Heart flutters/thumps

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   Posted 6/1/2014 10:09 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello everyone.
Some info on heart flutters would be really reassuring to me. I feel like they are making me super miserable!!! Whether it been walking fast, bending over, just after eating, taking a deep breath, even as simple as talking can bring them on,,and I am just fed up. I've had the whole work up done 3 holters, stress test, echo, ultrasound of the heart, the bloodwork, chest xrays, multiple ekgs... and so far only a few PAC's have been discovered. They didnt even bother to tell me until I was seen at another cardiologist and he told me. So I guess what they find are normal. But these thumps in my chest are not normal.. it feels like a drum beating in my chest sometimes they get so bad. Especially now with being pregnant they have been so much more intense that at times I am scared for my life! I was prescribed a magnesium supplement and propanolol but I havent taken either yet. Dont want to risk anything for the baby's sake. I stopped taking my prilosec because I think the palpitations started shortly after I started taking it 2 years ago. Anyone ever find a correlation between the two?? I have been to drs. specalists cardiologists and I am getting nowhere. I just want some answers as to WHY i am getting these!! How often to those with heart disease get these?? This is scary and I am tired of trying to get answers and getting nowhere. They have become so frequent that they are just bothersome now ,, it is not anxiety related as I have been really good with the anxiety for a while now and these still continue on like there is no tomorrow. I need answers!!!
Thanks in advance with any info, I'll take anything!

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   Posted 6/2/2014 7:17 AM (GMT -6)   
Start here:



Though ectopic beats (PVCs, PACs, and a few others) can be a sign of ischemic heart disease, the vast majority of the people that get them have no pathology, in terms of heart structure or blood supply to the heart. This may seem difficult to believe, but most people can't feel them. My wife worked for a cardiologist, she said a patient came in one day that had so many PVCs she couldn't take his pulse. An EKG was done, the doctor examined the patient, and while talking to the patient, took the patient's pulse while asking him if his heart ever missbeats or skips a beat. The patient said no. The doctor didn't inform him of his benign rhythm issue, lest he worry about it.

Adrenaline can aggravate ectopics, and therein lies the rub, for when you react to them, the more adrenaline you get, and the more likely you are to get more. Too many PVCs for too long can reduce the strength of the heart, but the first link I provided, an Electrophysiologist (a heart rhythm specialist) said that 20,000 PVCs per day would need to occur before weakening of the heart muscle might start to occur, and my own E.P. said the same. Online, an article said that 20% of the total number of beats would need to ectopics before it's a concern for weakening the heart. For the average heart with 100,000 beats per day, this is where they get the 20,000 i.e. 20%. If someone had more than 100,000 beats per day, no doubt the total of acceptable PVCs per day would be slightly higher.

Pregnancy is known to cause ectopics, as is overeating. Seemingly anything competing for space in your chest and abdomen. I'm sure hormone and changes of certain substances in the blood may also contribute. Hyperthyroidism is something else known to cause them.

They learned years ago that, with the exception of Beta Blockers, the use of more potent Antiarrhythmics to treat benign ectopics has the potential to cause dangerous rhythm issues, and the treatment of benign ectopics is now reserved for patients that are symptomatic, having dizziness and lightheadedness etc., and extreme anxiety and disruption of day to day life. Treatment with more than most Beta Blockers or Calcium Channel Blockers usually requires close supervision during the initial dose, dose increases, and periodic screening for heart and other health issues.

Hope this is of some help. My last Holter showed 6000 PVCs, I'm in the midst of an ectopic outbreak, and have been having similar outbreaks yearly for nearly 40 years.

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   Posted 6/2/2014 7:56 AM (GMT -6)   
I responded to your anxiety re heart flutters several times yesterday in A & P.
I am glad you posted here as Jung is pretty awesome in providing information and reassurance.  I hope you called your OB/GYN or that perhaps you did yesterday.
Thinking of you,
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   Posted 6/2/2014 9:11 AM (GMT -6)   
To JungRulz.... I gather you had your appt with your EP. I'm interested if he/she had suggested anything as far as further testing, meds or supplements(magnesium or taurine). I've been to an EP and written to you after. My EP sugested sotalol if I couldn't stand the ectopics. I'm not that desperate. Now I've started taurine supplements and it seems to have helped so far. Along with magnesium. Just curious if you are doing anything different.

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   Posted 6/2/2014 10:03 PM (GMT -6)   
Actually, I went to another E.P. today. He's older, well established and published, and was very patient. He actually suggested Sotalol, but said that 48 hours of hospitalization was needed to start the initial dose to observe for dangerous rhythms. We talked about other Anti-arrthymics as well. Calcium channel blockers were also discussed. When I suggested another Beta Blocker, he balked at the idea, until I mentioned Acebutolol. This we decided to try, and to keep titrating the dose higher (under his guidance) as tolerated.

I mentioned the other E.P. wanted to ablate (just about the first words out of his mouth), saying that the source of the premature beat was in the Right Outflow Tract and therefore convenient to reach for ablation. The E.P I saw today had a series of EKGs taken in office until a PVC was represented on each lead, and he said the source of the premature beat is in the Purkinje Fibers, though he said it can still be ablated.

I think I'll discuss magnesium with him the next time, I wish I had done so today. He apparently feels that careful use of certain anti-arrthymics for people that are very symptomatic is justified (minimal risk in otherwise healthy hearts), at this point I'm not willing to go there. If Acebutolol doesn't work, it's on to Calcium Channel Blockers. If this episode would break, I could live with my hundreds to lower thousands per day.

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   Posted 9/3/2014 11:12 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm sorry you're getting these horrible palpitations. I suffer from PVCs/PACs too :(.

Laceymyaalayah said...

I stopped taking my prilosec because I think the palpitations started shortly after I started taking it 2 years ago. Anyone ever find a correlation between the two??

Yes, I have! Prilosec is poison!!!! Two years ago I took Prilosec (once) and 2-3 hours later I had tachycardia/rapid heartbeat (for the first time in my life) that lasted a few days. A few months later I started getting PVCs/PACs. I never had rapid heartbeat or tachycardia before the Prilosec!! Luckily, the rapid heartbeat went away at some point, but the PVCs and PACs are still there :(.

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