A list of all your persistent ailments or those that have come about as complications of another

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   Posted 4/8/2009 10:16 AM (GMT -6)   
I'll go first:

eczema, two forms, something called Pompholyx which causes blisters on the sides of fingers & that feel like they are on fire until popped. and another type that causes dryness, itchiness, and scaliness on knuckles only. The first variety I had before acquiring UC.

erythema nosodum came with the 2nd. flare up of UC

Ongoing battle with unknown and periodic itchy rashes, hives, yeast, fungal infections, skin boils. Had all of these before the UC.

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   Posted 4/8/2009 10:55 AM (GMT -6)   
I have a lot of ailments but some I'm not sure are related to having Uc but I will state them anyway; I will also state my past history of reoccuring problems.

*Ovarian cysts - actually this is common for women with Uc. I had one laproscopically drained and I continue to get them but they usually rupture on their own.

*Reoccuring eye infections. I haven't had this in a while though but I did have eye infections quite frequently in the past.

*Frequent bladder/kidney infections. I haven't had this in a while either but for a long time I kept getting them.

*Cysts in my joints. There was a period of time that I kept getting frequent cysts in my finger joints. This seemed to cease for the time being.

*Random rashes and a constant rash on my face. I'm currently using a prescription rash cream and this is an ongoing and annoying problem.

*Raynauds syndrome - I doubt this is Uc related but I have a horrible time with this. It's getting worse as time goes by.

*Occasional boils on my face and torso. I've had only maybe 4 boils and I haven't had one in the past couple years.
*Dry eye syndrome
*Psoarasis along my hairline
*Acid reflux
*Year round allergies - to what I've no idea!

I have a couple other things that are so not Uc related such as Osteoarthritis and 2 bulging discs in my neck as well as mild nerve damage.

Moderator for Allergies/Asthma and Co-moderator for UC
~Left sided Uc-'92-Colazal(9 daily),6mp(50-100mgs),Bentyl, Prilosec,Biotin,Forvia,Pro-Bio**Unable to tolerate Asacol, Rowasa or Canasa**~Year-round allergies-Singulair, Zyrtec~Secondary Reynauds Syndrome-'04-Norvasc~Sacroiliitis-epidural injections~bulging and herniated discs C5/C6 & C6/C7~3 epidural injections-second series starts 2/17, OA in my fingers -Celebrex, Tylonel Arthritis and Voltaren Gel
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   Posted 4/8/2009 11:16 AM (GMT -6)   
Ovarian cyst

Grave's disease with severe hyperthyroidism

Joint pain, tendinitis

Dry eyes and mouth


Related not to UC, but to the steroids used to treat it: Osteopenia and avascular necrosis
Moderate to severe left-sided UC diagnosed 2001.
Flared for 5 years, finally in remission with Remicade since March 2006.
Avascular necrosis in both shoulders is my "forever" gift from steroids.
Colazal,  Remicade, Nature's Way Primadophilus Reuteri. 
"My life is an ongoing medical adventure"

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   Posted 4/8/2009 12:03 PM (GMT -6)   
Other than UC, I consider myself completely healthy.
49 year old female attorney, diagnosed UC/pancolitis 1985, no surgery but much suffering. Asacol/5ASA 6x400 mg maintenance for 20+ years; use prednisone & Rowasa for flares. 
August 2008 sought care of naturopathic doctor. Food sensitivity test showed wheat/gluten, other intolerances; eliminated all wheat/gluten from my diet. Probiotics (Ultimate Flora, 50 billion), trying Curamin. 
Flaring, seasonal? or supplements too harsh? Back on prednisone, tried to taper but now back up to 20-30 after several really bad days. Waiting for insurance decison on Humira...soon... 

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   Posted 4/8/2009 12:22 PM (GMT -6)   
1. Eczema, since I was a baby. It's much better than it used to be, but I still have crappy skin in general.
2. Seasonal allergies, but they're not too bad.
3. Thyroid nodules, but they don't affect my thyroid function. They just sort of hang out there.
Symptoms began in November 2008, ~4 weeks after giving birth to my son.
Eased for ~3 weeks in December, possibly b/c of probiotic use?
Returned in January 2009 (with a vengeance), diagnosed with pancolitis on January 30.
Currently taking Asacol (400mg 4 pills 3x daily), Rowasa nightly, 40mg 30mg 20mg 15mg 10mg of Prednisone (quick taper), Culturelle probiotic, and Zoloft (25 mg).

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   Posted 4/8/2009 7:40 PM (GMT -6)   
Acne. I'm 47, and I still have acne. My consolation is that I still look young. Gray hair. I have to die it. And my eyes aren't as good as they used to be.

Things I've had:

strep throat
sinus infections
skin infections (quote from my doctors, "I've never seen anything like it before."
water retention
low-blood pressure
fainting spells
anemia (due to Colitis)
Joy - 47 yrs and counting
Colitis Dec 06 (also have IBS)
Currently in remission
Don't expect your doctor to cure your health problems. Your health is your responsibility.

Lexapro (for stress), Probiotics and Vitamins (a whole bunch of them)
Avoid HFCS, foods high in fructose, artificial sweeteners
When flaring: eat anti-inflammatory foods, avoid pro-inflammatory foods
Previous treatments: Fecal transplantation (worked), Prednisone (stopped working), Colazal (stopped working), Asacol (stopped working)

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   Posted 4/9/2009 12:01 AM (GMT -6)   
Hmm. Things I've had.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (was rushed to ER due to abdominal pain, Dr.s thought it was appendicitis or an ovarian cyst, no causitive organism found)

Repetitive UTIs

Yeast infections (probably due to oral contraceptives)

Allergies (pollen, bees, penicillin, sulfa), Sinus infections due to the nasal allergies

Cystic acne (mostly under control)

Had strep often as a kid.

I'm also cold all the time, no anemia found.
21, female, diagnosed 3/6/2009
Mild ulcerative colitis from rectum to mid transverse colon
Currently in remission
Currently taking Asacol (3x/day) and Calcium/D supplements

Rio in Maryland
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   Posted 4/9/2009 9:31 AM (GMT -6)   
No other ailments other than UC.

However, since getting diagnosed, my hands and feet get very hot, especially in the evening. I'm not sure if it's the medicines or just UC generating this internal heat. Eastern treatments say that UC/inflammation in the body is caused by blocked energy or pent-up energy, so often the treatment is to take medicines and foods that cool down the body and don't require much effort to digest. An example of a cooling food is squash, and an example of a food to avoid, that requires a lot of effort and energy to digest is egg-plant/aubergine.

Also, I started getting severe migraines every 2 weeks that would last for a day, but for some reason after starting fiber supplements the migraines are down to once every couple of months or so. My reasoning for this is that there is a build up of waste that can get toxic, and fiber helps gets rid of it before it accumulates.
Rio, 33 year old male. Diagnosed with UC in 2006
100 mg Azathioprine, 4800 mg Asacol
VSL#3 x 3 times a day, Metamucil wafers
Vitamin E enema or Mesacol/Asacol enema at least once a week
Spinach & sunflower seed diet

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   Posted 4/9/2009 10:38 AM (GMT -6)   
I've had my ileostomy due to UC for 33 years. I have the following due to faulty immune system I'm guessing:

a) psoriasis - specifically pustular psoriasis - little pus filled bumps on the palms of my hands and soles of my feet that ultimately lead to what I (and friends) affectionately call leprosy, ie peeling of skin from hands and feet - auto immune. Occurs occasionally along forehead but one dose of cortisone cream and that's gone at least. The psoriasis on my hands and feet never disappears no matter what I try.

b) Joint pain and inflammatory arthritis - nothing shows on x-rays. Prob auto immune and due to UC (my mother, however, had rheumatoid arthritis from age 26 with no IBD so I can't honestly say whether it's due to UC or whether it's heriditary).

c) My eyes sting, go red and get watery most days without provocation esp during early morning. Not sure whether this is UC related or not.

d) I get allergies most days but prob not UC related - prob more due to kitty hair but given a choice, will put up with allergies rather than get rid of gorgeous adorable kitties :)
I have had an ileostomy for 33 years now due to UC.
Moderator of the Ostomy Forum
I'm not a complete idiot - some parts of me are missing!

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   Posted 4/9/2009 11:00 AM (GMT -6)   
I have Chronic Prostratitus.
Some wierd throat issues especially since getting UC like some difficulty swallowing mouthful of water.
Fungus on my one toe nail can't completely get rid of.

Rio in Maryland
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   Posted 4/9/2009 11:08 AM (GMT -6)   
I forgot to add that my hair used to be very thick and has thinned out a bit too (maybe because of Asacol or Azathioprine), and my finger-nails have developed slight ridges/indentations, probably caused by a nutritional deficiency.

Apart from all that and UC, I'm doing great! (...I'm an optimist)
Rio, 33 year old male. Diagnosed with UC in 2006
100 mg Azathioprine, 4800 mg Asacol
VSL#3 x 3 times a day, Metamucil wafers
Vitamin E enema or Mesacol/Asacol enema at least once a week
Spinach & sunflower seed diet

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   Posted 4/9/2009 12:22 PM (GMT -6)   
     As a kid...back in the Stone Age...had lots of sinus infections and IBS
     Now...high blood pressure and osteoporosis (due to the prednisone) and UC
     Other than that...tip top shape!
     I might add...I have situs inversus.  Any of you know what that is?  Quiz time!
62 yr old granny. South Jersey
Diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis in 1998 in hospital
Hospitalized (2nd time) in May 2008
Update 11/03/08...finally in remission!!  Hope I don't jinx myself.  Off the prednisone since 11/01/08...now see if I can stay off for longer than two weeks.  Other meds: 6MP (75 mgm), colazal (6 per day), Benicar and Toprol (high blood pressure meds), Probiotic (2 per day), fish oil capsule and multi-vitamin and calcium with vitamin D.

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   Posted 4/10/2009 7:09 AM (GMT -6)   

Before and after UC: 1. eczema 2. seasonal allergies 3. occasional cold

After my 2nd UC flare  1. joint pain (started after I entered remission)                                                   

2. very terrible "lady times"                                                                                                            

3. mild IBS                                                                                                                                  

4. acne (never had problems with acne before)                                                                                 

5. constant fatigue                                                                                                                      

6. random bruises                                                                                                                        

7. ovarian cysts                                                                                                                          

8. I've lost 1/2 of my hair                                                                                                              


10. low vitamin D levels

I used to be so healthy before UC! :(

Female, Age 20
9 Asacol, Rowasa1000 mg Canasa, Proctofoam, Rifaximin 2/day
Digestive Advantage (Crohn's & Colitis)1 Florastor, 50 mg 6MP,1 Primadophilus reuteri, Remicade (7 infusions), 2.4 g Lialda, Forvia, 6 Colazal, 1 Anucort, Culturelle, Fish Oil, Calcium/Vit D supplement, 20 mg Prozac, VSL #3 DS, Turmeric

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   Posted 4/10/2009 10:30 AM (GMT -6)   
There seem to be some patterns here...

Here's my laundry list:

Before 2005, I considered myself very healthy, with only occasional annoyance-level ailments.

Starting in 2005:
1. Choroid plexus papilloma -- very rare form of benign brain tumor, for which I had surgery in 7/05.

Since then, I've had problems with:
2. Severe insomnia

which, after a few days, leads me to
3. Anxiety and depression.

Also, detected as a result of my tumor via MRIs:
4. Hot nodules on my thyroid/subclinical hyperthyroidism.

5. Ulcerative proctitis -- first symptoms fall 2004, but had a clean colonoscopy. Diagnosed June 08.

6. Lower back pain and major popping -- maybe related to UC, maybe to scoliosis?

7. Rosacea and very dry skin.

8. Osteopenia

9. Allergies to pollens, molds, cat dander -- symptoms vary in severity, usually not bad

10. Migraines (ugh).

I consider myself a hypochondriac with cause!
41, female
Dx ulcerative proctitis, 3-5 cm, June 2008. Still flaring? Not sure.
Canasa 1000 mg suppositories (tapering) and 1 tsp smooth texture Metamucil nightly
25 mg hydrocortisone suppositories (tapering) and 1 Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra in a.m.
Effexor 37.5, Remeron 30 mg (off as of 3/20/09), and Trazodone 75 mg for sleep/anxiety (clonazepam as needed)
2.5 mg methimazole for thyroid
Had some success with acupuncture
Osteopenia and other assorted ailments

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   Posted 4/10/2009 1:59 PM (GMT -6)   
Very interesting to see everyone's ailments-my acupuncturist has a number of patients with either UC or another autoimmune and she says she has seen some definite trends and commonalities between us all.

Anyway, here is my list:

Prior to UC:
-prone to sinus infections
-allergies to sulpha and penicillan
-heavy duty antibiotic use for 3 years prior to diagnoses, due to sinus infections and incision infections after each of my daughters were born (my UC related problems started the day after my last 3 week course of antibiotics when my younger daughter was a few weeks old)

After UC:
-nothing additional until this past year when I was hospitalized, used pred and was put on Humira (I was on colazal, but had not issues with it in terms of side effects)

After Pred and Humira:
-hair loss when tapering pred-it is growing back though (and looks absolutely horrible!! But I am grateful it is growing back)
-trouble with menstral cycles since being on and getting off of pred
-joint pain since tapering pred (waxes and wanes)
-random, localized swelling since about December
-chronic fatigue
-mild eczema

I have never been diagnosed with seasonal allergies, but notice more issues at this time of year as the years go on, so I am probably sensitive to those things too (everyone else in my family is too, so I doubt I am an exception!)
33 years old, stay at home mom of 2 girls, ages 3.5 and 2.5
Diagnosed in 2007
Currently on:
Asacol 6pills/day
Biweekly injections for Humira clinical trial-going well so far!!
Canasa suppositories-1000mg nightly for recent flare

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   Posted 4/10/2009 9:49 PM (GMT -6)   
1. UC
2. Pituitary tumor (removed)
3. Migraines
4. Tinnitus
5. Kidney stones (chronic)
6. Kidney cyst
7. Anxiety
8. IBS
9. Hemorrhoids & fissures
34 yr old male. UC for 14 years. Started left-sided, most recent scope shows pancolitis. 30mg pred (as of 2/01/09), 12x pills Asacol per day, 1mg Atavan per day (anxiety) when needed, 20mg paxil per day, Super-omega fish oil pills - 1x per day, Flax oil pills - 1x am, 1x pm, Culturelle probiotics - 2x am, 1x pm, Spinach and sunflower seed diet (moderated recently due to kidney stones). Multivitamin. Recent Endonasal brain surgery to remove non-cancerous hormone producing tumor on pituitary gland (and I am still more afraid of my UC!!) "I poop in the woods because I can"

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   Posted 4/10/2009 9:55 PM (GMT -6)   

Very interesting....mine aren't bad considering I am nearly 69...

IBS, hypertension, anxiety, gall bladder removed, two corneal transplants, UC, GERD,

small hiatal hernia, obesity, osteoarthritis in both knees, and I am vertically challenged.


Senior - New diagnosed with proctosigmoiditis - 6/2008  Cannot tolerate mesalamines, Canasa, etc. Tried, Colozal, steroid enemas, etc. - started working but severe side effects occurred.
Started on prednisone Feb.7, 2009 - tapering to 20 mg. for two more weeks. Bleeding returned - no call back from doc so I upped prenisone to 25mg. on my own - 6MP - 50 mg. 4/2/2009 
Probiotic Align, Prilosec for GERD, Gas-X, vitamins, Calcium/D
Tylenol for knees and arthritis.

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   Posted 4/10/2009 10:48 PM (GMT -6)   
Oh geez where do I start?!

1. Strep as a kid. I was a carrier and carriers aren't supposed to get sick...but I did!
2. Osgood schlatters in both knees growing up. The alignment of my knees are off and my knee caps dislocate a lot.
3. Mild asthma
4. Seasonal allergies. Used to be just spring but after UC fall started being a problem too. Also allergic to sulfa
5. Generalized anxiety disorder. Excessive worry.
6. Lactose intolerance
7. IBS
8. Nummular dermatitis
9. Achilles tendonitis. More in the left than the right ankle

I have two siblings and I definitely got the shaft in the health department!!

Christine- I remember talking about situs inversus in my genetics course because it's recessive. Interesting stuff though!
20 year old college student diagnosed in March 2005
Remission since January/April 2006- THREE YEARS!! YAY!!!!
4 400mg Asacol 2x daily, 10mg Elavil, 75mg Effexor XR for GAD, ortho lo

"Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans"
John Lennon

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   Posted 4/11/2009 9:26 PM (GMT -6)   

I feel most if not all of my problems are related to the polio I had when I was around two. However, I was very healthy until about 44 years old. I then had post polio syndrome dumped on me. My doctor, who was the National Polio president told me I could no longer exercise that I was only to do necessary things in life. The inactivity lead to a diludge of kidney stones. I had to go to the hospital about 10 times (one stretch I went each month for six straight months. While in the hospital it was determined I was diabetic (again inactivity probably contributed to this).

I believe all of the antibotics I was taking for all of these times caused my UC.  Also, during this time I developed prostrate cancer. I had a radical prostectomy on a monday and then the next day I had a stroke. Even though I was quite inactive I never got too overweight - 190 pounds. My neurologist suggested that I see a cardiologist, so I did. Turns out the inactivity most likely contributed to one more chronic ailment - three artery disease. My cardioligist wants me to do, guess what; he wants me to exercise more.

Also during this time I contracted a staph infection which will not go away. I also have spinal stenosis along with two bulging discs.

So many of my issues seem to overlap. My fatigue, is it caused by polio, uc, angina or medication? Sometimes I just do not know. On one occassion I had a terrible nose bleed and had to go to the emergency room - caused by aggrenox, I believe.   

Of all of the problems, uc is the worse. Next month I will be cancer free from the prostate delimma for a period of two years. When dealing with uc I also have to deal with one side affect of the prostrate surgery - that being incontinence. Recently I was at Lowes and was too far from the restroom. I tried to hold back on the bm but when I did, I peed on myself and then eventually pooped in my pants - I was about a "block" away from the restroom! Well, it seemed that far. Fortunately, I try to wear black like "Paladin". I actually made it to the bathroom unnoticed and was able to clean myself up and no one ever noticed.  Though my pants and even my socks were soaked, the material the pants was made of did allow the wetness or bm to show.

One more problem is the high cost of meds. I have been on disability now for about 16 years. Last year I hit the"doughnut hole" in early June. I am disgusted with the drug companies steeling from me and you. To me they are just ORGANIZED CRIME.

Sorry for such a long post - just had to vent.


P.S. spinach and sunflower seeds have helped me significantly.






Male - 59 years old - 170 pounds - 5’ 8” - Born 1948

Presc: Tizanidine - 4mg for Spinal Stinosis, Gemfibrozil - 600mg x 2 for Triglycerides, Glimepiride - 2mg for Diabetes, Mupirocin 2% for Staph, Crestor - 1000mg for Chol.l, Metoprolol - 50m for 3 Artery Disease, Aspirin for BP & Lialda,  Anucort as needed, Colocort,  & Canasa for Colitis.

Med. Hist: Polio1950,  Post-Polio Syn. 1993, Spinal Stinosis 2002,  Diabetes 2005,  UC ‘06, Rad. Prostatectomy May 2, ‘07, Stroke May 3, ‘07, 3 Artery Disease Aug.’07,  Staph - now

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   Posted 4/12/2009 1:25 PM (GMT -6)   
     Holy cow Jim...it's a miracle you are still walking around!
62 yr old granny. South Jersey
Diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis in 1998 in hospital
Hospitalized (2nd time) in May 2008
Update 11/03/08...finally in remission!!  Hope I don't jinx myself.  Off the prednisone since 11/01/08...now see if I can stay off for longer than two weeks.  Other meds: 6MP (75 mgm), colazal (6 per day), Benicar and Toprol (high blood pressure meds), Probiotic (2 per day), fish oil capsule and multi-vitamin and calcium with vitamin D.

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