"It's Only Anxiety" but my health is getting worse. In constant pain.

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   Posted 6/19/2015 8:28 PM (GMT -6)   
I really don't feel I have much life left to live. I really feel like I'm about to die any day now. My health has gotten worse.

I was diagnosed with social phobia a few years ago. I was put on fluoxetine a few years ago.
I've always been very anxious and afraid of the world and rarely ever go out. I have been diagnosed with depression in the past though this has only got worse since this started.

Things haven't been right for me in years. I am 23 and am obese. I've struggled for years with swallowing food and heat sensitivity. So bad I've gone running out from the shower naked because I've blacked out and my heart rate skyrockets.

For the past few years though (about two) I started having heart issues. I blamed it all on my obesity. In bed sometimes I would be shock out of bed by a massive leap in my chest for no apparent reason. It got worse last year. So bad my heart rate accelerated, wouldn't calm down all night. I couldn't understand why. I wasn't worried or concerned. it got worse and worse. During this time I started to get unusual fatigue. Waking up and needing sleep two hours later. It didn't feel normal and was blamed on depression.

Then in December last year I was at a meeting. Suddenly felt I had to vomit or diarrhoea or both. I went hot all over and had to rush out. It was summer at the time but I was feeling otherwise normal. Went out and didn't vomit. Came back in and had a rush of chills over me.

That was ok until February my heart acted weird again. I had jumps and skipped hard painful beats more than ever.
I had an episode one night where I was gasping to breathe and swallow food. I had to go outside. Took an hour or so to calm down but I thought that was it.

Then in March is when it all went downhill. I was in bed one night and noticed a squeezing in my chest. All through the night it got worse and worse and worse. I was dizzy and struggling to breathe. It was so bad I felt I was going to die. Went to hospital and was in a "fog". Like I wasn't even there. They did ecgs which were fine and a chest xray. It took days to go away. I was in a painful mental fog for a long time and my heart rate was high every single day.
I changed my diet immediately. I turned to exercise which maintained it for a while.c

Then it returned slowly. I noticed I got throbbing and jelly globule like sensations in my stomach. So bad it was causing me pain. I was moaning a lot and waiting for it to pass. During this time I also started getting throbbing in my legs and sharp body pains all over. I remember feeling the globules move up and down over speed bumps on the road. It was uncomfortable.
Also, during this time my heart pain returned. I was in agony for days. I needed my mum 24/7. I was in a fog. They did a blood test which showed up normal for whatever they tested. Apart from low iron which I'm on tablets for now. The heart pain was the worst. A burning cutting squeezing pain and everything possible. I was told it was just a anxiety attack and hyperventilation which didn't sit right because it lasted for DAYS and even weeks at one point. My period I had that month was unusually light. A tablespoon for five days. And diarrhea which my stepfather also had so I thought it was a bug. However I went every ten minutes and he went every hour.

(At this time i remember being at home one day and suddenly I had a huge burst of pain from my left hip. It was so painful I thought something was seriously wrong. I limped my way to my room and it passed. Since then my hip has these attacks every once in a while for no reason. I've also had it in my stomach.)

That lasted for days until returning again. Doctors and hospitals just say it's anxiety.
Managed to get a test for d-dimer which showed up positive. Stayed in hospital for five days (this was May) waiting for CT scan of lungs. Every day all day I was in severe chest pain. Especially during the night. I had to keep ringing the bell non stop for nurses who got angry with me an even refused to come to me once, if I got any peace during the day I would be relaxing and suddenly BOOM my chest would beat so hard sending me in pain again. Including the headaches and mental fog again. ( i forgot to mention I also for the last month started getting minor headaches and weird stomach noises.). I also vomited once. I could be just relaxing or doing anything when BOOM a beat which hurts a lot. I was just told its ectopic beats but these were happening daily. As usual the ECGs are clear and the lung ct was fine too.

My mother was drained because she was coming to hospital multiple times a day and staying up with me all night at home.
The pain was so great I rung her and begged her to come at about 3am in the morning which she couldn't come of course. But it was that great. I was in a great deal of pain and stress.
I felt severely mentally impaired. It was like nothing else. I remember walking out of hospital early one morning to her place. I felt no leg pain walking to her place. This coming from an unfit person and walking for over an hour. I was in such a state I couldn't talk and my eyes were dropping. I couldn't think straight and felt in a complete drugged state I can't explain.

I got out of hospital and felt extremely bad waiting for my mother. I noticed the pain was worse when she wasn't there. I came home and the pain took two days to go away.

I suddenly started getting anxiety attacks for no reason at night and bursts of severe depression at night. Unusual depression which I presume was brought on by my fights with my mother but these did NOT feel normal. I hadn't got my period and I was concerned so I googled. Read about cancer. Sent me into physical pain which I presume was an anxiety attack. However it lasted hours and hours. It didn't make sense.

I remember during last month by headaches increased. I went outside one day and nearly fell down the stairs because I was so disorientated. My legs also started to twitch more than usual (I forgot to mention I started getting twitches around April for no reason and chest hiccups which are hiccups which aren't which feel like a standard hiccup but come from the chest..)

Then beginning of this month I got hit with vomiting for no reason. I just vomited everywhere. I went to hospital and the did a basic uktrasound which was ok.
I couldn't keep even WATER down. Then the following day all through the night I got hit with the most agonizing chest pain I've ever felt. If something chopped my leg off it wouldn't have hurt that much. It was so bad my mother slept with me all night. I took my Glytrin spray which didn't help but by morning it passed a little and eventually faded. For days I noticed I felt better in the morning.

Then my headaches came back worse and worse. I started to get severely flushed by them. They were so bad I couldn't stay in a store and felt I was going to pass out. I was dizzy and couldn't see or think straight. I then started to get black spots in front of my eyes at times.
My headaches were more of a concern than ever before so i went to hospital. They were so sick of me there and my respect level was dropping lower. They did a cheap-a** eye exam which showed I couldn't see a certain letter. (I'm getting a eye exam next week and I was diagnosed with short sightedness in 2007. I lost my glasses and they broke years ago)
Told its all anxiety and sent out.

I have been in pain in days ago and in a mental fog nearly 24/7 every day. It's a weird sensation which hurts and I go cross eyed and feel I could pass out. My heart palpitations or those heavy heart beats which hurt have returned and are there all day now. Every morning I wake up feeling sick and a weird feeling of dread. Every morning I have a stronger sensation of death upon me.
A few nights ago I was lying in bed and my chest rate constantly kept changing. I had never experienced anything like that. I couldn control it at all.

Two days I begged my mum nearly night for help. I managed to see a nurse or doctor at my usual practice, I'm not sure if she was a doctor or nurse. She felt my tummy which hurt as usual when someone pushes on it (I don't know why no one ever says anything about this!!) she said it's all anxiety. She said she would contact my usual doctor (who is smug and rude but popular)and he would ring. She also said its all anxiety. However, he didn't call. My doctor just smirks all the time and doesn't take me seriously. He thinks I'm a joke. They all think I'm a hypochondriac with how they treat me.
The same day my pain increased. So bad I honestly thought I was going to die. I begged my mum to return to hospital. They treated me terribly again and laughed at me and smirked as usual. The nurses were gossiping and looking at me in that "she's nuts" way.
A doctor came and stared me down I a very patronizing way. He had read my notes about my anxiety and was in a angry way. Said "we don't deal with this here". My mother managed to get me an ecg which was clear as usual.
Walk out and there are the nurses who were just gossiping about me. I have become well known at hospital now. I can't be take seriously now. Even if I really DO have aheart attack I won't be shown attention because it's "only anxiety". The hospital in this town is so slack and they make you wait a long time even fro emergency. I got a ultrasound for my abdomen which was clear

I thought I'd try blocking the pain which helps a little. I understand there is some psychological aspect of it because I do feel better if my mum is there or I block out negative thoughts.

Yesterday I was dealing with the pain when suddenly I started getting the dizziness again and sharp body pains. I didn't know anything was coming.
However I was just relaxing in bed when suddenly BOOM from my chest. It shock me out of bed and scared the hell out of me. It sent my heart rate rocketing and I was in pain for hours with small palpitations. I've also haven't slept at all for three whole days. I don't even know why. I recently started taking melatonin which I guess doesn't work anymore.

I woke today with the dread feeling mixed with sickness as usual and those beats to a small degree. I feel something is building and it's scary. Just now I got a huge warmth to my chest which hurt a lot. I often feel chills going down my throat and into my tummy. Especially if I drink something cold.

I don't know what to do anymore. I want a holter monitor because they are not catching the unusual beats but no one takes me seriously. I'm the "paranoid hypochrondriac".
I want a ct to see my adrenal glands.. And a brain mri. But the likelihood to get those from my doctor is zero. "Nothing shows anything sinister" they say. "Anxiety can manifest in many ways". Then why am I having pain all day? Why am I getting worse? I fear each massive leap is going to kill me. I get one usually every two days. Atrial fibrillation? What is it?! Why is my body doing all of this? Right now it felt like I was choking. I get these at random unannounced bursts during the day.

I am on citalapram which I have been on for about a week and a half. I also take omeprazole and iron tablets.

Every day I feel like my body is shutting down. It doesn't feel right at all. What do I do? They shove me out of hospital and just say to take pain killers and other doctors just day the same!

I know something isn't right!

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   Posted 6/19/2015 8:34 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm sorry for all the errors and the long post. I tried to go back in time when things started playing up. Any advice would help. This isn't solely anxiety. Why am I in pain 24/7 and having painful jumps from my chest every single day?

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   Posted 6/19/2015 9:30 PM (GMT -6)   
My heart rate changes three times in a minute. I thought I'd feel for it. It definitely changed. Do I have heart disease? I've had ECGs but the attacks never happen then

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   Posted 6/19/2015 9:31 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm scared of it because every day it feels like I'm dying. I can't live a normal life anymore. I See my docotr on Tuesday but it feels so long away...and I doubt I'll get a holter.

I don't know if it's related but I have hiccups and burps and gas quite a lot too

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   Posted 6/20/2015 1:23 AM (GMT -6)   
Face feels like its on Fire. It is very red. I get this at least once a day. What causes this?
I've looked online using a symtpom checker and likely causea are adrenal function or a disorder which kills, myocarditis.

Arghhh I see my doctor on Tuesday bur he won't take me seriously. What do I do?

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   Posted 6/20/2015 3:49 AM (GMT -6)   
hi, sounds like some stuff going on. the dizzy, vomiting diareaoh could be a GI issue. alas, with the heart stuff, and because it has been around awhile, i would recommend a referel to a cardiologist. best bet is to write all of this down. times, places, situations, symptoms etc. when a lot is happening and illness causes depression and the like, it is not uncommon for us, with the stress of our medical situations to stress about this and actually then some anxiety manifests. this is not uncommon. when we are needing some input tp appease our minds, and treated wit5h contempt, then ones instinct is to withdraw inwards. it may well be just anxiety and panic disorder, or some variant or it could be something that is cause and effect type thing. getting ya weight down will help ya ticker. exercize, good. get outside. i dont give a toss about weight, gender, race. i give a toss about health. i don't want you feeling unheard in the community. being proactive is everything. and by posting, you have demonstrated this. sorry, for any mistakes. my vision is not the best tonight. diabetic retinapathy. if i have missed anything in your post i apologise. i did read slow. keep strong. know that we care.

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