Had a CCTA yesterday Qs???

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   Posted 5/22/2014 7:06 PM (GMT -6)   
Some background;
68y male, Diabetic 35+ yrs, not insulin resistant, typical type-1 insulin needs/routine A1C range mid 5s to mid 6s, CKD-3, hypertension control fair, multiple sclerosis & other minor issues

I had chest/L-shoulder pain which kept me from sleeping all night. March 30 am I gave up and went to ER. They put me on morphine and said all was well, no H-attack, sent me home with shoulder pain info. Problem is it was NOT shoulder related, not even referred pain and shoulder movement did not in any way aggravate it.

I was given a chemical stress test, slightly abnormal, expectable since I have minor leakage in mitral & tricuspid valves (rheumatic fever Hx) and minor aortic stenosis. imaging profusion defects may be artifacts and not actual defect.

My cardiologist says my Sx, low tolerance to physical activity, out of breath just hauling our empty garbage cart from st back to house etc. (I did not tell her about them) she is aware I have been getting sick doing P/T to help my MS weak legs (they had to lower my levels so I would not get sick again during P/T).

So my cardiologist ordered a CCTA.(no fun as I needed hours of both pre and post test IVs due to poor kidneys)
Results unknown as yet. Cardiologist office called and to see the PA June 26. Since it appears there is nothing pressing, should I even bother seeing the PA?

I figure if there was anything important I would be seeing my cardiologist herself (instead of the PA) and sooner. I am doing fine now with the increased Coreg dose. BTW no AFIBs in recent years (no fighting bass in chest).

Thanks for any insight..........

confused confused confused

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   Posted 5/24/2014 10:00 AM (GMT -6)   
Gomer -
Welcome to HealingWell.  You had a Cardiac computed tomography angiography (CCTA), went through the whole test and you should be seen by your Cardiologist to give you the results of this test.
I believe seeing a PA is ok in some situations but this test is important to you and you deserve the courtesy of talking directly to your cardiologist.  Keep the appointment and feel comfortable calling ahead to get the preliminary report of your CCTA. Waiting over a month for the report is unexceptable in my world.
Let us know how you do.
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   Posted 5/27/2014 1:58 AM (GMT -6)   
Kitt........ if you only knew my history getting most things properly Dx'd & treated.....

Suddenly developed diplopia (double vision) nobody questioned WHY a 19 (almost 20) yr old would suddenly get it. Fast forward 40 years and BINGO..oops early MS (multiple Sclerosis Sx).

In the Navy I was GOMERed (kicked out of sick bay) for over a week, then taken to the base hospital with Pneumonia & written up for criminal violation of UCMJ. Charge was dismissed after I requested my previous 10 days sick bay records.. BTW same doctor that repeatedly GOMERed me is the doc who ordered the ambulance.

After the Navy I came down with a sore throat. Over a week later my throat was better but I felt horrible. My fam doc refused to see me for follow-up, said it was a minor sore throat and he had "SICK" patients that needed him.

It was very obvious to everyone I worked with I was SICK! so my boss at worked asked me to see a co doc. He cleared me to return to work in time for lunch after totally dismissing diabetes as a possible. Later that same day (evening) I had a couple tiny sips of Coke with my wife and oops 911, ambulance ride to ER and admitted to the hospital with...oops DIABETES! Co Doc came in yelling & screaming at me for not having my diabetes under control, that I did NOT KNOW I had.

I'll skip a few here and more recent;
Just over a year ago I was sent to VA renal and urology due to kidney function decline. The VA refused to consider WHY my kidney function was declining, told to get lost as my retention was only over double NIH stand for risk of kidney damage. Just over a week later ended up at another hospital (non-VA) needing a not-so-fun emergency procedure, then scheduled for testing followed by surgery for a renal stricture.

It's just the way things have always worked for me........
The NP may be OK???, but I also thought it should be my cardiologist going over any CCTA results? That is largely why I am tempted to just get a copy of the test report and cancel the appointment. (based on the theory that if there was anything significant I would be seeing my Cardio instead of a NP).

I have done some research on the CCTA test and it was done on a older spec 64 slice CT and not a newer 256 or 320 slice, so I am not sure the quality of the test would be all that reliable anyway. This whole CCTA affair was a 3 ring circus from start to finish anyway. It got so bad I almost canceled the test more than once, maybe I might as well have canceled.

My lungs are great, but I get winded with minor exertion even before my MS legs give out.

For me, almost nothing gets done unless / until its a full blown emergency situation anyway. Then doctors often have to back-track to Cover ***.

Anywho..... thanks for the feed back


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   Posted 5/27/2014 11:21 AM (GMT -6)   
Wow, your stories have mine beat easily. Fortunately we have the internet, direct information, anything from novice level to physician level info. And we have excellent forums like HealingWell, where we can share stories and experiences.

Concerning doctors and pharmacists, I believe in the adage "trust but verify". I check the doctors decisions with the pharmacists concerning medication and I check the pharmacists decision, when I have the slightest doubt, with specific online sites. We are the ones that have a vested interest in our health.

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   Posted 5/27/2014 5:45 PM (GMT -6)   
Well I picked up the CD today w/report.
There is more on it about what I was NOT having it done for. Not a single note about the cardiac part other than no acute intrathoracic abnormality.

Yipee no sign of pneumonia (no Sx of that anywho??), no enlarged lymph nodes (non-issue) & no pleural effusion, I would think I would know THAT kind of pain (been there done that). Oh and a few broken ribs, broke 5 of them over a year ago, no Xray or CT needed, its already well known after that fiasco.

Oh the broken ribs story....(OT)
I fell (I do that more than my share) and was in horrible pain. Taken to ER, given strong oral pain killers and sent home, said nothing broken. 2 Days later, in such pain (still) I could not get up and my kidneys were making brown water. Back to ER, took 3 paramedics etc to get me out of my La-Z-Boy and to ER. Same Xray room/equip, but nicer techs found 5 broken ribs and hospitalized for my rather unco-operative kidneys (going on shut-down mode / strike).

Back to ON Topic...
There is NO report of any cardiac findings or notes ANYWHERE or even a mention, either good, bad or otherwise.. NO surprise. Guess I should have chickened out before the useless (non-)test, which I almost did more than once. I am still trying to figure out WHY I even went thru with this test, after the huge mess leading up to it.

I do KNOW one thing, next time I can not get a second of sleep due to chest pain, it's gonna be down pain pills and aspirin (might as well kill off my kidneys anyway) until I get some sleep or try some helium in my APAP machine.

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