YES!! I finally found the perfect GI!!!!

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   Posted 7/18/2008 11:56 AM (GMT -6)   
I'm sooo excited. I went to the appointment this morning with my new GI doctor and he's great. The appointment took 45 minutes because he was actually talking to me, which never seems to happen. Then, I gave him my old medical records and he took out the colonoscopy pathology reports and gave the rest back and said "These are all I need, I don't like to base my opinions off the opinions of previous doctors, I just want to know the facts and I'll build the rest of the case from here." Which was just SO great to hear.
Second great thing..... He has Crohn's disease!!! My whole UC life, all I've wanted is to find a doctor who has IBD and REALLY understands. I almost jumped out of the chair in joy when he told me that. I mean, not that I'm happy he has to suffer with this too, but the fact that he's said he's taken all of the drugs, he KNOWS what it's like and really knows, and he actually spends time and is compassionate with his patients because he knows what it's like to be one.

Two other great things he said:
1) He doesn't like to prescribe prednisone unless it's ABSOLUTELY necessary, and said he would like to avoid it at all costs with me since I already have osteopenia and am steroid dependent. He also stated that since I'm usually on prednisone several times a year that he would typically consider Remicade BUT would like to try Lialda first just to see if it helps.
2) He actually mentioned surgery and basically said, "at least you know it's curable if you don't want to take these medications forever" and stated that, of course he's not saying to go yank the thing out right now but he always likes to inform his patients that it is an option that could end up happening and to keep it in their minds . I told him this made me really happy because I had been considering surgery as a future option, maybe in the next year or more, and to know he's supportive of it is great. 
Now for the bad news.
It's been three years since my last colonscopy, so he said I definitely need one and he wants biopsies from the entire colon, and will also be doing an endoscopy due to my chest pains and history of gastritis and GERD. Great! I wanted this done so I'm happy about that.

NOT so happy about the fact that they're having me do the FLEET Phoso-soda prep!!!! sad sad sad   And the schedule for it (since I am having an afternoon appointment) is 1 drink at 7pm, 1 drink at 7am so I'll be puking and pooping all night AND the following day. I could start the prep earlier at 3pm but then I'd have to take a drink at 3am! No thanks.
I'm really disappointed though because I haaaaate Fleet.... I might just buy some enemas just in case because I don't know if I can do it. This was the first prep I had and I remember vomiting and sitting in the bathroom crying for hours because it tasted so bad. Granted I was 15 and it was my first prep, but I doubt the taste has changed. Maybe I will call and say "Pleeease give me something else" but I hate being difficult. Ah well.
So overall it was great and I'm looking forward to the results of the scope, wish it was next week but I have to wait until July 30th. Ah the anticipation! Hah. But I'm so glad to finally have a doctor I believe I can trust and one who will understand me more than just what they've learned from their textbooks.

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   Posted 7/18/2008 12:11 PM (GMT -6)   
Great news, I hope the scopes show good news.
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   Posted 7/18/2008 12:24 PM (GMT -6)   
I hate the phosphosoda too.  I tried the Miralax prep last time and puked with it as well.  I have also done the tablets, and that is what I am doing this time as well.  They are big and hard to get down, but it is 4 every 15 minutes for 2 hours, and like 8 more in the morning.  You should ask about it, it had to be better than the phosphosoda!!
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   Posted 7/18/2008 12:28 PM (GMT -6)   
Great you like your new doc.

You shouldn't have to take the the office and request something you can take. Can you do the gallon prep?

I did Fleet once....I'll never do it again. ever! There are always's obvious considering there have been members doing different clean-outs for a while. Get the options, run it by him and request something different. The fleet is the worst one and the most interfering of one's life from my perspective.

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   Posted 7/18/2008 2:25 PM (GMT -6)   


So awesome for you!  It would be incredible to have a GI who does understand from experience. Do keep us posted with your test results. Sending good vibes your way :)



Mark & Megan
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   Posted 7/18/2008 7:47 PM (GMT -6)   
Glad to hear you found such a great GI! What a relief!

I agree - call for a different prep if you're not comfortable with that one. I'm sure it's not a big deal - and if it is, they can tell you why.
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   Posted 7/18/2008 8:36 PM (GMT -6)   

Being new here I am really happy for you - hard to find a doctor you like say nothing of LOVE!  There are many choices of preps - ask for another.

I have a great gastro doctor but no bedside manners.  So, I started seeing his Nurse Practiconer - now she is a wonderful person and so willing to listen and compassionate with every little whine I have.

Good luck with the tests - I had both 2 months ago and they went just fine. ElaineNY

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   Posted 7/18/2008 8:41 PM (GMT -6)   
Good luck with the new gastro; I agree with you 100% that it's so important to feel comfortable talking to the doctor & finding that he/she really listens to your comments. For c-scope taking enemas is not enough; you have to clean out the caecum & ascending colon, transverse, & descending-- the enemas only reach the sigmoid & rectum. There is a generic lemon-ginger phosphosoda that is somewhat less yucky than Fleets brand. One strategy is to follow each dose with a couple glasses of plain water right away to wash out the supersalty taste. If you're really worried about it, ask the gastro about Halflytely prep. Let us know how you're doing. / Old Hat (nearly 30 yrs with left-sided UC ... [etc.])

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   Posted 7/18/2008 9:02 PM (GMT -6)   
Edie, this is great! It's also cool that you might share the information he gives you here, too. I'll bet he's done lots of research on IBD.

And you can at least give it a shot to ask to change the prep.

If you can't, at least you know you have a great doctor on your side now.
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   Posted 7/19/2008 1:43 AM (GMT -6)   
On taking fleet:

For my last colonoscopy I was prescribed colyte instead of fleet. I was in the middle of a severe flare and already dehydrated, so my dr. opted for colyte because it's less dehydrating. I've taken fleet before, and remember the colyte being a lot gentler in comparison. (I was pretty much out of it, but still remember it being better)
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