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   Posted 8/13/2008 12:51 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi there a few things before my post:  Age 22
History of drink and drug use for about 4 years have been sober for 6 months so please dont reply just trying to blame alcohol i have had enough of being judged by every professional I have met...
The problem started about a month ago. It began with frequent heart palpations that happened every night.  Then about 3 weeks later my insides felt a bit unstable so I stayed at a friends for support.  I was woken up by my heart racing nearly double my resting rate and felt incredibaly light headed to the extent of collapsing.  Called 999 had an ecg nothing major on it just slightly high PB and palapatations on it.
Then 1 week later Felt really faint nearly collapsed then 1 hour later heart stopped for 2/3seconds felt weak internally then heart started and began racing.  It has done that 3 nights in a row now been to docs and hospital and called another ambulance as 1 hour ago instead of my heart racing without discomfort I had 3 hot and painful rushes and then heart rate rapidly increasing---
here are some numbers from ecg. 
Vent rate 92
Pr interval 148
QRS Duration 86
QD/QTc 326/403ms
P-R-T Axes 76 103 59.
Right Atrial englargement !!! <<<
Please can someone respond with medical experience I feel like my heart is failing and nobody is taking me seriously due to my age...

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   Posted 8/13/2008 5:31 PM (GMT -6)   

Hey, I am sorry for all your going through.  I would like nothing better then to give you some answers but I am not a health professional and certianly not qualified to give you any suggestions to that mannor.  Please know that the people who post here are all mostly people who have cardiovascular disease and not physicians.

If you truely feel your not getting the right answers from your doctor then find another another.  A good cardiologist will be able to read your ecg and do the necessary follow up's on you to figure out what is happening.  BTY, I am a 34 yr old female who didnt have any heart problems until 3yrs ago when over night my heart rate dropped into the 20's and wouldnt come back up.  I now have a pacemaker.  So, age isnt always a major diagnostic rule.

Take care

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   Posted 8/15/2008 1:10 AM (GMT -6)   

Dear Heart Prob

Click on "previous thread" at the top of this page and you will see lots of similar discussion on papulations

I really do feel for you, and felt i needed to share my experience

Some 20yrs. ago i was suffering from palputations, usually late at night

faintness, a sort of a blackout in seeing

As if every thing is out of reach

feeling as though i had to hold on so i didn't fall over

not able to cope, nervous, scared, panic

Sharp pain under the heart

Feeling that i was going to die

Weak and shaky

Just awlful awlful, awlful!!!!!!!


I see you have been through the ringer- lots of stress!!!!!!!!!yes shocked

I would like to suggest that as bad as you feel

There are things you can do to relieve your terrible feelings

I understand if you are upset with me and i have missed how serious your problem is

Remember i was there, and i felt the same with my helpers...eventually i took their advise

And then i got better

No surgery, not even medication!!!!!!

You need to tell yourself "hey, i survived the last palputation, I will live through the next"

I can bring on a palputation by getting scared that I sense a pounding heart.

It just gets worse and worse as i concentrate on it and get worried

if instead of trying to run away from palputations i welcomed them and float towards them

The palputations go away................

As strange as it sounds, yes i first thought that they were missing some dreadful, fatal problem

if you imagine floating into the palputations .........

the anxiety goes away,................

and then the palputions go away

a book by Dr. Claire weekes, "Peace from nervous suffering " was my saviour

she wrote similar books but they are'nt as good

you maybe able to get a 2nd hand one from the web


If you got this far, remember to click on " previuos thread'- Heart jumping like crazy-scared, for more info

God bless




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   Posted 8/21/2008 7:36 AM (GMT -6)   
You're so young to be having all these problems.   I can't diagnose you but can share that after my Dad's heart attack (a stent was put in), he kept having these same kinds of spells.   I was chasing the ambulance at least twice a week to the E.R.   They kept saying all was well and that he was just having anxiety.   Well finally his doctor kept in the hospital and ran every test going.  He finally had a pacemaker put in and that kept his pulse so that it wouldn't drop below 60.   What a difference.   
He was 79 when he had the heart attack.   He also had atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat).   After the pacer he could return to a normal life and even drove till he was 85.
You might want to ask a good cardiologist if a pacer might help you?
Good luck and congratulations on staying sober.   Life isn't easy but one day at a time, we'll make it.
God Bless

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   Posted 8/22/2008 2:49 AM (GMT -6)   

Dear Allycat

Hey didn't we meet at the rhemy site!!!!

Good to see you again

It looks like you are like many of us who likes to help.

It's great that we can share experiences with each other.

I'm glad that your dad got the treatment that he needed and that his heart now not slow.

I will share with you about my nephew.

My 34 yr. old  nephew has a slow heart beat too, with only 30% function.

He was initally diagnosed with asthma,

but it was heart failure. That was 3 years ago. Now he has 75% function and is able to hold down a job.

Palputations are the opposite to a slow heart beat and as far as I know are not dangerous.

I think we need to have faith in the doctors and the test they perform.

Generally they have to be alot more reliable than what we come up with.

We can believe doctors know less than we do,

ie that we know more than the doctors.

Sometimes they may get it wrong

but we can also get it wrong.

So why ma I saying this????

Panic is sooooo scary!!!!

We believe that it is dangerous

and we are dying.

Yet nobody can say they know they are dying.

I say this because we cannot know until we have actually died,

and then it is too late to report that feeling.

I really do think that "heart probs" should have faith in his test results.

If there was severe trouble with the heart, he would have lots of congestion with fatigue, none of which was of concern to him. Or maybe extermely high blood pressure, and an unusual dark purple face.

What do others think??? As I am no expert.

I just know that panic feeds on panic and makes the papulations more severe and constant.,

and telling someone they could be missdiagnosed only makes the problem worse.And keeps them in the cycle of panic.

I was in the cycle of panic for 2-5 yrs, until I accepted  and then learnt how to deal with this dibilatation




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   Posted 8/22/2008 2:53 AM (GMT -6)   
Dear Heartprobs
Just checking in to see how you are going.
Debbie turn


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   Posted 8/22/2008 4:58 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Debbie Lou,
not sure if I'm responding the right way - new to this.   I read your reply to me and yes you did meet me on the arthritis forum as Alicat.
I'm not a doctor and would never want anyone to take my advice and not see a doctor but if the fellow with the heart palpatations really thinks something is wrong and he's not getting any answers, I do feel he should see a good cardiologist.   I do know from taking care of my Dad that Atrial Fibrillation is different than palpitations (I've had those palpitations sometimes when I have too much caffeine or a lot of anxiety).   But A-Fib can be dangerous and is a whole different thing.   Trouble is there are so very many symptoms that can be a million different things.
As for doctors, they're are good and bad just like everything else and if I was in a lot of distress,  I would definately seek another opinion.
Good to talk to you again.  I'll probably see you back on the arthritis forum.  Due for my second Humira injection in another week and am hoping I don't have to stop it like I did the Enbrel.   So far haven't had any improvement, but I guess is takes some times several months.   Giving it a chance and we'll see.
Take care,
Alicat (Donna)

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   Posted 8/23/2008 8:49 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Donna
I can understand your concern
Yes I agree, another doctors opinion will help Heartprob 
to be sure all is OK
As you said, none of us are doctors.
As to your Humira Donna,
I hope it kicks in with good things soon  tongue  
love to you

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