Hemorrhoid thrombosis - burst - what should I do?

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   Posted 8/28/2015 11:15 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi all
New here so I decided to share my extensive experience with blood clots.

1st blood clot - 2004 - Portugal
General doctor prescribed bioflavonoids(daflon) and creams(scheriproct) to stregthen the blood vessels hoping it would go away by itself. It didn't. After a couple of weeks I went to a general surgeon in a public hospital. He said it was an external one and super easy to remove with only a small cut. He did it without anesthesia. Of course it hurt like nothing else I have experienced. Screamed. Almost fainted when he showed me the clot. But in less than 48h there was no bleeding nor pain. Just perfect bliss.

2nd blood clot - 2005 - Portugal
A couple of months before relocating to Finland.
Same bioflavonoids and creams. Went to another general surgeon at another hospital (obviously). He said it was too small to lance. So I maintained the same medication and it shrunk away in roughly 1 month... Decreasing size slowly.

3rd blood clot in 2006 - Finland
Went to general practitioners at a health clinic. Had no access to previous medication. I think the doctor had minor Parkinson's syndrome since his hands were never steady. He used anesthesia and removed it. Only the needle was a bit painful, but after the first experience I think nothing will ever hurt as much until I get hit by a speeding train. I even drove back home that day. Bled a lot during the next couple of weeks (probably because his hands shook quite a lot, he probably made plenty of mess down there.) Only took ibuprofen. But the healing went rather ok.

4th blood clot - 2014 - Portugal
1 week before relocating to China.
Private hospital, general surgeon. Daflon and creams. Doctor used anesthesia and removed it without a glitch. Not so painfull anesthesia. No more pain after removed and an awesome sense of bliss.
Healed in less than 1 week.

5th blood clot - 2015 - Portugal
During holidays from China. Massive blood clot. Same private hospital. Same procedure. Almost no pain from anesthesia. Blood clot had the size of one pea. Doctor said it would take months for that one to go away by itself. Again, sense of pure nirvana after it was gone. Doctor told me about possible procedures to avoid further clots. The old hemorrhoidectomy he does not advise. Too complicated, too long recovering time. Best option would be to perform a new ambulatory procedure with Doppler+ultrasound to locate the damaged blood vessels. Then tie a knot on those blood vessels so they can wither and die in time. Simple half an hour procedure. 48h recovery time at home and I would be free for a few years until other blood vessels start misbehaving. Then other Doppler operation would be needed.

5th blood clot - 2015 - China
Oh dear god. I can't believe I had one of these in China. Massive clot. Bigger than the previous one for sure. Have it for 1 week and decide to run to the hospital Monday. Went to a private hospital, general surgeon. By now even I can pinpoint exactly where the darn incision should be made to extract the clot. Doctor analizes me. Tells me to get dressed and says that he 'could' take it away. But he thinks it's better to let it be and that I should return when it's better to perform a full hemorrhoidectomy (hospital will get massive payment from insurance company for that one) Well... I can't really do anything with this massive one. Sitting, lying down, standing up, upside down... It is constant pain. I want it removed, and I want it now. (Besides I will not have an hemorrhoidectomy in China, that's for sure). 'Do you want to lance it the 5th time?' He asks. Of course! He prepares everything. Local anesthesia hurted like hell. He took out 3 small clots. I didn't think it was all. After showering and cleaning the wound later I still felt a rather bulged blood vessel. Incision was made low. Doesn't hurt much and doesn't bleed much. Nevertheless it was a bit better. Went to work for the rest of the week. Thursday went to another private hospital to get a second opinion, still hurts a bit and still bleeds a bit. Told him about the Doppler thing. He says 'I don't even need an ultra sound. I can feel exactly where the vein is with my fingers. I can tie it up in a simple procedure. But I would also advise the hemorrhoidectomy. The ultra sound would not be any good because there are several damaged blood vessels and you had clots all around the anus before, so it would be difficult to pinpoint exactly where they are.' I came home, continued to take Dadlon and placing tons of creams. Today, Saturday, feces where harder and bigger. While going I felt almost no pain, and a massive relief. The big long clot was pushed out through the cut that the doctor made (which started bleeding a lot too). While cleaning myself I see it. Long dark clot. I'm super relieved. Pain is minimal. While washing I can feel the bulging is substantially smaller. I predict recovery will take a couple of weeks to go back to my old self.
Now I'm just wishing I can go to Portugal soon to do the Doppler thing.

Hang on tight everyone. It does hurt, but when it is removed you'll feel as good as new.
I recommend lots of washing and creams. Drink lots of water and eat mostly fiber and veggies. You know your body better than anyone. You know when the darn thing is about to appear. Don't be scared to put creams inside, and if you feel like you need to go nr 2, Just go, don't wait for it. If it feels like you need to go nr 2 but you can't, or is too difficult and you need to push too much. Do an enema with water, carefully. It helps substantially and keeps your colon clean, which is crucial to maintain those bulged blood vessels away from your life.

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   Posted 11/9/2015 6:35 PM (GMT -6)   
I was glad to read the experience of others with this issue, all the MD stuff just to tough it out let it heal. nono
I'm very active and had a big one (large grape size external) pop up all the sudden, VERY painful! I used the normal stuff for 4 long days with zero relief. I was going out of town the next day so took everyone's advice to get it lanced. The next morning my doc said it was splitting open and referred me to a surgeon. They got me in and out, still hurt like hell, but I got through a weekend of off-roading with it. It was still quite large and bled for 5 more days, now is almost healed 2 weeks later. It is still there but not bothering me anymore. Still don't know what caused it, kinda scary!

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   Posted 12/3/2015 8:48 AM (GMT -6)   
That's Venapro Edward and it has good review - will check it out.
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Looking to get back into remission but deeply anxious and impatient.

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   Posted 4/20/2016 3:50 PM (GMT -6)   
Sorry for resurrecting this thread, but it looks like I'm not the first to do so. :)

I had my first thrombosed hemorrhoid over Easter weekend. The pain was horrible - I could barely function - and thankfully it ruptured on its own during a BM. However, since it ruptured, I have been having leakage problems. Not a lot, just enough to soak a small spot through my pants if I don't use some gauze or something. Sometimes there's blood, sometimes not. I can't tell when it's happening at all.

Is this normal? Even a month afterward? I know I should speak with my doctor, I was just hoping to wait for my next appointment (2 weeks from now).
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   Posted 4/20/2016 3:55 PM (GMT -6)   
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   Posted 5/24/2017 11:16 PM (GMT -6)   
On my 3rd day of a thrombosed external hemorrhoid with about ~2.5cm in length protruding and by a GPs assessment contains a clot.

GP gave the advice of salt sit bath and application of cream (prednisolone and cichocaine) which hasn't done much. I was told to give it 2-4 days to wait to see improvement before considering other options.

A surprisingly painful sensation it has developed in to. I'd rank it close to the time I herniated (inguinally) lifting something; the pain at that moment but continuously.

Thought I'd share my experience as reading the experiences of others in the forum has put me more at ease.

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   Posted 8/19/2017 2:18 AM (GMT -6)   
My external hemorrhoids was burst one week ago, I just keep on putting cream little by little pain was gone but still not totally shrink out. Do I still need to go to doctor for check up? How dangerous it is?

Thank you I found this forum

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   Posted 8/27/2017 5:46 PM (GMT -6)   
I have a very small thrombosed haemorrhoid hanging out of my anus. It's not particularly painful but upsetting as it hurts to ride my horse and uncomfortable walking and it drags in my pants too, which is a revolting sensation. GP says it will go away on its own, but it's been 6 weeks now. How can I get it to go, or burst. Advice please.

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   Posted 3/12/2018 2:08 AM (GMT -6)   
So this is the third night with a bulging external hemmi and it looked like it was going to bust. It was the size of a big marble. Did not want to go to doctor cause I have no insurance. Looking up info on web and found this site. After reading I knew for sure it was going to burst tomorrow when I was cutting a customers acre lot riding on my mower. Thought I would go clean it one more time with wet toilet paper and put more p h on it. Went to wipe and I felt and heard it give way. Man it was messy. Big blood clot with a lot of blood. Did a little extra pushing with my finger to get most of it out. Kinda of scary. It's still sore but not like it was. I'm sure it will take a little more time. What a relief. I'll be going tomorrow and get some wipes to keep it clean. Thank you all for comments. It helped.

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   Posted 6/19/2018 12:08 AM (GMT -6)   
Going on 9 days now with pecan sized external hem. It seems to of gone down a bit in size but awfully painful today ,probably due to numerous bowel movements. Sometimes every hour. I have digestive issues so it makes it that much more difficult. Been doing sitz bath with Epsom salts, witch hazel, ice and calmoseptine. I am considering to see a proctologist as I believe I have some other issues with this or possibly some internal ones also. I sure appreciate all the posts here. Reading everyone's stories I don't feel so alone. I just hope I don't need any surgery and my issue resolves on its own. I guess I will find out. Thanks for sharing your stories.Any other ideas that worked waiting it out or helping with the dreading BMs. I have read fiber can make it worse in some cases and wonder if stool softeners may be a better approach. Thanks again!

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   Posted 6/19/2018 9:41 AM (GMT -6)   
Good luck. Do see a proctologist about them. have you tried topical steroids to reduce the size of the external hemorrhoid? Sometimes surgery is necessary, other times they can band the hemorrhoid and it will fall off on its own, other times it goes away with steroid treatment.
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