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   Posted 1/7/2011 6:51 PM (GMT -6)   

Lord I am so grateful to have found this forum. Hi everyone. I am Sher. I am under TREMENDOUS amounts of stress right now in my life. A week ago I started having my heart kick me from the inside out. I was making biscuits and gravy and my sister *whom I love and have ruled out as a cause LOL* was visiting and all of a sudden I ended up in my bathroom controlling my breathing. I was like seriously...WTH? So I rode them out for 5 days then went to see my IDIOT doctor. He did an EKG and the tech said OH MY and ran from the room. HELLO major PANIC DISORDER sufferer here.... He came in all calm and said its PVC's probably stress. OMG bring me back that tech devil Has anyone every looked at an EKG? I'm a nurse and they freak ME out. No I am not embarrassed to admit that either idea So that same day my Cardiologist's office calls and tells me I need to come in for a holter again. BACKSTORY... we just did all of this in November I had a bout of being so tired I couldn't stand it...we did the stress echo on the treadmill.. I lasted 2 minutes and 7 seconds and seeing my heart beat freaked me out and I fell out. scool Yeah Envy me and the fits of laughter when I came to because I told him I would fall out because I was too fat and also too tired. Come to find out... I had pneumonia.. so THERE doc. ANYWAY I finally agreed to let them do the nuclear echo and I swear to ALL THAT IS HOLY I wish I would have let him sooner because it was EASY. Worst side effect.. headache after(lasted less than an hour) and wishing I would have done it sooner. idea

All came back GOOD. Structurally sound heart no blockages.*knock wood* just the occasional palpitations if I had too much wine the night before or caffeine or spicy food or whatever the hell makes me have them. Okay so THEN, {get your popcorn folks.. I am a hot mess :) } My eardrum explodes and I am stuck with vertigo for 3 months. Still have it and waiting for my surgery date to have a small benign tumor removed and fix my deviated septum repaired because there is nothing worse than a septum on the wrong path (nurse humor LOL) and my anxiety is through the roof. I am on Xanax 1 mg twice a day (Though I hardly ever take that much..except lately) They had me on Valium... That did nothing. They give that to people before surgery? WOW... it didn't do a thing for me I swear. ANYWAY... So here I sit... the holter last night showed PVC's and a "whole hell of a lot"<-- quoting the doc. He wrote a script for Proprol 25 mg and here I sit staring at them. The side effects listed are enough to make me insane. He said I can split them in half. But the pharmacist said be careful about Orthostatic Hypotension smhair Which is a fancy word for if you stand up too fast you go boom LOL I swear its stress and if I could just get this surgery and back to normal my life and heart would settle down.. so in the mean time... I turn to you. For support and to lend support.

I also heard about magnesium being good... SO In my genius I tried Milk Of Magnesia and sure I was calm.. while on the toilet... Actual text sent to my husband" On your way home from school... pick up Gatorade and Baby Wipes...dont ask" hahaha Although I did lose 4 lbs... I did decide to get a magnesium supplement 500 mg. I haven't noticed anything yet but any feedback from you guys would be great. I wish you all a healthy new year.

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   Posted 1/8/2011 11:40 AM (GMT -6)   
Welcome to HealingWell.  I have to ask you - are you the real Sher as she is my favorite of all times as we are the same age.........LOL ?
I am a nurse and cardiac care and ER are my speciality so I don't freak out over an EKG, just hold the paddles in my hand..... smilewinkgrin
I am glad to see you have a sense of humor as that will take you so far.  I think it is a trait a good nurse needs.
I had some runs of Tach and of course when it happens to you to much knowledge may not be helpful as you think of the worse possible things.  I call my Cardiologist whom I worked close with and he told me it was probably stress and lay down and rest to see if it stopped.  I did and fell asleep and was fine after that.  The next day at work he came up to me and whispered in  my ear - "Are you OK?"  Other then turning a awesome color of red I just whispered back - YES blush
Sorry about the EKG tech that got all excited..........yup that would freak me out ! I am glad you had all your tests and that  issues found can be dealt with.  Love the MOM story - that would make sense to me other wise why name it that. 
I admire you for giving up smoking and that is a huge accomplishment.  Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary.  You are truly awesome.
Keep us posted on how you are doing and thank you for the smiles.
Please know we are here and we care so stick with us.
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   Posted 1/10/2011 2:06 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Kitt! Awesome and thank you for your reply. I found that in the days since this post SLOW MAG is a GOD SEND for palpitations. WOW... I feel great... still stressed but I haven't had to take as much xanax!

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   Posted 1/21/2011 3:30 PM (GMT -6)   

I am usually on the anixety board but I sometimes float over here. I have palpitations also and a few years ago I woke up with vertigo. I was lucky the vertigo only lasted a few weeks but that first day landed me in the ER. I thought I had a stroke or something with the room spinning. I have tried the magnesium but maybe I am not taking enough. How long did you take it before you could see a difference. Do you have palpitations at all anymore? I have the occasional thump in my chest that sometimes last all day or maybe just a few during the day. I had an MRI of my heart done a few years ago and then a holter monitor a few months ago. My tests all come out fine. I can endure them for a while then I start getting stressed about them and go in to the doctor and have a bunch of tests done over and over again.

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   Posted 1/21/2011 7:19 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi sher -
Sorry you are having such a hard time. I have a problem with wine and several foods giving me arrhythmias and tachycardia, mostly svt.

My allergist suggested it was from food sensitivities and had me keep a food journal. After keeping track for a couple of months, then doing challenge testing to further cull out the food triggers, I looked them up on the web. I found that all my intolerances contain sulfites. First it triggers my stomach to reflux, then I get heart problems. That is called cardio-esophageal reflex. You could have totally different problems, but the food and medicine journal might at least rule out food sensitivities.

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   Posted 1/23/2011 1:17 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Sher,
I'm sorry you're having such problems with palpatations, but glad to hear you have discovered that there are no structural problems causing them.

I can understand your anxiety...it seems like you're being hit with a lot at once.

My husband has been going through a similar bout with palpatations. (Coincidentally, he also has anxiety problems anyway, so the palpatations didn't help that at all.)

Long story short, he went to our PCP, who took an EKG and told him that the palpitations he was experiencing were benign. He did send him to a cardiologist for a stress test, and was told the same thing by them.

So, just like you, he has the option to take meds to help, but our PCP is hopeful that if he knows they are not life-threatening, my husband will not be bothered by them anymore. He'll still get them, but hopefully not become so anxious. He is a coffee drinker, and also notices them more after exertion, and when he drinks any alcohol--especially wine.

We shall see if he can forget about them. So far so good.
I have mitral valve prolapse, so I also have intermittent palpitations, and do know that a positive diagnosis can help a lot. I used to get faint whenever I had them, but once I had a diagnosis, they haven't bothered me that way.

Good luck with your upcoming surgeries!
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