect.

I would guess that even 20 minutes a day of easy bike riding (indoors or out) would help. Or some brisk walking. An older woman in my office swears her (osteo) arthritis is improved with 30 minutes a day of swimming. There's some benefit in just getting moving.
Posted 6/19/2008 1:49 PM (GMT -6)

Oh yes joint pain is part of this crazy disease.  I have had joint pain from the day of my first flare 3 years ago.  Some days are excruciating.  Mine is in my back at times (usually flare), elbows, feet, knees and my right big toe.  Sounds crazy doesn't it?  My shoulders at times hurt to.  I did see a rheumatologist and he put me on a low dose of prednisone to calm it down.  It worked but after that it usually does come back at some point.  You are not alone!  I hope you feel better.



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Posted 6/19/2008 3:18 PM (GMT -6)
It seems that there is no end to the side effects of this DD i to seem to suffer with joint pain but not always the same ones has a habbit of moving around i find a hot water bottle or heat pad helps better sometimes than painkillers good luck hope you feel better soon
  Diagnosed 22.5.08 with Lft sided U/L
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Posted 6/19/2008 3:26 PM (GMT -6)

I remember my GI saying it was migratory arthritis which means it moves from place to place.


Current meds are:
Asacol 6 pills a day
Lexapro 20 mg once a day
Ativan .5 mg when needed
Canasa when needed

Posted 6/26/2008 2:03 AM (GMT -6)
i had foot, ankle, knee and hip pain during my flare. it was UC induced arthitis.
it is one of the many pleasant side effects of UC that we get to experience.. yay us!

it ended up going away on its own.
but doc said it was definitely uc related. and usually it goes away once uc symptoms subside.

please be careful with the advil.
i have read may studies and had dr advice to stay far away from ibuprofen.
take tylenol or ANYTHING else besides NSAID's (non steroid anti inflammatory drug's) as these cause inflammation fo the colon and excerbate UC symptoms.

my original doc who diagnosed me took my medical history and concluded that most likey (and i say most likely meaning he has no real idea) that my uc was caused by using ibuprofen.
my dr back in college prescribed it for period pain and any other pain, gave me 800mg pills and said take 2 at a time and take as many as i need.
well, you always find out years later the hard way, how some of this stuff can screw up our systems.
so, it may be different for everyone, but please look into NSAID's before you take any.
it is now known that it is bad for people with inflammation. even though they are made to stop inflammation. bit weird if you ask me.
steph - 32 - female - UC since 2000
currently flaring again..  grrr! (triggered by stress - grrr)
mesalazine granules 3g x1 a day (much nicer than a million tablets a day)
enteric coated fish oil -omega 3 (so they get all the way to my colon)
vitamin D3 x1 a day
prednisolone 25mg x1 a day (ick ick and did i say ick?)
tumeric capsules x3 a day

Posted 6/26/2008 4:16 PM (GMT -6)
I never had major joint pain while in a flare, just the usual miserable feeling that
we all have.  I was wondering if the Haldi drinks, which help with the inflammation and my auto immune issues, would also help with your arthritis/joint pain?   
kazy--why are the nsaids bad, and is that even the case in lower doses?
diagnosed 1998
now off prednisone and colazol
drink 1 Haldi daily tongue
Posted 6/26/2008 9:44 PM (GMT -6)
my doc put me on remicade for my uc and my pain went away after each infusion. i was also told to go on vitamin D 800mg a day that that would help. it has helped me a ton. i also take ultram, a prescription pain med that isn't addictive like the others. if i'm having a bad bout, where i literally can't walk or twist a door knob, i take the ultram round the clock and am better in a day or two.
Diagnosed in 1999, hospitalized once.  Not responsive to meds.  Currently on 12 Asacol, , 8 ampules of Gastrocrom, 6 grams Colestid, flagyl, remicade for my UC.  Also have migraines and take B-4, B-2, for the prevention of them.
Deciding whether or not to have surgery at this time.

Posted 6/27/2008 4:07 AM (GMT -6)
im not sure as im not a doctor, but i have been told by multiple doctors on too many occasions to blow it off.
its a weird catch 22 in my opinion... to be an anti inflammatory, but cause inflammatory problems.
im not the expert, but have been severly warned against them as someone with UC in particular.

my general doc gave me an NSAID for my uc induced arthritiis and my GI doc freaked out and said no way jose.
so im just following medical advice.
and thought if it could in any way help others that i would share it.

there are medical articles on it if you google it. nsaid + uc

sorry im not too much help
steph - 32 - female - UC since 2000
currently flaring again..  grrr! (triggered by stress - grrr)
mesalazine granules 3g x1 a day (much nicer than a million tablets a day)
enteric coated fish oil -omega 3 (so they get all the way to my colon)
vitamin D3 x1 a day
prednisolone 25mg x1 a day (ick ick and did i say ick?)
tumeric capsules x3 a day

Posted 6/28/2008 10:24 PM (GMT -6)
Thanks for all of your input and advice. I have been away from the computer for a few days. I am taking some Advil,usually one every 6 or more hours. Sometimes when I'm really sore, I take 2. I'm so afraid it'll bring on a flare. It's like, I'm between a rock and a hard place in regards to either joint pain, or bring on a flare. This migratory arthritis is so weird, my right knee one day, and then it's gone, left wrist terrible and then it's the right one. My feet are swollen and sore and I find it hard to wear certain shoes. Some days my fingers are sore I find it a bit hard to grasp things. MY left ankle is swollen, but not the right. I really feel like an old lady. I am getting depressed because it's summer and I don't want to think, "gee I can't do that because I have to walk too far!" What I really don't understand is why this would all of a sudden start, 3-4 weeks after the flare has improved and after 30 years of the disease. I went to my reg. Dr. and she ran blood tests for rheumatoid arth. and other things and they came back neg. They forgot to check for Lyme Disease and I will know that on Mon.

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