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   Posted Yesterday 3:20 PM (GMT -6)   
I know that this is a personal question and if I get no replies thats ok.
I know that with this problem we all go through the urgencies of needing a toilet, and Im guessing that most of us have been stuck in a situation where there just isnt one close enough.  Has anyone done any research into the best kind of undergarment protection against accidents.  This thing has taken almost every ounce of dignaty outta me.  I just dont know what else to do besides become a hermit.
What do you do during moderate flare-ups? (urgent blood & mucos) Do you stay home?

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   Posted Yesterday 3:23 PM (GMT -6)   
You can ask anything here!!!!! I know we have several members here who use undergarments. Don't quote me but I believe they are called undergarments for fecal incontinence. Hopefully one of them will hop on here to give you more information on what brands they use.

During moderate flares I have to wear a panty liner for the mucous that always comes w/ gas for me. Guess that is a little easier b/c I'm female. My GI has also okayed Imodium in small doses so I can get out of the house during a flare.

I believe you are newly diagnosed? Once you get on your meds and start feeling better it will become a little less overwhelming. I know that is easier said than done. You hang in there!

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   Posted Yesterday 3:25 PM (GMT -6)   
You could try adult diapers...I'm a woman so I'm able to get away with wearing maxi pads but you could always try those too if you feel "Depends" are too bulky.


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   Posted Yesterday 3:27 PM (GMT -6)   
I know there are many here that use and undergarment and I'm sure they will chime in. I always carry a spare set of clothes and underwear and have a huge supply of cottenelle wipes with me at all times. I can now look back and laugh at some of the accidents I've had in public and am much more prepared for if it happens again. I was homebound a good chunk of this year. Also unemployed but not due to UC (just graduated college and can't find work, i'm home most of the time if you can't tell by my quick responses.)

I am careful to know where every bathroom is everywhere that I go. I find comfort in researching places before I go to see if there is a map with bathrooms. If friends want to go hang out in the forest preserves I make sure I pick the location near the bathroom. I also jsut entertain at home alot. My good friends know a lot of details about this disease, many of them have been around the ten years I've been doing this and have been through alot with me. They don't mind me running to the bathroom every half hour. Now when they see me canceling plans due to my belly they will insist on coming over to hang out and just watch tv with me so I don't get too lonely (and so my husband doesn't get too sick of me! LOL he's the best!)
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   Posted Yesterday 3:34 PM (GMT -6)   
Welcome to Healingwell.Thats not too personal at all for us. We all go through similar experiences with this disease. I haven't had any accidents in a while. Many carry a spare change of clothes with them when they are experiencing a bad flare up that causes accidents. i have little leaks of mucous but nothing too bad, i know some guys use girls panty liners when they are having mucous and blood leakage.
If you are having a bad flare up with blood and urgency and many toilet trips i would advise to rest if you can. Enemas can help control the urgency and i would advise you to use them of you are not already doing so.
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I am a hermit while flaring because for me it is easier just to stay at home then have the stress and worry of what might happen if I go out. luckily I dont work so therefore I dont have to leave the house. But if something comes up where I have to go out I use imoduim, it makes me have and upset stomach so I try not to use it often.

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When he was flaring so badly and we had a doctor appt that he had to go to, he asked me to go out and buy Depends. I was so proud of him to ask for them. I wanted to suggest them but thought he might get angry or feel embarrased. (He had used a thin maxi pad of mine previously as "insurance" in case there was a little accident or staining.) He was more concerned about being comfortable and not stressing out about what if I have an accident what will I do. Of course that day he ate very little, went to the bathroom quite a few times beforehand and never had a problem. But it gave him the confidence he needed to be able to go out and not be a total wreck. Otherwise he might have had me call the Dr and tell them he couldn't make it and couldn't leave the house.

Of course when I went to the drugstore the aisle had sooooooooooooooo many to choose from. I got what would be the correct size of course and I got the highest absorbency ones. I forget the brand name...but when he put them on we were both so surprised at the fit, comfort and they were not like baby pants or puffy. You couldn't see any difference at all. I thought they might make him look a little heavier or something...not at all. (Of course when I was trying to decide what to get - a store clerk offered to help me and a gal I know happened to come by.............Murphy's Law!!!)

He has used them a few times when the urgency and frequency was unpredictable and he had to go out for an appointment. Otherwise he stayed in and didn't go out unless he had to until things got under better control.

Now he just uses the extra long panty liners in his BVD as insurance in case of any staining. Most times that is not an issue but again it gives him a comfort zone.

Many here have a "survival kit" of sorts that they keep in a tote bag/gym bag in their trunks with a change of underwear, clothing, baby wipes if there is an accident. Kind of a pain to have to think of these things but you need to be prepared in the off chance you're caught. Just knowing you're prepared and removing the stress out of the equation puts you at ease. We were in the process of getting a survival kit of our own together for the car and things started to settle down. If and when the need arises - we'll have one too.

I had told him about it and he thought it was a great idea - so if the need arises we will be putting one together ourselves.

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