I just read about a girl in our local Danish forum that had a succes story. No medicin worked on her, then she visited vitaviva.com and read a little.

She then ordered and are taking (I paste it below):

2 x alm. Uni kalk Plus (matas)
2 x FiskeOlie (Swanson EFA's) Multi Omega
4 x Glutathione (Swansons)
4 x Glutamine (VitaViva)
4 x Turmeric (Swanson)

Unikalk = Calcium tablets
Fiskeolie = Fish oil (Omega 3 stuff)

I think the big impact of her succes should be due to the Glutjatione and Glutamine. She is - she says - completely symptom free and was never before.
Worked after 3 weeks

Does anyone know anything about Glutamine and Glutathione ???

Looks pretty interesting !!!
<!-- m -->http://www.ibduk.com/reduced-glutathion ... sease.html<!-- m -->

<!-- m -->http://www.biomedexperts.com/Abstract.b ... al_colitis<!-- m -->

The Danish link - though you probably can't read it
<!-- m -->http://www.vores-forum.dk/mcogcu/index.php?topic=1095.0<!-- m -->

Myself: I have just ordered Boswallia to see if that will work.

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