Cabbage juice enema

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   Posted 4/27/2012 10:01 AM (GMT -7)   
Bannanagirl- sorry you are having problems with it. Are you using green cabbage? Maybe all the items combined are a bit much on your system. I agree with stereofidelic, maybe start off in small doses or just the cabbage juice. It is possible you are simply sensitive to it. Our DD cause us to be so different in what works and what doesn't work. Keep me posted.

Stereofidelic- I am doing sooo much better. I think it is slowly helping my bowel also. I am now able to use the bathroom more than just a little at a time. Before starting the cabbage juice, I felt like I was going to pop. I wasn't moving much gas or stool through my system and I felt inflamed from stomach to colon. As each day passed with drinking the juice, the symptoms are getting better each day. Today I feel almost normal in the stomach and much better in the bowel. I have a colonoscopy scheduled on Monday. I have to do the prep this weekend so today is my last day I am allowed the cabbage juice but I will resume it after the colonoscopy. I haven't added anything to the mix yet but I will next week.

Mum of 3- I am drinking raw green cabbage freshly juiced. As soon as I juice it, I am gulping it down, holding my nose because it doesn't taste great, LOL. It has helped me considerably. Your naturopath was right, at least in my case:) I will definitely buy organic cabbage next time I go to Whole Foods.Thanks for reminding me about buying it organic. The last thing I need is more chemicals in my body, LOL!
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   Posted 4/27/2012 1:31 PM (GMT -7)   
pmedic, thats good, let us know how the colonoscopy goes!

Mum of 3- i've looked everywhere for organic red cabbage and its not in my area, tried like 5 different food produce stores, missed the seasonal farmers market too, darn! Sure to find some up north when I make my move!
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   Posted 7/28/2015 11:32 AM (GMT -7)   
Just thought I'd say, because nobody else has yet, that the reason that cabbage works is it has a ton of L-Glutamine in it, an amino acid which builds mucal membrane walls.

A note of warning... cabbage juice has a thing called 'goitrogens' in it, which inhibit thyroid hormone (keeps your body from manufacturing it).

"Goitrogens are substances that suppress the function of the thyroid gland by interfering with iodine uptake, which can, as a result, cause an enlargement of the thyroid, i.e., a goiter."

Therefore, whenever you are juicing with cabbage juice you must take L-Tyrosine along with it (and make sure you're taking the proper amount of iodine a day. If you use iodized salt then you are having enough. If you don't? You're probably not.

"The US recommended daily intake of iodine is 150 micrograms (mcg) per day for most adults, and about twice that for pregnant and nursing women."

You should make sure that you take that amount of iodine per day to maintain a healthy thyroid gland.)

Strange enough, too much iodine can also inhibit your thyroid... so if you are taking iodine in more than one source, add them up to make sure you're not taking too much. If you are applying iodine to your body to remove skin cancers (apply 10 times-per-day); then your body will absorb iodine through your skin. So don't supplement if you are doing that.

Your body uses L-Tyrosine to build thyroid hormone... but only if it has enough available iodine (found in seafoods and iodized salt)

You can get L-Tyrosine (and L-Glutamine (you could also take Glutathione),. Taking L-Glutamine will not affect your thyroid) at the Health Food Store.

To make it taste better, try mixing 1/4 carrot juice to 3/4 cabbage juice.


Yes, I have used raw cabbage juice as an enema. An easy way to do it is with an 'enema bulb'. This is the one that I use. You suck up the liquid until it won't take any more, then tip it so the tip is upright and squeeze out the air like when you're topping-off a needle injection. Hold the bulb at the point where the liquid wants to squirt out and then put it back into the cabbage juice and suck in until the entire bulb is filled.

To insert it, put coconut oil on the spout and slowly and carefully slide it in until it is all the way in. Then squish the bulb until you can't squish any more. about a quarter of the bulb's contents will have to be squirted out into the sink afterwards.

To clean the bulb I suck in water, then spit it out, then suck in water, etc. Finally I put a bit of apple cider vinegar in the bulb and swish it around. Let it sit a half-hour, then swish water in and out again.

I have a distiller that heats up, so I place it on top the distiller to dry out. Make sure you dry it out because putting organic material in the bulb and letting it sit around wet might cause black mold to grow inside it (aspergillus) which you certainly wouldn't want to squirt up there.

The next time you use it you should suck water in and out many times just to make sure there is no mildew or fungus inside that might get squirted inside you. It is difficult to completely dry the inside of these closed bulbs.

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   Posted 7/28/2015 11:43 AM (GMT -7)   
I didn't say why I use cabbage juice in that way. I have internal hemorrhoids which can burn like razor blades are up there.

A note of warning... You might experience a burning sensation. Cabbage is not acidic, nor will it burn you... but almost anything can cause a burning sensation. Your sphincter hole is designed to exclude most anything, and it seems to know when there is something that shouldn't be there at the entrance.

You can try inserting a pointed sliver of unsalted butter cut with a knife to a thin point. It will be hard enough to slip up there.

You can also create 100% organic coconut oil suppositories. I use fish-shaped silicon ice cube trays (on E-Bay) that are turquoise. You put 7 eyedropper-fulls of liquid coconut oil (it melts at room temperature) into each fish hole and then carefully place the whole thing into a gallon zip-lock bag and put it in the freezer. They don't take long to solidify, then you crack it out and use a knife to shave off the sharp upper edges. You then push on the fish's tail to slide it up. It will melt at the sphinter hole.

This is an excellent thing to do if you want to help hard stools to exit.

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   Posted 7/28/2015 11:51 AM (GMT -7)   
If you are experiencing gas when you eat things such as cabbage, onions, garlic... sometimes the reason is - you have candida albicans yeast growing in your intestines. When yeast dies, one of the things it releases is gas. The gas might be an indicator that the lactobacillus that is on the cabbage leaves is fighting with the candida (and winning). The same holds true for garlic and onions.

So, people say they are 'allergic' and stay away from the very foods that could help them.

This is the reason that people are being warned to only start off with a tiny amount of cabbage juice, at first. If you have a lot of yeast in your body (and with antibiotic use, everybody does). then tons will die, releasing tons of poisons (over 60 toxins are released when Candida dies) and gas.

That poison will have to be handled by your liver, which will get backed-up and then the poisons start going into the lymph area (the area between your cells) and try exiting in many different ways (crying is one of the ways, through eruptions on your skin, etc.).

This is what is termed 'die-back' or the herximer reaction.

Moral of the story? First three days only take a half-glass of cabbage juice. You won't experience the die-back for about 3 days - and if you've been gulping a half-gallon of the stuff for 3 days, whoops.

Headaches, aches-and-pains in your muscles, erratic thinking, panic attacks, crying, all these can occur when things die in your colon in large numbers.

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   Posted 7/28/2015 12:05 PM (GMT -7)   
The reason that we become deficient in L-Glutamine in the colon and stomach is: L-Glutamine gets pumped out of cells when cells are under stress. Then, that L-Glutamine gets pooped-out and is gone. The lack of L-Glutamine causes the cell wall between your colon and body to become partially permeable (allowing things to pass back-and-forth between your colon and your body).

Candida Albicans, the yeast I mentioned, has two forms - a yeast form and a 'hyphal' form (fungal). In the hyphal form it attaches to the wall of an unhealthy colon (it should be lined with acidophilus, which has little hooks which keeps itself attached there, unless candida in its hyphal form is living there and then it can't. There are also macrophage that live on your colon walls, in an imbalanced colon there are no macrophage to protect the wall.

So, first step to health is -heal the permeable condition.

Second step? Re-establish a proper pH in the lower colon. It should be slightly acidic, not alkaline. Candida loves alkaline and emits alkaline when it dies (a reason why killing Candida is not a particularly bright idea. It dies, sets up an even more alkaline environment). Acidophilus in Latin means, "Acid-loving". Gee, how about that?

You can take Apple Cider Vinegar watered-down with water in a 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water enema. You can also mix live Acidophillus cultures into warm yogurt whey (the liquid part of yogurt) and let it sit around for a couple hours. Yogurt whey is also slightly acidic. This combination when used with an enema bag or bulb can work wonders to repopulate your lower colon with Acidophilus (I use refrigerated 'Multidophilus' from the health food store).

Yes, you are guaranteed to get some gas as the bad things duke it out with the good things; but you just gave it billions of good things to replace those bad things.


Strange enough, some people are being helped by having a complete poop replacement with a healthy person. They take some else's poop and they put it into your colon. Sounds absolutely gross; but it makes complete sense. The reason you have colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. might be that it has a strange imbalance to the flora in your intestines that can never rectify itself.

Someone who has a healthy colon - they already have the thousands of organisms in there that are in there in their proper combinations. A healthy colon has THOUSANDS of different bacteria strains in there not just ten different kinds; and ALL of them working together with each other was what kept you healthy.

Kill of the rainforest and you end up with a barren landscape devoid of life where almost anything might live (particularly things which aren't killed by antibiotics such as fungi, yeasts and antibiotic-resistant bacteria).
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