heart disease and pregnancy

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I was diagnosed with high blood pressure in my teens and put on medication. I stopped taking them after a year or two due to the side effects and being a teenager. In my early 20's I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and told that my blood pressure had gotten higher and i really needed to get control of it as it was running 180-100 and total cholesterol was around 300 with trigs at a whopping almost 500. He prescribed medication and for a little while i tried to take it but again didnt like the side effects and wanted me to take a ecg and stress test which i never did. I have never been overweight but i tried to eat better. At age 28 I had a heart attack. My blood pressure was even higher at 215/120, Cholesterol was higher as well at 400 and trigs over 600. I had several blockages one %100 and three 85% They treated them with stents and put me on medication. This time i have continued the medication. I am now 30 and just found out that I am 10 weeks pregnant. I am very scared has anyone had a baby with heart disease? Thank you for any information

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First of all welcome to HealingWell and congratulations on your pregnancy.  I understand your fears and I believe you have the right to have some worries but please talk with your OB/GYN and or your Cardiologist to help you get through this pregnancy with the best medical supervision possible.
I am glad to know you are taking your medications and that your procedure was successful.  Now be sure to follow your Drs. advice and trust that you will be fine.
Sending prayers your way for a healthy, happy pregnancy.

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Hi hun, Bear with the long story!
I was in middle school, possibly 7th grade when i had my first migraine. I had just finished PE class and ran a lot, bout 20 min after during lunch my vision began to sparkle and do funny things. The my vision kida went blind save for tunnel vision. My brain soon was pounding and i was sweating. Soon after my father arrived at school to pick up his very sick daughter. On my way out the door i threw up on my principals shoes, and all out to the car. It was embarrassing. On the car ride home i felt a little better but my head still hurt. I took a bath and then fell in bed still damp and did not wake for four hours. when i woke i felt much better.

Weeks if not months later same thing happened after PE and the same situation of the sparkly vision and tunnel vision then headache that made me want to die. After a while perhaps 45 minuets or up to 2 hours later i would finally throw up and start to feel a little better. I tended toward sleeping off the rest of the day after such episodes. I had at least 6 migraines a year eventually i went to the dr to look into my migraine issues. I was put on a magical medication that worked but i ran out of them eventually after a few years.

I was a Junior in High school and i was again in PE. i was doing the "Pacer", In the state of washington its some sort of phitness test. I nearly collapsed and i thought i was blind for a time. I vision was so fuzzy. I demanded to go to the nurse. The pe teacher felt i was trying to get out of PE.

I was a fit your lady in high school i weighed my junior year about 125lbs. Not a bad weight and i was nice and curvy. So i was not lazy or unfit. I could not explain the issues i was having. All migraines were triggered by Running. I went into the nurse and explained the issues with PE i had been having and i also told her i believed another migraine was already coming on. She hurriedly gave me leave to drive home cause i told her i had about 20 min before it started to be a real problem, she said she would call my mom and have a little chat with her. I left and barely made it home on account of the migraine coming on faster that i had anticipated. I got over my migraine and went down for a late dinner that night and my mom talked to me about what the school nurse had to say. She had asked my parents if i had heart issues. My parents had told her no, not to their knowledge....i had been a happy and seemingly healthy little girl all my life. Active and hyper.

The nurse insisted my parents go to the dr to see what might be wrong with me. My dad and mom were talking for some time that its just what teenagers do, "try to get out of classes". I insisted that was not the case. So my dad said fine and he called up our neighbor bob who is a ER dr. Dr. bob listened to my heart, and seemed to not hear anyting out of the ordinary...Then he listened again.... after a few min he told my dad my heart was strong...but there was a sound to it that he has unable to explain. He said i defiantly needed an x-ray, or perhaps an ekg.

This is where my life took an interesting turn... I found my self a few days later at kaiser in salmon creek washington and my primary was listening to my heart. His attitude was apparent. He did not think a healthy person like me should be wasting his time in his office. He told my dad my heart sounded fine, perfect even.
My dad just frowned and said he would not leave till he say an x-ray. The Dr. just sighed and said fine. I was then sent down to get my X-ray, once finished and waiting for the results the Dr. called us into the hallway where the light screen where you place the X-rays on. He pointed to my heart and asked. "You see anything wrong with this?" he asked me. I thought he was being cheeky and rude, tying to make some-sort of moral statement about taking up Dr. time. I replied "Nothing i suppose."
He looked at my dad, and me then pointed to the screen again "This heart is three times the size it should be." he stated, seeming shocked himself.

He brought us into the patience room again and he said having such an enlarged heart was not good but beyond what he could treat. He then refereed me to Doernbeckers childrens hospital in portland oregon. I was referred to dr. Robin Shaunessy. She tired to clam my freaked out parents telling them "it could be all fine. Not to worry that she has seen many teenagers with similar symptoms and they wound up fine. she told them an ECOcardiogram and an EKG would give her all the information she would need."

After all tests were done Dr shaunessy brought us all into the room and she held out a few pictures of a heart. First she looked to my parents. "You remember me telling you i have seen other teenagers with same symptoms as Mallory here, and they wound up being fine?" she asked. "And then there is mallory." she said lightly. She seemed to be trying to make light.
"see here mallory? this is a heart how it is supposed to be all four chambers and see how the blood flow's?" she asked me. She was talking with me mostly after all i was 17 years old. Nearly an adult. I nodded my understanding. "See this picture? How a wall seems to be missing?" she asked.
I laugh not thinking back but i had know a bit about the heart on acount of health class the week before focusing on the heart the week before. I said "The Atrial wall is missing?"
She nodded. "And its much to large to have it fixed in the Cath Lab. Your hole is an inch wide. Its as though you have lived your entire 17 years living and surviving with a 3 chambered heart and a blood oxygen level of the same mountain climbers face when reaching high peaks."
I was scheduled for open heart surgery Feb 3 2005, too weeks after the surger i have unbelievable complications that forced me to go back to ICU. After my dad rushed me to the hospital i wated 2 hours for an X-ray and after the dr. wide eyes lead me to IC I actually walked in on my own power and climbeD on the bed.
tHE x-RAY showed the fluid on my heart and they could hear my Arrhythmia, or atrial flutter. I had a Paracardal infusion 776cc of fluid was drained from my paracardial sac and i had to have my heart stopped with a crash cart cause of Atrial flutter. I near died in that last hospitalization.. even the drs seemed overwhelmed. I was only 17 years old.

After all that I went on to have natural births. I have two boys 3 and 1 years. Drs were quite concerned with me while pregnant. Just relax, Try not to be overly concerned its not good to stress too much. My family never thought i would be able to survive having children. Well guess what it was really no sweat! lol good luck. And dont forget to express all your concerns with the drs. Just dont dwell on it when you are on your own.
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