Having heart pains and need help.

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   Posted 6/5/2012 8:14 PM (GMT -6)   

I'm experiencing some very troubling pains in the area of my heart and I was hoping that I could get some expert advise.

Let me start with some details about myself. I'm a 34 year old male and prior to these pains (that started 2 months ago) I would say I was a healthy and strong person. I played sports often and walk everywhere as I do not drive. I smoke (about a half pack a day) and drink once or twice a month. There is no history of heart problems in my family.

My problems started when I was at home and felt some discomfort in my heart. It freaked me out pretty badly but I dismissed it as an anomaly. Then the next day it happened again but in a different part of my chest and since then I have been a real mess… These pains are not accompanied by a fast heart beat. I went to my GP and had an EKG + Blood work and all results were normal. That gave me some comfort but soon after the pains returned. They happen daily (sometimes multiple times in a day) and I notice that they are never in the same place. The pain seems to move from the upper left side to the lower right side of my heart. I also noticed that my bicep started to hurt, kinda similar to the soreness of going to the gym but the pain in my heart and bicep rarely coincide. The arm pain has also been happening for a bout 2 months.

I have pushed myself to play some light sports and I feel no shortness of breath or pain in my heart when exerting myself. I should also note that my sleep patterns have been altered as I cant seem to sleep for more than 4-5 hours every night.

The pain in my chest heart doesn't really hurt but it feels like its a small stone is resting on my chest. Sometimes I feel a little pinch but that happens rarely.

I get these pains at random times. Sometimes in the morning and sometimes at work and even at night sometimes.

It goes without saying that I am very scared and I feel like the worrying is getting to me. I just moved to a new city and don't even know what kind of help I should be seeking.

What do these symptoms sound like? What I need to know is if these are serious symptoms or something anxiety/stress related.
I am really hoping that I can find some help because I am too young to be experiencing this. Please let me know what I should do.

Thanks in advance,


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   Posted 6/6/2012 10:04 AM (GMT -6)   
I had your exact symptoms 13 years ago. I visited 5 cardiologists, had every test including catheritization and all was clear. I then found a gastroenterologist who did all of the esophogeal workups with endoscopies and probes and it turned out that I had a little gerd but really bad esophageal spasms with some cardio esophageal reflex mixed in.
After experimenting with any and all remedies my solution turned out to be 25mg of Amitrypilene, peppermint extract at night with peppermint capsules, pills and pepperment sugar free candies to stop the immediate pain.
However at times the spasms became so severe that I had to take .4 mg of nitrostat which immediately stops the pain.
That's where I'm presently at with my symptoms which at least makes it liveable without too much agony but I can tell you that it's been a real struggle in getting here. No heart guy ever mentioned the spasms or the reflex. Both of which raises my pulse greatly. Good Luck, Craig

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   Posted 6/6/2012 10:15 AM (GMT -6)   
Welcome to HealingWell ! 

There are so many things that can mimic heart disease that at age 34, I will hope that this is not what you are up against already! However, with that said, I would strongly advise you to see a cardiologist to  get yourself checked out thoroughly-including a stress test!

Do you notice any SOB (Shortness of Breath), or tight feeling in the center of your chest/sternum area? Do you have any nausea? How long does this pain last?  What makes it feel better ?

One of the biggest mimics of Heart Disease is GERD or Gastroesophageal reflux disease .  The gastric acids actually come back up the esophagus causing such irritation of the esophagus that it will literally wake you out of bed, causing chest pain an in some cases, too. 

Yes, anxiety can be the culprit too but first rule out any heart problem and then talk with your Dr. about other causes.

I do hope you post with us here in the forum and take advantage of the benefits of all of the members here that understand chest pain and are willing to share.





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   Posted 6/6/2012 4:51 PM (GMT -6)   
Thanks for your replies. To answer some of the questions I've been asked. I don't feel tired... If anything I'm overly energetic and alert. No shortness of breath, even during workouts. My chest pain doesn't feel like crushing and is not in the center of my chest. It moves around from underneath my left breast to the upper left side near my shoulder.

As for the Gerd. I have had heart burn before and this does not feel like that kinda of pain at all... It feels like a tightness... My heart does not beat fast during these pains either.

I have my stress test tomorrow and I'm hoping everything will be ok. Should I request some kind of scan of my heart while I'm at the hospital as well?

Thanks so much for your replies... Means a lot to me as I am quite worried about this.

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   Posted 6/6/2012 4:56 PM (GMT -6)   
Also no Nausea and the pain can last for a few minutes and sometimes lasts for hours....

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   Posted 6/9/2012 11:11 PM (GMT -6)   
Dante, those are the exact symptoms I was having which triggered me to go see my DR and get tests done. Of course mine came back abnormal. Well, I actually do not know how it came back and wont find out until Tuesday. During the stress test a Cardiologist came in and told me to make an appt with him to talk about setting up an angiogram. He said my stress test was abnormal and he wanted to do more tests. Thats all I know at the moment. Tuesday cannot come soon enough.
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