No Meds = No UC Symptoms ???

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   Posted 3/13/2009 6:35 AM (GMT -6)   
I have been flaring for a long time.
Because 6mp caused some crazy big amounts of vomiting and diarrhea, I did not take my normal meds for almost two weeks.  
Now, for the last two days, I have had no blood, no mucus and totally formed bms for the first time in ages! 
 Whats up with that?  Shouldn't I be Worse without medication instead of better??
I'm not sure what to do because this dd has fooled me before with short lived periods of no symptoms, but I have always been on medication.  I'm starting to wonder if I should cancel the remicade? 
Any advice?
UC diagnosed 10/05, first symptoms 1983
Starting remicade 3/24/09
* asacol 12/daily * rowasa pm * cortifoam  
 Culturelle Probiotic - prilosec - metamucil capsules
past rx: colozal, lialda, canasa, 6mp
i can't complain, but sometimes i still do.  lifes been good to me so far.  -joe walsh

James l
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   Posted 3/13/2009 6:47 AM (GMT -6)   
Same thing happened for me before. I was on prednisone then started weaning off of it as I increased my 6MP dosage.

Then I thought that I should stop taking it and i was even better until I started drinking hard liquors on the weekends at Boston parties.

But I did flare with something else in my digestive tract including the colon. I had yeast and I went on anti-yeast regimen with some antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory herbs and I got it under control. The doctor couldn't believe that I had Candida in my digestive track until the stool studies were done.

Med free for almost two months but I may start taking Asacol due to my G.I. recommendation.

Madabs, I would recommend just really careful with your diet while you are med free. And get much exercise as much as possible. Especially, Cardio. Also, if you are feeling nauseous, then it means your pH of colon is off usually due to inflammation. So I would recommend food that make your body alkaline and avoid refined sugar as much as possible.

I also had my all whole colon bleeding when I was first diagnosed. Bleeding diarrhea 20 times a day and I know how it feels.
I wouldn't estimate the fluctuating symptoms of UC but still if I were you I would cancel the Remicade infusion.

Maybe taking like Aloe Vera Juice as your supplement might do good. It made my appetite go up even more and I'm NEVER NAUSEOUS. I can eat right after waking up and it's been just great for me.

Hope your remission stays forever :)
JAMES - 19 Years old. 2nd year in college.
5'11. Pre-med student
Was bodybuilding for middle weight class at 175lb with 6%bf. then BOOM. UC kicked in for the first time in my life
Diagnosed with UC in Feb 2008. Lost 25lb in three weeks. Bloody hell diarrhea
Flare up in june 2008. took more antibiotics. Harder flare
Took prednisone for two months then 6mp. But I decided to get off on both.

10/08Started drinking hard liquors and once drank 15 shots in an hour.
Next day flare up.
11/08 Started anti-yeast regimen. I crapped out so much yeast. still crapping out yeast.

On: No med but zinc, cod liver oil, coral calcium, probiotics, threelac, alpha lipoic acid, chlorella, sea salt, garlic, aloe vera

in semi remission

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   Posted 3/13/2009 7:14 AM (GMT -6)   
Thanks James! I hope you feel better too.

Not sure about the Yeast. I like my wine, but don't drink hard liquor or beer. I did live on bread and water when I was vomiting so much so bread doesn't bother me since my symptoms got better while eating so much of it.
UC diagnosed 10/05, first symptoms 1983
Starting remicade 3/24/09
* asacol 12/daily * rowasa pm * cortifoam  
 Culturelle Probiotic - prilosec - metamucil capsules
past rx: colozal, lialda, canasa, 6mp
i can't complain, but sometimes i still do.  lifes been good to me so far.  -joe walsh

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   Posted 3/13/2009 9:20 AM (GMT -6)   
Some folks experience increased symptoms with Asacol and do better on a different ASA - I'm one of them. Perhaps you've been reacting to the 12 Asacol a day.
Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis spring 1999.
Maintenance dose sulfasalazine. Probiotics, l-glutamine, vitamin D and fish oil caps. George's aloe vera juice. Oregano oil antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal. Mostly grain-free and dairy-free diet. Long-term remission with only minor blips.

Serenity Now
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   Posted 3/13/2009 10:11 AM (GMT -6)   
James Lee, could you list a few foods that make your body alkaline, or suggest where I can find this on the internet?
ack, 42, Vancouver BC
DX: UC (Pancolitis) as of Jan2009.  Symptoms first began June 2008.
Current Meds:  Asacol 800 mg (1 pill x 4 daily), Ferrous Sulfate

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   Posted 3/13/2009 11:09 AM (GMT -6)   
From what I understand, 6MP stays in your system for a while (like a few months?) when you stop taking it. I'm not sure if this is true. I stopped taking it in December and my symptoms stayed the same, but after about 2 months of being off it, I started feeling really lousy. I'm now experimenting with LDN to see if it will work for me.
Female, Age 38
Diagnosed w/c.diff 7/02 when pregnant w/1st and only child during 2nd trimester(wasn't on antibiotics)
C.diff flare within weeks of delivering baby 1/03, Diagnosed with UC 2/03
Current Meds:
LDN - 2/17/09 1.5 mg., increased to 3 mg. 3/3/09
Ferrex Forte
Acidophillus, Sacchromyces Boulardii, Oil of Oregano

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   Posted 3/13/2009 12:43 PM (GMT -6)   
I believe the rule of thumb is for IBDers to stay on maintanence drugs even if they don't have symptoms or signs of inflammation mainly because if you go off your med(s) then you increase the risk of the disease to flare again, not that the disease won't flare again even while on meds but apparently going off them increases the risk that much more (from what docs know so far that is).

My bum is broken....there's a big crack down the middle of it! LOL :)

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   Posted 3/13/2009 1:16 PM (GMT -6)   
I totally understand your problem. I have made the mistake of think of going off meds and thinking I didn't need them. I would be very careful and talk to your GI before you cancel any treatment. I voluntarily went of Remicade a few years back when I was in remission. I'm paying for it now, trying to get out of a bad flare.
Diagnosed '93. 
Asacol, Prednisone, Remicade, Imuran

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   Posted 3/13/2009 1:38 PM (GMT -6)   
I also went off my meds for about 6 months, was doing well - not the greatest but better and then I got hit with a major flare. It took a lot longer to pull myself out of the flare then normal after starting medications again. This was about 10 years ago and I haven't done it since.
Moderator for Allergies/Asthma and Co-moderator for UC
~Left sided Uc-'92-Colazal(9 daily),6mp(50-100mgs),Bentyl, Prilosec,Biotin,Forvia,Pro-Bio**Unable to tolerate Asacol, Rowasa or Canasa**~Year-round allergies-Singulair, Zyrtec~Secondary Reynauds Syndrome-'04-Norvasc~Sacroiliitis-epidural injections~bulging and herniated discs C5/C6 & C6/C7~3 epidural injections-second series starts 2/17, OA in my fingers -Celebrex, Tylonel Arthritis and Voltaren Gel
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   Posted 3/13/2009 1:45 PM (GMT -6)   
I've noticed over the (many) years that sometimes changing things up brings change, sometimes for the good. But it's always short-lived. It always rears itself again, too soon. That's why I go ahead and stick with my Asacol. You can see from my scopes where it has reach, because that part stays more healed.
49 year old female attorney, diagnosed UC/pancolitis 1985, no surgery but much suffering. Asacol/5ASA 6x400 mg maintenance for 20+ years; use prednisone & Rowasa for flares. 
August 2008 sought care of naturopathic doctor. Food sensitivity test showed wheat/gluten, other intolerances; eliminated all wheat/gluten from my diet. Probiotics (Ultimate Flora, 50 billion), trying Curamin. 
Flaring, seasonal? or supplements too harsh? Back on prednisone, trying 15/20 mg. Appt 3/6 to discuss Humira, etc.   

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   Posted 3/13/2009 2:26 PM (GMT -6)   

Thank you so much for the advice. 

Since I wrote this morning I have had some D, but it was fairly painless which atypical.  Also, my stomach is very quiet.  No trickles, swishes, flushes or gurgles which is very very wierd, though welcome.  The only symptom that hasn't gone away is the lower left pain and lower right pain which I have had for months.

Yeah, UC is crafty ol' bugger, that's for sure and I don't trust anything having to do with it.  devil

I still have 12 days to decide about remicade.  Its a big step, but since so many people seem to feel great on it, I am tempted to start it, even if I am feeling better. 

 I think I will slowly start back up on my meds and if I have reaction then I will know they were making me worse all this time. 


UC diagnosed 10/05, first symptoms 1983
Starting remicade 3/24/09
* asacol 12/daily * rowasa pm * cortifoam  
 Culturelle Probiotic - prilosec - metamucil capsules
past rx: colozal, lialda, canasa, 6mp
i can't complain, but sometimes i still do.  lifes been good to me so far.  -joe walsh

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   Posted 3/13/2009 2:37 PM (GMT -6)   
The way i look at it is that no body wants to go against what doctors say. And that's great b/c Dr's dedicate most of there lives to these type of things so they obviously know more about this than the average person. If a dr says you require maintenence drugs for any condition he's only going to say this b/c he knows that the facts are that they greatly reduce the risks associated with the disease in the majority of people or in everybody. That being said, UC is a very serious and dangerous disease so you want to be very very cautios with your treatments.
Personally i have chosen to go without prescriptions for several reasons. The main reason being is that i did improve when I got off maintenanvce levels of both azathioprine and asacol. i was on those 2 drugs since initial diagnosis and a lot of the time as well. I would go into flares and remissions so i figure i know a lot more about my body by now with that experience. So while off Prescriptions I improved significantly and started feeling better than i had since I got UC. In fact that was the only period i gained a weight back. So feeling healthier and looking healthier has made me think that i'm better off now than when taking prescription drugs or at least that combination that i was on.
It was also interesting that my first flare off prescriptions was a little different than the prior ones while on presciptions. It was diffenent b/c i had way more joint pain than was typical for me and i felt horrible and definately not mobile enough to play basketball like i love to do. But on the other hand i was in remission and "better" remission longer than i had ever been since my initial UC diagnosis and the flare didn't last as long as they used to.
So in my opinion i have to say that you take in all the information you possible can and analyze all your symptoms as best you can and make a decision based on everything and what everyone tells you. Doesn't make much sense maybe but UC doesn't make much Good luck!
28/M/TX single parent of gorgeous 3yo girl (revised 12/12/08)
Severe Colitis (pancolitis) since January 9, 2005
currently:  Mildly Flaring 
RX/day: none! Tapered off Prednisone 9/20/08. Lost job and insurance 10/2007 and stopped taking asacol and Imuran cold turkey
OTC: enzymes everyday, turmeric, seldom use probiotics, vitamins & other natural treatments
Diet: SCD helps tremendously, but am not strictly on it.
Other: Prayer, food combos, good posture, chewing more, etc.

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