24 yr old with chest pain and ventricular tachycardia (v-tach)

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   Posted 7/18/2010 5:34 PM (GMT -6)   

I'm a 24 yr old male. Echo, stress test, stress echo, holter, and event monitors have all been normal besides "PVC's and a 26 beat run of ventricular tachycardia at 127bpms that self terminated". Just how benign is "Idiopathic Ventricular Tachycardia"? Can it develop into V-Fib? How bad is it to have a 26 beat run of v-tach? I also have been experiencing what feels like angina for about 2 yrs now and thats why I had the whole work up but all the test for that came back negative. ??

also found on my copy of the cardionet report it says sinus rhythm with IVCD (Intraventricular Conduction Delay) and on the Diagnosis part it says (ICD-9): 426.9 conduction disorder, unspecified. sinus rhythm with IVCD shows like 3 different times on the report. and 3 different times had ventricular tachycardia 25 beats, rate 124BPM, all the v-tach reports had 25 beat runs with the highest rate 125BPM. does any of this offer any additional info for this v-tach maybe not being benign? does the IVCD pose more risk to SCD or v-fib with since i had documented v-tach?"

does that long of a run (25beats) make it dangerous? will drinking alot of alcohol make my Idiopathic v-tach dangerous? i've been feeling ALOT of pvc's today, and alot of long runs of them that make me extremely scared, is this common?? what could that be? 

could it be Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia/Cardiomyopathy? how would that be diagnosed? would that fit my symptoms of left side chest pain, left arm pain, angina and the PVC's and VT and other symptoms that I feel? I have on one of my EKG's it says "T Wave Inversion now evident in Inferior Leads", what does that mean? ARVD?

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   Posted 7/18/2010 6:06 PM (GMT -6)   
tachycardia means that your heart does not have any structural abnormality. Sustained ventricular tachycardia can evolve into ventricular fibrillation.
I would like to suggest you return to your cardiologist with your list of concerns and ask to have each item explained.

Please be your own best advocate as you have the right to know what the tests mean.



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   Posted 11/23/2010 1:39 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi I noticed your post is a few months old but figured I'd try and lend a hand with what I do know about ventricular ectopy. To start with v-tach and PVC's for one v-tach is considered a "lethal rhythm" sustained v-tach can lead to v-fib and cardiac arrest. Now I'm not going to go out and say you will die from being in v-tach for a few seconds, I can tell you if you are having runs of v-tach and multiple pvc's then your heart for whatever reason is agitated about something, your cardiologist is really the only one who can answer that. Now with that being said it is best to understand what v-tach is, v-tach is at it's basis your vertricles (bottom chambers of the heart) beating out of sync with the rest of your heart, this is dangerous because your heart does not properly circulate blood when you are in v-tach which is why you have no pulses when in v-tach, if sustained for too long then your heart will basically short circuit and start firing electrical impulses randomly and completely unorganized with is was is called ventricular fibrilation, the treatment of which is defibrillation (aka getting shocked). The reasons you are having these symptoms is again something a cardiologist would have to asses. Pvc's are premature ventricular contractions which are exactly as describes basically you ventricle beats "out of turn" and causes the ventricle to contract pvc's are common and not considered that big of a deal unless associated with other symptoms, which in your case v-tach would be another symptom. If either the PVC's or v-tach are associated with any symptom (like angina) then your best bet would be a trip to the emergency room. I am not a cardiologist but I am a paramedic and I'll tell you if you had chest pain, and runs of v-tach I would treat you with an antiarrthymic (maybe even electricity) and transport you in a rather big hurry. Your last question about "inverted t-waves in inferior leads" refers to some sort of conduction change in the inferior (right side of your heart) leads, there are several things that cause t-wave inversion the first would be ischemia which means your heart is starved for oxygen in that area, the second would be infarction which means the tissue of your heart in that area has died (aka heart attack) now that could be old or could be new something for a cardiologist to asses. The last cause for t-wave inversion would be a bundle branch block which is a block of the hearts conduction system. The overall gist of this explanation is YES, the symptoms you are having can be very dangerous and at your age need to be fixed. I would encourage you to call an ambulance if you ever have chest pain, and especially if you feel like your having an episode of v-tach or multiple pvc's, while I have seen v-tach convert on it's own once of twice there have been far too many times I have had to cardiovert people in v-tach to keep them conscious. Once you are in v-fib it's too late without rapid ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) intervention death will occur. I'm not trying to scare you nor am I trying to diagnose your condition just hoping to explain afew of the questions you asked in terms that are easier to understand, I am not even close to being a dr. And I know how poorly drs. Explain things sometimes so I hope this helps let me know how things turn out I'm curious. -

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