Concerned about my daughter - would love to hear from other parents who have UC!

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   Posted 4/23/2009 10:23 PM (GMT -6)   

I have UC but have been doing fairly controlling it for the last 7 months.  However, I am posting out of concern for my daughter.  I was diagnosed just months after her birth and in the back of my mind have worried that she might also develop UC.  She has been fine so far but there have been a few isolated times over the last four months that I thought I might have seen a very small amount of blood in her BM but it never happened twice in a row and I wrote it off to something she ate that was red or orange...She is very regular with her BM's.  She usually has one in the late morning and sometimes another in the late afternoon.  This Wednesday she had a hard time with her BM and told me her tummy hurt.  It took her a while to go (which is not at all common for her), when she finally went there was a small spot of blood on the stool and a little bit on the TP when I wiped her.  The stool was softer than normal as well.  I took her to the doctor today and she did a rectal exam (just by inserting her finger).  She did not feel anything or see any tears.  She said she felt some hard stool and that Addyson might be a little constipated even though she has daily BM’s.  She tested for blood just by "swabbing" a piece of paper with the finger that she examined Addyson came back negative for blood.  Addyson is not running a fever, is eating normally and not acting sick.  The doctor asked me to collect a stool sample.  After trying a few times, Addyson finally had a BM tonight.  She acted like she was having a hard time passing it again tonight but I could not tell if it was because she was cramping and in pain or if it was simply because she was straining from possibly being constipated.  She has NEVER had trouble passing stool before.  Tonight the stool she passed was mostly green, still not well formed, and had some harder round pellets mixed in with the softer looked to me like there were some small mostly pin point sized spots (not streaks) of blood again in her stool tonight.  There were not many spots but there were a few and they were bright red to light pink.  There was no blood when I wiped her.  I was able to get a stool sample but my husband is out of town and I could not get it up to the lab within the required hour so I am hoping to collect one tomorrow and take it in for further testing.  I know children her age can develop UC although it is more common for onset to occur in teenagers and young adults.  I did see a small amount of mucus in her BM one time about a month ago but it was well formed and regular looking.    She has never had more than two or three BM's a day (except when she was an infant).  She has not had many stomach viruses and has overall been really healthy but I am stressing out worrying about the blood, the either pain or difficulty when she went potty tonight and soft green stool!  She is getting irritated with me asking if it hurt when she went potty.  She keeps telling me, no, it does not hurt.  I am also now reconsidering the few times over the last months that I saw some red/pink spots on her stools and thought it was something she ate...

Does anyone have experience with UC in toddlers or children?????  Is it uncommon for toddlers to have green soft stool/mixed with hard stool with small blood spots if they are constipated or if they have a slight intestinal infection???  I would love to hear thoughts on this…I am sure that my stress is not good for Addyson or for my own UC…


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   Posted 4/23/2009 10:44 PM (GMT -6)   
My pediatrician assured me that occassional green poop in a child was nothing to be concerned about. I would think that as long as she is healthy and thriving and not complaining of pain, I would just watch cautiously. That said, you know your child better than anyone!!!! If you really do start to feel there is a problem get a referral to a pediatric specialist and have it checked out. I don't think blood in her stool would ever be normal so if that continues you need to find out why. I have five kids so I certainly know how it feels to be concerned about their health...and what it does to our UC. Take care and keep us updated.
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   Posted 4/23/2009 11:03 PM (GMT -6)   
Hard round balls always indicate constipation. And yes, it's not uncommon for children to pass soft stool around hard stool that isn't passing. It's also very common for hard stools to have some blood on them. If the stool checks out okay, your pediatrician will probably recommend increasing fiber and fluids, giving a glycerine suppository or a small enema to get her cleaned out.

I was a pediatric nurse for more than 30 years, and this really sounds like some constipation to me. Your daughter is what, two or three? Around this time their appetite tends to decrease and sometimes they get busy playing and don't drink enough fluids.

Try to rest easy tonight, Mom.
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   Posted 4/23/2009 11:20 PM (GMT -6)   
Yes Judy, she will be three in August. She use to eat bananas and peas almost everyday which helped with fiber but lately she has decided she only likes things such as fish sticks, chicken strips, cheese, blueberries, hotdogs, some carrots and pork and beans... I have been sneaking in as many other fruits and veggies as I possibly can but her diet has changed (for the worse) over the last two or three months...she has become picky and fickle with eating...she will still eat some peas and banans but rarely will finish a full serving of either one...she drinks milk and watered down juice pretty well during the day and has clear urine. My pediarician did reccomend increasing fiber and adding some powdered Benefiber to her juice. I got her to eat some prunes and a fiber enriched breakfast bar tonight. I appreciate your feeback and thoughts, it makes me feel better to hear that from someone who worked in the field. Thanks so much - I think I am stessing out even more because this happened whle my husband is out of town and we also had a terrible storm that caused hail damage and water damage to the house so I have also been dealing with insurance adjustors and carpet restoration people all week...our house has been upside down!
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   Posted 4/24/2009 8:56 AM (GMT -6)   
There was an interesting topic about this on what I remember to be the Oprah Winfrey show. Jerry Seinfeld's wife wrote a recipe book about pureeing fruits and vegetables and putting them in foods her kids love; things you would never think about. And it was because they were such picky eaters. I thought it was interesting and considered getting the book myself! Sounds like you have quite a few things going on in your life right now. I too agree with the others; keep watch on your daughter but I think it's probably more constipation at this point. I hope you are feeling well too with all the things going on...stress is tough on some of us UC folks!


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