Heart, GERD and/or Anxiety

On a wild guess, where do you think the cause may lie?
Heart - 0.0%
GERD - 0.0%
Anxiety - 50.0%
All of the above - 50.0%
Other - 0.0%

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   Posted 8/24/2015 1:42 AM (GMT -6)   
This all started about 3-4 years ago now. I never had very good oral hygiene growing up and smoked cigarettes and drank TONS of Coco-Cola over the years. Looking back now I guess my teeth all of a sudden rapidly decaying could be the first symptom I noticed, if it is at all related. I had a few cavities a few years ago and that was pretty much it but since then, all of my top teeth have basically rotted out to black stubs. about 3 months ago, I had them all removed and am now using a top plate denture.
I didn't think much about the teeth at the time 3-4 years ago when all these other symptoms started popping up. I'm going to list a series of Symptoms below and try to keep them in order as they appeared.

Over the first year.


Chronic constant burping and diarrhea 24/7

A random occasional feeling of being unable to swallow my saliva (Food/Drink was fine)

The right side of my scalp tickling in waves.

Very sharp painful bolts in my lower left back causing me to immediately freeze and tense up for one second.

Light headedness at work followed by shallow breathing and what I will describe as Panic Attacks.

I started noticing when typing, I am always spelling wrong words like "Me" instead of wanting "Be."

Palpitation when lying on my left side.

Irregular BP sometimes low and other times pretty high.

Extreme burning in throat especially after drinking water.

Feeling very intense irritating body sensations shortly after eating.

The original symptoms would come and go in waves of about 3 months at a time followed by 3 months of things getting better, feeling pretty normal again. With an occasional bad attack that would send me to the ER in fear. My first doctor ran some basic blood tests, a EKG and a CT scan of my chest. I was told everything was normal except for beginning stages of emphysema. I was given a pulmonary test which confirmed. At this point I quit smoking after 15 years, cold turkey. As far as the rest, I was told it's Anxiety and given Zoloft. I was never feeling stressed or anxious so I couldn't understand this diagnosis at all. I tried Zoloft for 3 days and it made everything so much more unbearable. I refused to continue taking them and suggested we look more at Gastro. I was put on tons of different PPI's and such, nothing seemed to help at all and ended up getting an endoscopy which was clear.

I started missing to much work due to these symptoms and ended up getting laid off losing my insurance in the process. For the next year or so, I tried to self medicate with "M" and that really seemed like it was helping a lot but It would occasionally trigger very bad Panic Attacks.

A new job offer came up over the next few months and I decided to move to Las Vegas to take it. I found who I believe to be a very good doctor out here and am in a VIP program to where I can get Appointments whenever I need them. We started over from square one again. This new Dr. right away asked if anyone has ever mention my teeth at all and thoughtfully convinced me get them taken care of as he believed it was a major problem possibly causing inflammation to my entire body and organs. Blood work now shows Low vitamin D, Which I should be taking currently but so far I have not. Another pulmonary test now shows my lungs are very much improved after quitting and shows pretty normal results for non smokers of my age. (Still scratching my head on that one). Last week we also did a sleep apnea test that showed some minor apnea events but nothing extreme warranting a CPAC machine. My palpitations were also witnessed during the test and I am currently waiting to wear a Holter Monitor over the next two days.

24/7 Symptoms since moving to Vegas.

Constant dizziness everyday from 6 AM until at least noon.

Numbness in my face.

Occasional bad headaches.

Extreme fatigue all day after plenty of rest but seems to get better in the evening.

A feeling of heavy headedness like my whole face is congested.

Stuffy ears like when at high altitudes.

The worst of all now is a combination that just started a month or two ago. When I lay down togo to sleep at night. Within 5-10 minutes I start getting a slight tingling in my hands and feet that gets worse and worse every minute and turns into very painfull stabbing sensations. My arms will jerk suddenly for no reason at all and I am having minor muscle spasms all over my body. While this is happening it feels as if my blood is being drained from my entire body and I start to lose consciousness.

This feeling immediately makes my jump out of bed, as it is to me, the most terrifying feeling in the world I would never wish upon anyone. If I walk around, within 1-2 minutes it all goes away, but if I lie down again or even attempt to sleep sitting up it all comes racing back again. I have to keep trying to "walk it off" after many attempts to lay back down and goto sleep until I can finally fall asleep. This cycle can take anywhere from 1-2 hrs to 4-6 hours causing me to be late or miss work.

I am so lost as to what could possibly be causing all this. For the first time in my life I now find myself depressed, upset and not knowing anything and just flat out run down. I feel as if my body is now fighting me and I don't know what else to do. Can anyone relate? Is it possible to be all Physical Anxiety symptoms? Is there another Heart test I can do to be 100% sure? I'm just so lost right now. On top of that, the stabbing sensations I normally get when laying down, today are here all day. Just a constant barrage of nerve pains.

Anyhow thanks for listening or any feedback! wink

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   Posted 8/28/2015 1:14 AM (GMT -6)   
hi. my teeth gone, eyes stuffed, heart needed plumbing, due to smoking and diabetes. have you had your a1c levels looked at? sounds like you had the same as me with the teeth. periodontal disease, gingivitis. you can get septic. I use cpap, helps. it helps with anxiety. I find anyway. some of what is happening does sound like anxiety. and it is a visous cycle with worry, then over focussing, etc. meditation, deep breathing. in through the nose, breathe from ya gut, big breath, hold for a few seconds and repeat. let us know how you go. a chat with ya doc regarding these symptoms is the go. possible anxiety, which then festers into panic causing a stack of symptoms. anxiety meds for a short term? keep strong. let us know how the monitor goes.



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   Posted 9/11/2015 11:11 PM (GMT -6)   
From what I can tell, you seem to have symptoms of GERD but you don't seem to have any signs of heart problems .
Your heart palpitation is most likely an anxiety problem due to not knowing what exactly is wrong with you. Try to do deep breathing. If you showed signs of any chest pain that last longer than 5-10 mins or muscle ache or pain on your arm , neck and jaw then go to the ER right away. That is some signs of heart attack.
There's a lot of test that is done to the heart to find different Heart complications. EKG, blood test and CT are just basic things that can hint to doctors that there is a problem.
You definitely need to take your vitamin D supplements if you have them . Vitamin D deficiency can cause muscle aches and gut trouble. you are causing yourself to be at high risk of other complications including cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Your constant dizziness could be caused by high and low blood pressure. If you can, buy a BP machine and monitor your bloop pressure and take note of your activities

I know the feeling of constantly feeling different things that causes you to be confuse. I also feel paranoid and anxious since I don't know what is wrong with me as well. I get palpitations almost every day but then it stops and then starts again . I show signs of heart complications but doctors seem to not find any problem. Seeing a cardiologist in the country I'm in, is really expensive and so I'm currently stuck with no options.

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   Posted 9/12/2015 5:51 PM (GMT -6)   
sorry you can't receive support in your country Katherine. can you be looked at by any training cardio's? hospital? many healing thoughts.

meh, hru?



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