eosinophils in colon

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   Posted 1/3/2010 9:14 PM (GMT -7)   
Has anyone had eosinophils show up in their colon during a scope? If so, what did your GI advise? Were you diagnosed with UC or something else (eosinophilic colitis, I think that's what it's called?) My young child was diagnosed with pancolitis in August. There were thirty-odd eosinophils in her colon which turned up when she was scoped. Her GI (who I do not trust) said that it didn't mean anything and that she didn't even look at eosinophils (she said if it was a case of allergic colitis, there would be many more). In the mean time, my in-laws who live in Italy have had a the pediatric GI in the country look at her file. He's never seen her and said he can't be sure without doing so but is confident that the presence of these eosinophils in the colon indicates at least an allergic component to her colitis. He suggested removing soy (already did a few months ago when she was diagnosed and put on the SCD diet) and dairy (did a few days ago at the advice of her TCM doctor). Any information/experience/advice would be greatly appreciated.
Also, for those who have removed dairy/soy/gluten etc and found it made a difference, how long did it take for you to notice it? I've heard a month to six weeks, is that correct?

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   Posted 1/4/2010 1:41 PM (GMT -7)   
It seems there are various reasons one would have them....infection, allergy, inflammation, parasites.

Has she had blood tests taken as well? Did the doc check for them in her blood?

I do hope you have copies of ALL the tests she's had done....you need to keep a record of them and do the research.

Has your daughter seen an allergist? If not, maybe you best set her up for one.

I found this link....on the left side there are other topics related to eosinophil disorders...interesting stuff. She needs to see someone who specialises in it I would think.

copy and paste this link..I can't get it to work clicked directly.


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   Posted 1/4/2010 6:03 PM (GMT -7)   
Thanks Quincy,
I've read this over, it is very interesting. I've always felt my daughter had allergic tendencies so maybe this is how it's expressing itself. I've been trying to find out how many eosinophils are normal in a child's colon and haven't come across a number anywhere, so don't know where to go from here. They did show up once in her blood work as well. Maybe ask for a referal but my daughter's GIs dont think it's an issue at all. The Italian GI has a copy of my daughter's file, which is how he noticed this. I'll take his word I guess and cut out what he suggests and see what happens. My daughter also has an allergist appointment in a month, though protein allergies don't always show up I've been told. Frustrating!

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   Posted 1/5/2010 12:09 AM (GMT -7)   
But there are other blood tests that could point more toward allergies or autoimmune or inflammation or whatever. Hopefully the allergist will do all the pertinent testing.


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   Posted 5/26/2010 7:37 AM (GMT -7)   
My son did a colonoscopy 2 years ago due to bloody mucus. GI found pancolitis with a high number of eosinophils, so he diagnosed it as 50% UC, 50% Alergic Colitis.
Eosinophils were in the 20 per hpf. He wanted to start 5-ASA. We said no. We started SCD diet instead, to cover both bases. He is doing really well at the moment but dont have a definitive diagnosis still because we havent done another colonoscopy. Why poke around when things are going well.
I can say the only symptom he has had (around 4 times in 2 years), is painless rectal bleeding for a few weeks. Is it possible that UC manifests it self that way, or do you usually expect more symptoms?
Hope this helps you. Jon

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   Posted 5/26/2010 10:01 AM (GMT -7)   
I know you are probably already familiar with my case which basically culminated with pancolitis UC with ever increasing eosinophils in my colon.  I have had around 7 colonscopies over the last 20 years and a pathologists reviewed them comparing them to each other over the years.  What it showed was that the UC was worse in the rectum and sigmoid and the colitis spread over the years to include the ascending colon as well in the later years.  What is pertinent is that the number of eosinophils kept increasing as well.  It's true that most GI docs could give a hoot about this but my UC was out of control with really high numbers of wbc, specifally eosinophils.  I had to see infectious disease doctors, hem/onc, GI and immunologists, etc...  Eventually it was agreed that the UC was the driving force of the eosinophilia.  The immunologist basically said that the colon was asking the bonemarrow to produce high amounts of the eosinophils.  I was informed that in research papers there is a substance called eotaxin that is produced by the colon to ball these particular cells there.  This is often seen in people of Asian descent of which I am. Once my UC was treated aggresively my colon healed and my eos count went down, now almost normal.  Again my case is called very rare in how it presented itself.
39 Year Old Male, Dentist
Dx: Ulcerative Colitis 1996 via colonscopy and biopsy.  Pancolitis with chronic and moderate inflammation.
Started UC around 92.
Past Meds: Asacol and occasionally Prednisone
Have had 6 colonscopies throughout my hx with UC.
Current Meds: Imuran, started with 200 mg and recently lowered it to 150 mg
Most recent colonscopy 2009 after 6 months of Imuran, colon is 90% healed
Currently in remission

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   Posted 5/26/2010 10:15 AM (GMT -7)   
Thanks MYUC and Jon,
Since diagnosis, my daughter's eosinophiles have been in the normal range. Jon, we did the scd but she flared badly and could not be controlled by diet or pentasa and needed pred. i lost faith and started to look at other alternatives. I think scd is great and does wonders for some and am more than willing to try it again if necessary but I would not limit the probiotics etc. as it suggests. It was a great diet designed over sixty years ago and a lot has been learned since then (maybe?).
I'm glad it's working for you son. Has he flared since the diet or just the rectal bleeding (I would take that to be a flare personally if you've excluded fissures, hemmies etc). On what basis did his Gi come up with the 50-50 diagnosis?
My UC, very informative, i'll research this. My daughter is half Asian so she might be prone. Thanks

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   Posted 5/26/2010 2:25 PM (GMT -7)   
I learned another word:eosinophil :-) had to google it.

In answer to how long it took me to see improvement on removing dairy/soy/gluten
Gluten=stopped bleeding in 2-3 days and never had it again (after almost 10 years)
Dairy/Soy/Grains (basic SCD)=much longer to get to remission, I will say 3 months although I could tell it was working gradually but very slowly. Because it was working so slowly I started probiotics which gave a good positive kick.

about your daughter's flare on SCD: I failed at SCD and other diets in previous years and I believe SCD in particular failed because I was also sensitive to fructose and the homemade yogurt. I was a tough case, tougher than even foods SCD allowed.
Once I started SCD again in Jan 2010 I started gluten-free first then added the SCD diet but removed all dairy and all fruit and juices. That was the key to my success.
Now at almost 5 months I can eat cheddar and swiss cheese (small amounts) as well as blueberries. Over the hump so to speak. Too chicken to try the yogurt again but take VSL#3 instead.

I am very very healthy physically and now in UC-remission. I can even have some chocolate :-)

My reading says that urgency is one of the last symptoms to go and that was true for me. It was over 2 months before that let up. Now I am working on being more regular as C is my "normal" condition (and was before UC).

I find that whole nuts are more of a problem than nut flour for me (I even soak and dry them).
One of my favorites is making muffins using half nut flour and half shredded veggies like carrot or squash. Adding blueberries is great!

I know you will find a way. Your daughter is lucky to have a mother like you. Best wishes.
In remission April 2010 after 10 years of suffering and no remission ever
Jan 2010 started SCD diet (modified to remove dairy, fruit & juices)
Bleeding stopped in 3 days, other symptoms improved slow & sure
Diet: Gluten/grain-free, fructose-free (blueberries OK), dairy free (swiss cheese OK), starch-free
I eat: Protein(meat/fish/eggs,no soy), nuts(soaked/roasted), non-starch veggies, nut-flour muffins
Daily: fish oil, Vit D3 2000 2Xday with oil/fat, veggie juice, sunflower seeds, probiotic VSL#3
Highly recommend: the book "Life without Bread" and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet

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   Posted 11/30/2012 8:00 PM (GMT -7)   
Im 16 years old and I have had a upper and lower scope done, colonoscopy and endoscopy. As well as 2 CT scans, ultra sound, hydrogen breath check, countles bowel samples, urine sample, countless blood tests, MRE (just like an MRI) skin testing, seen an algerisit, mulitable gi specialist and been to 4 different hospitals. A little over a year ago i had my apendix taken out also, and everything seems to kind of lead back to that. In my endoscopy and colonoscopy they took biopsys and found eosinophils in my colon i guess. First they told me it was through out my GI track colon, stomach, intenises, and esofagitis. But after 3 paths looked at it ive now been told they are only in my colon. I was told i have eosinophilic gastorenteritis. But they cant tell me why i have it or what caused it. Frankly, they have no idea if thats even it. I have been on different steriods to calm my pain. But they just made it worse. Yes i have pain with this. Extreme pain, worse after eating. I have abdominal pain from my right side to my left side, nausea, feeling like i have to vomit, diarrhea, feeling pain and sickness when i have to make a bowel movement. I also have had lightheadness and blackouted sometimes. I get hot flashes a lot and feel like i have to throw up and have to sit down. I have been on 2 different diets for this. First one was, no wheat, sugar, or diary. I stopped that one after a little more then a month because it didnt seem to help at all. Second one was, no wheat, sugar or diary again. This time it seems to help. The wheat is a main part and im slowing starting to put diary back it cause it hasnt seem to make a difference. Ive been on that diet for about 3 months and am currently still doing it. I also was diagnosised with fructose malabsorption. So i cant eat any sugar or table sugar or honey, things like that. I am very limited to what kinds of fruit i eat and how much i do. I still have the pain and it had been over a year, they dont know what to do. All they are going to do is put me on another steriod. Im not sure if this helps you in anyway, but there you go and if anyone has any suggestions for me please tell me and help!

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   Posted 12/1/2012 6:48 PM (GMT -7)   
Lwitt. I think you might need to find somebody who specializes in Eosinophilic disorders. I know little girl who had Eosinophilic esophagitis and she was literally taken off of ALL foods and given a special type of drink. Before this, she was in severe pain and always horribly sick (diarrhea, vomiting). Now she gets tested every six months with a few new foods. If the eosinophils don't reappear in her esophagus, then she gets to add them to her diet. I don't know what the treatment would be for eosinophilic gastroenteritis. I know what I described above would not be fun, but neither is sever pain. Here's some information that you and your parents might find helpful.




I know Cincinnati Children's is nationally known for eosinophilic problems, but I'm not sure what state you are in. You might need to travel to see a specialist.

Drug refractory UC
Colectomy with end ileostomy August 30th, 2012 - jpouch sometime
IBD related arthritis and peristomal pyoderm gangrenosome

Humira, finally off of steroids! Aiming to have Step 2 in August 2013.

Tried lots of drugs and diet, didn't work for me.
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