seasonal? smoking? stress? what the hell is it?

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   Posted 5/28/2009 1:51 AM (GMT -6)   
omg!  i am sorry to say that i am back.   yes, i am flaring again and bad.  pooey!
i cant figure out why though?
it seems i always flare seasonally and beginning of winter time (right now in australia).
i flare when im stressed, but not really stressed at the moment.
i flare when i quit smoking, and yes, i just quit smoking.
my last flare was medium and i started smoking to go into remission.
and it WORKED!
and now, when i weaned off the cigs and finally quit, BAM, flare up again.
and this one is bad.
so much pain and buckets of blood everytime i go to the loo.
i was going to post a topic about mangosteen juice as i just met a lady swearing by it, but im glad it came up in another post here. thanx.  i wont be buying it.   ive tried the miracle cure-alls and they are just money suckers.
and yes, she is in network marketing and wanting me to buy cases and sell it.  sucks that they play on the misfortunes of other's health.
ive been taking tumeric and quercertcin together, which is supposedly really good for inflammation.  will let you know how that goes.
i just finished a 3 month prednisolone ride and now im flaring.
why why why
i hate that stuff. i blew up like a balloon, got moonface, was moody, eyes blurry, insomnia etc...  
finally get off it and was in remission for about a month or more and bam!  its back.
is it seasonal, stress, pred tapering, quitting smoking or maybe the whole lot together?
anyone else have any of these issues?
steph - 32 - female - gold coast australia - UC since 2000
severe UC in descending colon and sigmoid colon ONLY
mesalazine granules 3g x1 a day (much nicer than a million tablets a day)
prednisolone 25mg x1 a day (ick ick and did i say ick?)
enteric coated fish oil -omega 3 (so they get all the way to my colon)
vitamin D3 x1 a day
tumeric capsules - if i remember to take the bloody things.
i still eat what i want, when i want, if i feel like eating at all :(

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   Posted 5/28/2009 7:18 AM (GMT -6)   
Sounds like it may be a combination of things. I smoke (less then 10 a day) and my GI once told me that if I want to quit to do so "off season" because I usually get seasonal flaring too. So it may be that the act of smoking and the season is setting you off.

Yes this is a horrible condition and I don't know what is worse...the medications or UC!
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   Posted 5/28/2009 7:48 AM (GMT -6)   
My first bout of UC symptoms and diagnosis happened right after I quit smoking for the first time in July of 2006. During that fun time I started back smoking again and got everything into remission (which I attribute to the meds & prednisone).

I quit smoking again last August, motivated by the birth of our first child, I have been symptom free from UC from 11/06 but have also noticed the past two weeks some blood which has me pretty much freaked out since the thought of going on prednisone has me freaked out. Anyways, my seasonal allergies have been pretty bad so far this year and I've always wondered if there was some combination of smoking and allergies that trigger for me. Smoking + allergies going off = no symptoms, Not smoking + allergies going off = symptoms.

My insurance program pretty much forced me to start taking generics due to costs so I'm wondering if that contributes as well.

Liza D
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   Posted 5/28/2009 8:47 AM (GMT -6)   
I had the same thing... it seemed like once I figured out what would stress me, then I would flare for no reason. I used to get bad around finals but when I left school I would get it after major events like weddings and stuff. I really had to change my life to deal with the colitis. I gave into the disease just to have some sense of normalcy.

I feel like I am getting back on track now that I had the surgery. It really was a last resort because there was no signs to what was causing it. Good luck and just try to be strong.
UC (Pancolitis... 90%!) December 2001
Arthritis (2003)
Upper GI Ulcer (2006)
Osteopenia (2008)
Depression/Anxiety (2002)

Meds:Bump up every couple years... You name it, I've used it! Sulfasalizine, Asacol, Rowasas, Pentasa,
Remicade, 6mps... And now it looks like the once daily Lialda taken twice a day isn't enough...
Here comes Humera.

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   Posted 5/28/2009 8:50 AM (GMT -6)   
I also flared in late winter/early spring. I attributed it to a lack of vitamin D (best obtained from sun exposure) and a possible link with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Using a full spectrum light box from late fall to early spring and taking oral D3 helped. But for me, other factors also played a part: poor diet, gluten sensitivity and gut ecological imbalance - too much of the bad gut bugs and too little of the healthy/beneficial.
Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis spring 1999. Have been in remission for years with only a few minor blips.
Maintenance dose sulfasalazine. Probiotics, vitamin D, fiber supplement and fish oil caps. George's aloe vera juice and l-glutamine for gut healing. Mostly grain-free and dairy-free low carb diet.

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   Posted 5/28/2009 10:43 AM (GMT -6)   
Yeah, over the years I have been a spring flarer. I attributed it to a faulty immune system getting overloaded and overworked with everything blooming, and that just sets the flares off. Only logical conclusion I could come to for myself.

I'd like to build a time machine and go back and see if I could have prevented this DD to start with. Wonder if I could get a grant for that? lol
Proctitis DX 1999, Pancolitis DX 2008
Golimumab study (100mg every 4 weeks)
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Probiotis/VitD3 5000IU+Ca/1000mg DHA

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   Posted 5/28/2009 1:14 PM (GMT -6)   
My flares are completely stress related. I can attribute every flare since I was diagnosed to stressful times in my life. The seasons don't matter to me at all. I really pay attention now during intense periods and stay as cool as possible. I'm going through one now, and so far so good.
Diagnosed '93. 
Asacol, Prednisone, Remicade, Imuran

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   Posted 5/28/2009 1:45 PM (GMT -6)   
I think there could be something to the Vitamin D deficiency and UC. Because low Vitamin D levels can cause inflammation and during the winter most of us are inside most of the time. At my OB/GYN appointment recently they had my blood tested and I was really low on Vitamin D and just in the last couple of months I've been experiencing some inflammation. Not as bad as it would be if I weren't on Remicade but I can tell a difference. I'm not saying that's what caused it for sure but it could be an interesting study. I believe Prednisone also messes us your Vitamin D levels and how many of us have been on that evil drug.
Diagnosed with UC in Feb. 2005
Colazal (9 a day)
Folic Acid

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   Posted 5/28/2009 9:58 PM (GMT -6)   
What about nicotine patches, lozenges or gum, do they help at all when coming off cigs to keep from getting a flare? Just curious, I don't have this problem from tobacco but I have had more flares in winter, usually december or January. I had a holistic dr say vitamin D could be an issue with IBD. I'll have to remember to take mine. One more pill to take! Ugh!
diagnosed 1/09 with colitis & diverticulitis
 54 yo, colazal, fish oil, synthroid, cymbalta
good results w/ acupuncture

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   Posted 5/28/2009 11:53 PM (GMT -6)   
My (previously unknown) UC became acute resulting in diagnosis and hospital in June 2006 - and I feel pretty crappy right now 3 years later as we approach June...
Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 6/2006 at age 26 after sudden E.R. visit
~Pancolitis (Mild to Moderate)
 ~I had Mono in 2000
On Colazal 3x3/day; Folic Acid 1mg; Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc combo
(Generic Balsalazide not as effective for me)
In remission about 2-3 months after E.R. but not back to normal!
I hate Ulcerative Colitis and can't wait till we eradicate it

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