17 yr old just got diganosed

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   Posted 6/11/2009 1:37 AM (GMT -6)   
i just got diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and crohn's disease. a mix of both. i am 17 yrs old. the damage to my colon is surprisingly severe. im currently on colazal (9 pills/day) and a rowasa (mesalamine) enema nightly. im looking heavily into diet control. i was wondering if theres anything that anyone has tried which has greatly improved their tissue and their condition and hopefully made their colon much better. i am willing to stick to strict diet regime.

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   Posted 6/11/2009 7:06 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi kalupants,

TThere is a lot of mention of diet on this form. You need to look into it and see what works for you. Some people find that a diet helps others don’t. I am trying a diet written by a man who was like you and had both. His name is Paul Nison. It is extreme and hard to get used to. I don’t know if it is working for me or not yet but you can always have a look.

This is a hard disease to be with. I have recently found out how difficult it is to live with. We can only try to do what we think is right.
Female 32 years old
Diganosed ulcerative colitis November 2007
Present medication- 1X 500mg pentasa in the morrning and 1 X250g Asacol every other evening
Diet- Tried raw food diet with 80% raw foods, found some pro's and cons. Started to add more products to keep up weight as mine did not balance. Still eating raw spinage and still am combination eating. No dairy No gluten.  
Other medical problems- Born with asthma- no medication taken for this.
dyslexia- found out that many people with learning difficulties also have food sensitivity

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   Posted 6/11/2009 11:32 AM (GMT -6)   
My daughter is near your age, so I feel for you. When flaring,we did not find that an altered diet helped much, but as the previous poster said, some things works for some and not others. The low residue diet was helpful when bleeding, as you want to make the digestion as easy as possible. Raw foods are health-filled, but can hurt the sensitive lining of your colon when it is fragile. Had to stick with things that would not cause extra gas,or have seeds that might stick and cause more inflammation, etc. We had to go on the big drugs to find relief unfortunately--after a 1-1/2 year flare, we had to stop the damage.. Keep reading this site, you will learn lots....Take care, and do your OWN research--- there are hard core believers that think their way is the only way. Your path may be an easier one!
Daughter,15 diagnosed 1-08 w/ UC .
Previous drug sampling: Asacol, Prevacid, Flagyl, Prednisone- 50mg to 0, 4 major flares '08.Hospital four x. Low residue diet,
6MP, Colazal , Cortifoam enemas,
Trying probiotics, Niferex, fish oil, Magnesium, Acupuncture.
Remicade 10mg per kilo@ 8wks, since 10-08. Still on 6mp and Colazal

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   Posted 6/11/2009 1:40 PM (GMT -6)   
I am in remission with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I suffered with this disease from 21-30. No longer. I'm living life now!!!!

Give it a try and do a search on the internet.
Pharmacist as of 6/12/2009.
Diagnosed 8/99. Suffered for almost 10 years. I am currently on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and am nearing remission. I feel fantastic! I have lossed so many years to this disease.


Doc wanted to put me on 6-mp or Remicade, but I refused to take the medications! Currently on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  I'm in remission and life is like it always should have been.

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   Posted 6/11/2009 5:43 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi and welcome! My son is 17 also. Tough to struggle with a disease of this type during this time in life! My son just isn't really that willing to try too much diet modification, but then again, I'm not really sure diet matters a whole bunch in his case. When we tried bland, low residue, he just lost a lot of weight - didn't change the UC flare. Once we let him eat what he wanted he was able to stop losing and start regaining (he was over 6 foot tall and under 120 lbs and did NOT have room to lose anymore).

Being that your dx is Crohn's, you might want to look into Elemental. I don't know much about it, but parents I know with Crohn's kids swear by it.


Mom of Son 17 UC dx 07/02, Lailda 2 per day, Azasan 75mg, Cortafoam (when flaring), folic acid, L. Reuteri, Culturelle, Zyrtec, Iron, Vit/Min

Daughter 10 UC dx 08/07 Colazal 750mg x 3, 6MP 12.5mg, Iron, Vit/Min., Culturelle

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   Posted 6/13/2009 2:11 PM (GMT -6)   
my daughter was diagnosed with UC at age 8, nightly rowasa controlled a bad flare up and she has been symptom free for over a year, now on lialda 2x day
we tried several different diet plans, the most succesful has been:
no dairy, (lactose free milk ok)
no popcorn or other similar hard to digest foods,
limited sweets such as soda or candy

My daughter is very active and is your typical pre-teen, best of luck and stay positive

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   Posted 6/13/2009 3:14 PM (GMT -6)   
Try Cortifoam (rectal med) it works quite well and is very easy to use. I hope you get this under control soon (and you will).

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   Posted 6/13/2009 4:41 PM (GMT -6)   
Hey there.
I can't offer any advice/insight on the diet aspect because I didn't choose to go that route to treat my UC but I just wanted to say I was diagnosed at 16 and I remember how rough it was and that you have found a great place!!
20 year old college student diagnosed in March 2005
Remission since January/April 2006->THREE YEARS!!!!!
Trying Colazal 3 750mg x2- so far so good
25mg Elavil
75mg Effexor XR for GAD
"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude."
Maya Angelou

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   Posted 6/13/2009 5:27 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi kalupants..welcome to the forum!

I'm assuming it's actually Crohn's Colitis you have...Crohn's in the colon but following the development pattern of UC...it's one or the other.The treatments are pretty much the same.

I'm happy to hear the doctor didn't put you on prednisone as a first-line treatment....and that treating both ends in the hopes of treating the inflammation you have now and keeping it nice and quiet and limited is a good med strategy.

REgarding diets, as stated above, there are a lot of them, and some do follow strict food intake with varied results.
My suggestion would be for you to eat as healthily and as balanced as best you can, cutting out for sure artificial sweeteners and large amounts of "unhealthy foods"...
It's pretty subjective as to what one can tolerate regarding food...some do change their diet a bit when flaring compared to when they aren't.

How would you classify your diet at this time?

I would suggest you stick with the 5ASA meds you're on and only until you realise you're not improving to consider a change in it. I have much success with the 5ASA meds...for 20 years...and hoping it continues, where others doin't and do use the topical steroids or immuno suppressant type meds.

Do also check the Crohn's forum since that's what you have firstly....it's the "where" you have it that fits in with the UC forum. So, it'll be nice you can get lots of connections from both forum.

There are a few CDers with Crohn's Colitis that frequent this form.

What symptoms are you having at this time?

I hope you start to feel better soon.

*Heather* Status: maintenance Asacol 6 daily + Salofalk enemas every 3rd night
~diagnosed January 1989 UC (proctosigmoiditis)
~UC meds: Asacol (3 x2 daily); Salofalk enemas nightly for flares & taper to maintenance 
~Bentylol (dicyclomine) 20mg as needed; Ranitidine (reflux);  Effexor XR 75mg(depression);  Pulmicort/Airomir (asthma) 
~vitamins/minerals/supplementsProbiotics....(Natural Factors Protec, Primadophilus Reuteri Pearls). @ bedtime
~various digestive enzymes as needed
~URSO for PSC (or PBC) 500mg X 2 daily (LFTs back to NORMAL!!)
My doc's logic.. "TREAT (FROM)BOTH ENDS"  worth it !!!

UC in Memphis
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   Posted 6/13/2009 5:59 PM (GMT -6)   
I kept a food diary for a while and figured out what foods might cause more damage to me that others. I have pretty much written off anything but water to drink. Like others have said, everyone seems to be different with this.

Good luck with it and like someone else said, some think there way is the only way but you need to do/try what is best for you.
Male, 30
Dx:Moderate-severe UC 12/24/08
Lifelong GI issues including an intesusception at age 4
Current meds:
Lialda (2x) 12/24-present
Entocort EC 02/17-present (9mg)
Prednisone 12/24-01/05 (40mg), 01/06-01/19 (20mg), 01/20-present (10mg)

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   Posted 6/13/2009 6:15 PM (GMT -6)   
I was diagnosed at age 20....im 35 now... Looking back there are things that I would have done different that I can suggest that you try - the food diary as mentioned above is a great idea and something I should have done years ago...you need to experiment with foods that work for you, and things that dont. Keep in mind that sometimes results take a little time, so it can get a little complicated keeping track of what works.
Fast food should be avoided whenever possible....thats a given. Sweets, and artificial stuff - same applies. Start cooking healthy bland meals such as chicken or turkey breast baked, salmon, baked pork chops, etc. It can get expensive to eat like that, especially when going out on your own... Boxed foods should be avoided when possible no matter how convenient they are...

These are a few suggestions from someone who as experimented a lot with food....like people have mentioned - food tolerance is different for everyone so its an experiment... this forum is a great place for support and answers....
Stats:35 yr old male. UC for 15 years.
location:North Western PA
DX: Left sided UC, most recent scope 5/20/09 UPMC Pittsburgh Presbeterian
Medications:20mg pred (as of 4/27/09), 12x pills Asacol per day, 100mg Imuran per day, 1mg Atavan per day (anxiety) when needed, 20mg paxil per day, Super-omega fish oil pills - 1x per day, Flax oil pills - 1x am, 1x pm, Culturelle probiotics - 2x am, 1x pm, Vitamin B-12 injections weekly.
Surgeries: Recent Endonasal brain surgery to remove non-cancerous hormone producing tumor on pituitary gland (and I am still more afraid of my UC!!)

"I poop in the woods because I can"

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