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BUndle branch block= a defect in the heart's electricial  conduction system wherein there ia a failure of conduction down one of the main  branches of His, resulting in ventricles beating out of rhythm with each other so that one ventricle is simulated to beat slightly before the other.

I hope this helps but each one is different each person thhat has  right bundle branch block also has different symptoms and different  degrees of how it affects you and the treatment is so differetn too depending on what ways you want to correct it from geting worse medicne, surgery ,pacemakers, natural or do nothing at all.

But I wuld say please get a second opion too.


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Thanks everyone!! My primary care doc says I was probably born with this? And that any future heart conditions I will develop will not be from this. The strange thing is that between the having of EKG and two weeks later going to see PCP and being told this, I was in ER with severe gastric distress and had an EKG done then, which the doc said nothing about this. None of this showed up on my stress test EKG either, which was done after the one my pcp did.
I do have a thin chest wall, and a marked sinus arrythmia, which is just that my heart rate changes when I breathe more than most and especially while I am lying down. So, is it really possible that he misread the EKG or it was just a "bad" finding?
I think I'm going to call my cardio and ask his opinion... he discharged me a few months ago and told me that I had NO heart problems.
Thanks for the great replies everyone
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Please go back to your cardio and if you can get copies of your EKG's to bring please do so too and kep in contact and let us know what they find uot or decide to do.

Like last Feb Stan's EKG didnot show his Right Bundle Branch Block  problem and this past Feb it did. It was explained for his Right Bundle Branch Block can be in remission some  weeks and months and other times it really acts up after much strenous activityor geting a cold or flu too. so just remember each person is diferent each heart condition is different too what affects stan one way might affect you another wy and someone else  kind of the same way just listen to your doctor and get a second opion if yuo have to.


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Hi Sarah and Welcome to the Cardio forum!! yeah
I know about that anxiety/panic thing kicking in - I've been there before!  sad However what most everyone here has told you about Right Bundle Branch Block has been right on the head!
I found a link that explains it pretty well and I hope you'll get a chance to read it!
Another site that I use quite frequently says that the tests used are different for different may want to check this out as well! yeah "An echocardiogram or myocardial perfusion studies may be indicated if the RBBB is new or if concern exists about coexisting cardiac problems that cannot be assessed adequately by means of a routine ECG. For example, the standard criteria for ventricular hypertrophy or ischemia are less helpful in a patient with a preexisting intraventricular conduction defect."
I hope this has helped you, or any others that may have questions re this!?  Come back and see us again!!
Hugs, Teri tongue
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