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   Posted 4/3/2009 2:39 PM (GMT -6)   
I just need to vent or for someone to listen to me because no one will right now. Everyone thinks I am crazy. So basically in a nut shell I have been pretty sick off and on since my early teenage years. I am now 28 years old. 
Symptoms are: Dizzy spells, Larthargy and fatigue, confusion, racing heart, heart beating through my back and worse when I lay flat or pretty much all the time I can feel my heart beat into my back and whole body even now I can see my chest beating with the physical eye, Poor circulation, Nausea, bloating, Constipation, weakness, shortness of breath,flushing of the face and ears, Heartburn, a fullness fealing in my throat and chest like my food is just too much and filling up my throat.. if that makes sense, hypoglycemia and .. well I think thats about it for that. I inoticed my dizzy spells and weakness get worse when physically active..
As far as doctors: I have seen a few Neurologists,Allergists,Gastros specialists, psychiatrists, psychologists, ENT specailists, counselors, and an array of primary care providers.
I have had a million trillion blood tests, CT scans of the abdomen, MRI of brain and neck, two upper endoscopies, a gastro emptying scan, allergy testing, EEGs and I think thats it but I don't remember.
All these tests show normal functions. I have tried over and over again to explain to my primary docs and gastros about the fullness feeling in my throat. However they said nothing was wrong and there is no motility problem!!!! smhair   During all these problems my diagnosis from doctors is anxiety with IBS. However I don't really feel anxious nor do I feel depressed. But for years went through lots of counseling and psychiatrists, Took many many different kinds of anxiety pills and antidepressants. Still didnt help me. Made things worse in many cases. Seriously now.. my doctors think I am a hypochondriac. On paper I should be the vision of PERFECT health.. but why do I FEEL like this? why do I not feel healthy like I should??
So basically I found out this week that my mother has heart disease and has since she was in her twenties. We have pretty much similiar symptoms. So I call my doctor about it and make and appt. Then I went ahead to schedule with a cardio specialist for after my appt with my doctor. THE nurse was sooo rude!! She asked me a few questions like why I wanted to be seen. I only got to the pounding in the chest and dizzyness.. I had a ton more to share but then she interrupted me and told me to see my primary care physician first since it sounded like ... ANXIETY!! and that I am just anxious because I found out my mom has heart disease. ***.. I just found out a few days ago about my mom.. but previously I didnt know and I have had these symptoms for YEARS.
I am so discouraged.. so so so. discouraged.  No one will believe me because of my age... people and doctors keep saying I am too young for heart disease!!

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   Posted 4/8/2009 8:59 PM (GMT -6)   

i don't know how old you are, but i do know how you feel. I'm 18 and have had a heart problem since birth, i have tricuspid atresia. for quite a few years a got various pains, my heart would race, i would pass and etc. my dotors for a long time said that they could find nothing, thy did know what was wrong, and quite a few of the people i visited didn't believe me. I had rude doctors and nurse treat me as though there was nothing wrong and i was jst taking up and bed. I ended up haveing major open heart sugery. for a few years a i felt much better, but things are gett gradually worse again. and its the same story, they don't know whats wrong or whats going on. I'm tired, stressed and fed up of having to live like this and being carted of in an abulance more frequetly then i would like.
All i can say is that i understand and that keep up your fight, even if it is jst anxiety in the end its better to look into everything to make sure it is jst that and nothing more serious expecially since you have heart problems in you family. shout loud and don't take the doctors crap, becasue what ever some of them believe they don't always know whats best. you are your body so fight for it.

i hope i was of some help and that they get to the bottom of your problems and i hope you feel much better soon.


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   Posted 4/9/2009 11:17 AM (GMT -6)   
Thanks so much for the response. I am now 28 years old but I have had alot of health problems that no one can explain since I was a teenager. So It feels like I have been living with all of this for wayyyy wayyy too long. I too know how it feels to deal with rude nurses and doctors there have been a few occasions that I have left an appointment in tears becuase they say its all in my head. I have been treated for anxiety several times.. probably about 8 different meds I have tried for anxiety since I was 15 years old. They did nothing for me.. I still had a ton of health problems.. I mean sure they helped the anxiety but I was still having all the strange symptoms while not anxious at all. I wish doctors would just listen because trust me I can tell the difference of what anxiety feels like and what I feel like when I have my strange "episodes" as I call them. With anxiety my heart races for sure but I feel anxious like my heart is in my throat and my palms get cold and sweaty.. my chest feels anxious. If that makes sense but my episodes that happen mostly after exercise, hot weather or when getting ready for work... I feel extremely lathargic, Like I am on drugs, its hard to walk becuase I feel drunk and dizzy. I have confusion and my heart races rapidly. I sometimes upon standing from sitting see stars.. well almost always. Its alot different from any anxiety. Which I have attempted to explain way too many times to count. I also get esaphagus spasms which can make someone think they are having a heart attack. That pain is awful.. very sharp and stabbing pains however I can always tell a difference in my esaphagus spasms from chest pains because the pain from the spasms come after I have swallowed. *sigh*

Sorry that you are going through all of this as well.. you hang in there. Don't give up. You have to be your own health advocate. You know your body best not any doctor. Get them to listen to you. Good luck to you and Take care
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