Posted 8/23/2007 11:48 AM (GMT -7)
sorry to keep interjecting, but i also wanted to add that parents seeing their children in pain is heartbreaking, they often don't know how to deal with it and end up pushing away those who they care about the most...
diagnosed with cecal volvulus, 2006; two colon resections in the same year
diagnosed with colitis 2007
malrotated colon
no cecal valve, removed during surgery

Posted 8/23/2007 4:34 PM (GMT -7)
Dave hang in there...........keep believing that better days are coming and I truly hope soon for you and your lovely wife Mandy.

I so understand your pain and frustration having witnessed it with my husband when he was at his worst. There isn't much that can be done to help other than knowing so many of us are out there praying for you and that every one of us does care.

60 yr old male~Colitis 1st diagnosed Jan '05-cleared up within a few wks. Flared again in May '06 ... left sided UC now, fully involved and trying to get in remission. Acute inflammation-pancolitis-tenesmus rectal pain-granulation is showing some healing started. Osteopena of spine from prednisone DX 8/07  July 07 starting to feel somewhat normal 75mg Imuran 40  mg prednisone (tapering 8/07) 12 Asacol, Lidocaine Hydrochloride Jelly 2%,multi vitamin, iron 3X day, DanActive, chewable calcium, Prilosec 20mg, enalapril 10mg, glipizide 5 mg, zocor 20 mg, baby aspirin, (Fentanyl pain patch 50mg 72 hrs  Morphine Sulf 15 mg twice daily)Colocourt enemas at night. Fosamax and mthly B12 shots.

Posted 8/23/2007 5:06 PM (GMT -7)

Dave, sorry you are going through such a hard time right now. Glad we are here to let you vent. We all come with baggage from our life (I always joke to my kids that I am giving them something to talk about in therapy).  Don't dwell on what type of child you were, be proud of the man you have become. I've never even met you but I can tell you would be someone I would want as a friend! Who knows why your parents act disinterested. It is not you, it is them.

I have a very good relationship with my in-laws. However 16 years ago my husband fell off a ladder. He was leaking spinal fluid. The doctors gave it 10 days and said they would prep for an operation on the 11th day. Miraculously the spinal fluid stopped leaking on the 10th day. My in-laws never came to visit him in the hospital (although my sister-in-law was there alot). They never came by to see how I was doing or check on the grandkids (2-1/2 and 7 months old at the time). My mom came by everyday to either watch the kids so I could go to the hospital or she would spend time at the hospital with my husband. The weekend before the doctors were going to make a decision about surgery, my mom called my brother and sister from out of town to come see my husband. (Who knew how the surgery would go?)  I know my in-laws didn't think my husband was a bad kid. They just chose to ignore the danger he was facing. They never understood the severity of his accident.

I am sure Mandy knows that your actions are not really you right now. In a moment of calm, just let her know how much you appreciate her strength.

I hope you feel better very soon. Lots of hugs for you!!

--Mom of bratcat (16 years old)--
bratcat was diagnosed with pancolitis October 2006
Current meds:
Asacol - 4 pills/3Xday
Rowasa - 7/07 tapering slowly
hydrocortisone enema - alternating with Rowasa; 3/3/07 - began to taper off hydrocortisone sloowwly! No more hydrocortisone enemas!
11/14/06 - started prednisone; 1/28/07 - finished prednisone!
Keeping our fingers and toes crossed!!

Posted 8/23/2007 8:24 PM (GMT -7)
I've actually had the pleasure of meeting Dave and his wife Mandy in person, and I can tell you that they are two lovely people. Dave has been a very good friend to me and I cannot tell you the countless hours he has helped me through some very tough situations, something I will never forget. What Bennie said is true Dave....remember the man you have become; because you've become a wonderful friend to me and many others. Everyone before me has had some incredible words to say and I second them all. Thanks for being there every step of the it's time for me (and us) to be there for you. ((HUGS))

Remicade - will have my 18th infusion on July 12.
Imuran - 100 mgs....taken before bedtime
Vitamin B-12/Biotin, Probiotics

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Posted 8/23/2007 9:24 PM (GMT -7)
There is no way we can take the pain away from you. I wish I could but it doesn't work that way. I was fortunate to have loving and supportive parents who cried with and for me when I was in pain. My dad prayed to exchange places with me, but he couldn't. And obviously I would not wanted that.

I have worked with kids (as a teacher for four decades) who unfortunately did not have loving and supportive parents. Like you they triumphed over many difficulties in spite of their situations.

You need to love yourself and accept that this too will pass and know you are even more special than most. Rising above bad circumstances is what character and heroism are all about and it is clear you have the character of hero.

Hang in there.
diagnosed with UC in 1962
regualr meds:
Asulfadine (500mg tablets, 6 daily)
Folic Acid
Zantac as needed
open heart surgery in 2005 for removal of aortic root aneurysm

Posted 8/23/2007 9:37 PM (GMT -7)
Thanks for sharing what's going on. My heart goes out to you for all that you're going through. Can your doctor give you some medicine for the pain? As for your parents, it's too bad that they haven't gotten over things that happened a long time ago. Who didn't do stupid stuff as a kid? You shouldn't have to deal with that right now. Luckily, you have a wonderful wife, son, in-laws, and friends who love and care about you very much, and they are your true family.

Hope you feel better soon!

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