Acupuncture Anyone?

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   Posted 3/12/2009 6:38 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm still in the midst of my flare since the beginning of January. I was scoped and put on 60 mg of prednisone for 3 weeks in addition to upping the 6mp. I have gotten slightly better but it is still greatly impacting my daily life and the prednisone side effects are worse than I ever remember from before (sleeping, HORRIBLE JOINT PAINS, depression, loss of appetite to extreme appetite and bad cramping). I was thinking about trying acupuncture but have never done it before. Has anyone seen any success? I don't want to spend the money for nothing.
Diagnosed when 13 and am now 25, female. Currently taking 100mg of 6mp, 60 mg of prednisone and 12 pills of asacol a day.  I tried cortifoam for this flare and it didn't work.  In the past I've tried rowasa, enemas, pentasa, colazal, sulfasalizine.  I was in a four year remission until the end of January.

James l
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   Posted 3/12/2009 6:42 PM (GMT -6)   
If you are going to get acupuncture, find someone who has some serious experience with it.
I believe that there are good ones in California.

I can't find anyone who deals with UC/Crohn's in NY. I did try some but he wasn't good at it. Only with relieving arthritis pain/bone fracture pains/ tearing muscles etc.

And they believe in different constituents of body types so make sure that he gets the right body type or it's worthless.
Try it if there's one in your town because I did hear about some success with it.
JAMES - 19 Years old. 2nd year in college.
5'11. Pre-med student
Was bodybuilding for middle weight class at 175lb with 6%bf. then BOOM. UC kicked in for the first time in my life
Diagnosed with UC in Feb 2008. Lost 25lb in three weeks. Bloody hell diarrhea
Flare up in june 2008. took more antibiotics. Harder flare
Took prednisone for two months then 6mp. But I decided to get off on both.

10/08Started drinking hard liquors and once drank 15 shots in an hour.
Next day flare up.
11/08 Started anti-yeast regimen. I crapped out so much yeast. still crapping out yeast.

On: No med but zinc, cod liver oil, coral calcium, probiotics, threelac, alpha lipoic acid, chlorella, sea salt, garlic, aloe vera

in semi remission

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   Posted 3/12/2009 8:18 PM (GMT -6)   

I have a great acupuncturist and get fantastic relief with muscualar issues.  However, when I had UC she should would not be able to help me unless I was off all meds and then even at that it was a crapshoot.  I was never willing to drop all meds to try it but I appreciated her honesty.


dx proctitis in 1987
dx UC in 1991, was stable until 1998

1998 started prednisone, asacol, pentasa, nortriptylene, ativan, 6MP, rowasa enemas and suppositories, hydrocortisone enemas, tried the SCD diet, being a vegetarian, omega 3s, flax, pranic healing, yoga, acupuncture, probiotics

2000 lost all my B-12 stores and became anemic

2001 opted for j-pouch surgery- now living life med-free

Rio in Maryland
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   Posted 3/13/2009 7:32 AM (GMT -6)   
I tried acupuncture for about 2 months. Like Sue's acupuncturist, the acupuncturist I went to preferred that I was not on medicines, especially prednisone. I did not stop taking the medicines, and though my condition did not get better, I found acupuncture to be very helpful to just relax the body, which made it worthwhile.

Also, some acupuncturists offer 'community' treatments, where you're not the only person in the room having acupuncture, and that lowers the costs a lot. So, my cost was $25-$50 for a 40 minute session compared to the normal rate of $80-$150. And the acupuncturist was very well qualified, so it was a good deal.

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   Posted 3/13/2009 1:27 PM (GMT -6)   
I have been seeing an acupuncturist since November and I really feel like it has helped tremendously. This person is very experienced and has treated others with similar problems as my own. I went off of medicine of my own accord and feel so much better since I have with the help of the acupuncturist. They have also helped me identify foods that are harmful and supplements that have made a difference. If nothing else, it's worth a try.

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   Posted 3/13/2009 1:47 PM (GMT -6)   
There have been several posts about this. My impression is that it doesn't usually offer any miracles.

I tried it many years ago, but then started to flare badly anyway and decided not to spend any more money on it. My Naturopath does accupunture in his practice, but has never suggested it for me/UC.

49 year old female attorney, diagnosed UC/pancolitis 1985, no surgery but much suffering. Asacol/5ASA 6x400 mg maintenance for 20+ years; use prednisone & Rowasa for flares. 
August 2008 sought care of naturopathic doctor. Food sensitivity test showed wheat/gluten, other intolerances; eliminated all wheat/gluten from my diet. Probiotics (Ultimate Flora, 50 billion), trying Curamin. 
Flaring, seasonal? or supplements too harsh? Back on prednisone, trying 15/20 mg. Appt 3/6 to discuss Humira, etc.   

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   Posted 3/13/2009 2:25 PM (GMT -6)   
Been around for what....... 3000 years or so. I have yet to experience it, but when the chance presents itself I will jump at it. I am sure I could benefit from it, whether it helped my UC or not.
Proctitis DX 1999, Pancolitis DX 2008
Lialda 1 day
Golimumab study (100mg every 4 weeks)
Vitamin E Enemas as needed

Lisa E.
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   Posted 3/13/2009 10:58 PM (GMT -6)   
I just started acupuncture a little over a month ago and I can't say that its' helping with my flare but I also can't say that it isn't helping. I'm better. I don't know if its' the acupuncture that's making me feel better or the fact that I stopped taking my ADHD medication. I guess time will tell. Either way, it isn't hurting and the sessions are very relaxing. The thing that I still can't get over is that there is absolutely NO pain when they insert the needles. NONE! I'm a complete needlephobic, so you can just imagine how desperate I must have been to even subject myself to acupuncture. The worst thing that I can say about it is that it's a wonderful experience. Stress for me is a major trigger and it's amazing how the stress just melts away when they start with those needles. Sometimes I wonder if they dip them in something! LOL

James, what part of New York are you from? I'm on Long Island. Maybe I can recommend mine if its' convenient for you. She's in Jericho.

Definately give it a try. Prednisone is not an option for me and I will do anything in my power to avoid it.
41 - Female/Long Island, NY
Dx - 6/23/08 - Pancolitis
Asacol - 2 pills/3X per day
Asadopholous pearls - 1X per day
Culturelle - 1X per day
Fish Oils
Prednisone - 40mg/decreasing 5mg every 4 days.  Haven't started taking because of surgery concerns.
Added Bonus - found a mass on my left kidney during an abdominal CT.  Waiting on surgery to remove my kidney.

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   Posted 3/14/2009 4:26 PM (GMT -6)   
I've been doing biweekly acupuncture since last May. It helped me out of a severe flare. the main thing it does for me now is it reduces my stress which in turn keeps me from flaring. My acupuncturist is my naturopath as well and she works with my MD They both recommended i do the acupuncture when my flare started to get even worse, and that in combination with my new herbal and enzyme regimen helped me come out of the flare. I'm not entirely back to normal, but i am in my longest stretch of mostly healthy since being diagnosed by using these alternative medicines. One full year this actually June!

The other benefit is that for some reason my acupuncturist always seems to know when something else is bothering me. like a stiff neck or headaches, or even cramps! she asks to make sure her assessment is correct, i am always baffled because i didn't mention it, and then she can adjust my needles that day to help with those other issues. Even if it doesn't help your UC it is really nice for relaxation, de-stressing, and general tension relief.
diagnosed with UC Dec 2006 at 22
diagnosed with IBS at 15
5mg prednisone
weekly accupuncture, probiotics, l-glutamine, and a combo of digestive enzymes. Staying gluten and dairy free as much as possible to avoid hard to digest proteins.
allergic or intolerant to all 5ASAs, sulfa and 6-mp

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   Posted 3/15/2009 9:02 AM (GMT -6)   
Last year I went in for treatments from a medical doctor that also does accupuncture. I did not go in for my Uc but rather weakness in my legs due to spinal issues. I went in a total skeptic and came out a believer. I had great results from the treatments and I started gaining strength and mobility in my legs again. I don't know how if it will have any affect on flares but I agree that it can be very relaxing. I had mine done in a doctors office but I brought along my own headphones and they turn down the lights. I even fell asleep a couple times because it was so relaxing! :)
Moderator for Allergies/Asthma and Co-moderator for UC
~Left sided Uc-'92-Colazal(9 daily),6mp(50-100mgs),Bentyl, Prilosec,Biotin,Forvia,Pro-Bio**Unable to tolerate Asacol, Rowasa or Canasa**~Year-round allergies-Singulair, Zyrtec~Secondary Reynauds Syndrome-'04-Norvasc~Sacroiliitis-epidural injections~bulging and herniated discs C5/C6 & C6/C7~3 epidural injections-second series starts 2/17, OA in my fingers -Celebrex, Tylonel Arthritis and Voltaren Gel
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   Posted 3/16/2009 10:03 PM (GMT -6)   
If you are in Chgo. Buckeye, we have been to a very nice and comprehensive acupuncturist downtown at a place called Shen Shen(Lincoln Park ish, 2764 N. Lincoln Ave ). The lady Jia Xu, teaches her craft and seemed to help my daughter. I can't swear it wasn't the Remicade, but it was relaxing. Her Doc didn't want her take the herbs suggested though--with a suppressed immune system and no regulatory oversight, it was too risky. Worth a try for the traditional services though---heck I am ready to trade my doc for a witch doctor!
Daughter,15 diagnosed 1-08 w/ UC .
Previous drug sampling: Asacol, Prevacid, Flagyl, Prednisone- 50mg to 0, 4 major flares '08.Hospital four x. Low residue diet,
6MP, Colazal , Cortifoam enemas,
Trying probiotics, Niferex, fish oil, Magnesium, Acupuncture.
Remicade 10mg per kilo@ 8wks, since 10-08. Still on 6mp and Colazal

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   Posted 3/17/2009 4:54 AM (GMT -6)   
I haven't tried acupuncture for my Colitis, because it costs quite a bit of money (my insurance doesn't cover it) and it's not going to balance the bacteria in my colon if I'm lacking good strains of bacteria. Only Probiotics and fecal transplantation will help balance the bacteria in my colon.

I do think acupuncture can help with de-stressing though. However, I do yoga and listen to self-hynosis mp3s to de-stress.
Joy - 47 yrs and counting
Diagnosed w/ UC Dec 06 (also have IBS)
Currently in remission

Lexapro (for stress)
Probiotics and Vitamins (a whole bunch of them)
Anti-inflammatory foods: turmeric, seaweed, garlic...
Avoid: pro-inflammatory foods, HFCS, foods high in fructose, artificial sweeteners
Previous treatments: Fecal transplantation (worked), Prednisone (stopped working), Colazal (stopped working), Asacol (stopped working)

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   Posted 3/19/2009 10:51 PM (GMT -6)   
I live in Lincoln Park! Thanks for the name! I do need help with the relaxing part so if it's not too expensive I will eventually look into it. We are in the process of buying a house so I need all the relaxing help I can get! Thanks
Diagnosed when 13 and am now 25, female. Currently taking 100mg of 6mp, started at 60 mg of prednisone and now down to 30 mg, and 12 pills of asacol a day. I tried cortifoam for this flare and it didn't work. Previously I've tried all types of rectal meds but nothing ever helped. In the past I've tried rowasa, enemas, pentasa, colazal, sulfasalizine. I was in a four year remission until the end of January.

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