Sleeping problem after AAA surgery

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   Posted 4/14/2016 4:11 AM (GMT -6)   
Greetings To All: Its been about two months plus, since my AAA surgery. Most of my issues have gone away, thank God. And of course all the prayers and thoughts from every one while going through this surgery. And also many thanks to those on this site who also have endured and came through it well, and my thoughts and prayers to those who are still in issues after the surgery. For those who are facing this, and you are on this site, please read and take in all that each one has gone through that you can grasp the picture and information to help you cope and understand what is ahead of your ordeal.

Now, I have a issue that even though I gone through them from the surgery. And once again, thank God that all went well. But I need to find and hear from any one who has this issue. Today I went and saw my heart doctor at the VA, he is not the surgeon who operated on me. It was done at Wake Forest Hospital, by Dr. Kon, and for those who are in the NC or other states. Dr. Kon is on the top list of surgeons who in this area of AAA surgery, would be that I would recommend one looks into if you are seeking a top surgeon for this kind of surgery.

So, my issue is not able to sleep. There has been three nights of just not able to sleep. And my frustration on those nights, were terrible. Knowing that your body is tired and has all the need to sleep. Even in my mind sleep was there to let me know, get some sleep. But folks, did not happen. I tried watching movies, tv shows, get on the computer, walk around the apt. Nothing helped. While I was laying there, my arms/legs shook and even I shook harder to help. I did look up the possible Leg symptom. I may of had few of the situation, but still did not fall under the whole leg issue.

I did see couple of issues that I feel under, but not enough. I even went to different sites and inquired of best way to help with sleeping. Nothing, I was even taking over the counter help, to no avail. And when I did take them, still not able to sleep the hours past and when I was up, the result of taking those felt like I was going through withdrawal from them. And even talking to follow up and now my heart doctor at the VA. It was told to me its part of after/surgery of this kind, and heart surgery in general.

And I did tell him, I want to stay away from over the counter stuff, and look into natural sleeping helper. Lucky I live next door to a natural health store, will inquire with them. But is there any one who is past two or three months and more, that has gone through with a AAA surgery and who still has issues with not able to sleep? And if there are, can some of you describe what you are going through the nights you cant sleep. So I can see if also I fall under this lack of ability to sleep. And then if there are those who have gone through this, and was able to find out and are doing to help reach a good sleep.

And how long after the surgery did this issue stay with you, and are you still having issues. What are you doing to get passed this. To me its frustrating, helpless, depressing and just mad as hell not able to sleep. I stay awake till the body is so, so deprived of sleep, it just shuts down. I mean shuts down, I cant even walk straight, cant focus, feel sick inside, head ache, and when I reach the bed, I still toss, and turn, and stay awake till it shuts me down no matter what.

I was told also, I need to talk about this to help with the frustration I am going through. And of course I am seeking replies and understanding of this issue from those out there. I was told if this keeps going on, I might have to seek medical assi. to help with this. I am really hoping that it does not come to this. I still have to wait till June to get my physical and lab work and see what is going on, also to get the clearance to return to work. Both primary doctor and surgeon both have to agree, cause I am also tied to my work in ref of allowed to return work policy from day one of surgery.

So, there you have it. An issue that seems to be with me. I am fortunate that I have not come out of this surgery with more complications that some are in, via reading about and still having major issues. Thank you so much that I can inquire about this, I am also glad that I have joined this forum. Looking forward to replies. GW

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   Posted 4/14/2016 8:04 AM (GMT -6)   
It is so frustrating. I had insomnia for YEARS after a bowel surgery. And I also had it after heart surgery, but was able to quickly fix by developing a new sleep routine/schedule.

The sleep meds can help short term, but for me they made it worse long term. I never slept as well/deeply with them and when you stop them, you go back to not being able to sleep. Alternatively, sleep troubles come back to me after taking pain meds, as I get use to them making me drowsy which makes it easier to sleep. They also get you off of a regular sleep schedule.

For me, developing a new sleep routine/schedule is the key, and it takes some work. The TV & computer are not your sleepy time friend. Moving the TV out of the bedroom was one of the best things I ever did. Developing a schedule that you do every night is important. I took to reading. I get in bed at the same time every night (8:30) and I read until I can't keep my eyes open. At first that could be super late, but it was better for me to sleep sound for fewer hours then get frustrated tossing and turning. Eventually, I got on a schedule and could fall asleep faster. I also took to counting, the repetition helps to keep my mind clear so I can rest. I now fall asleep by 10pm and am up at 6:15 never sleep past 7am. I also do not nap. Although I have solved my insomnia, I still have to work at it and stick to the schedule.... 4 years now. When I stray, and of course there are times when I have to.... it can take ma few nights to get back on it.

There are lots of books and websites out there about developing new sleep routines/schedules. Different things work for different people. It's super annoying and I hope you can get some rest soon!

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   Posted 4/14/2016 8:47 AM (GMT -6)   
thank you for your reply and input. This is one situation that seems will be a lot of different input and books and even sites on this matter. But all in all, the input from folks like you of having to go through it and doing some thing about, and letting some one read what they did to help with it. Would be the best of all. I know, via my bariatric surgery and down the road seeing and listing to folks telling how they overcame the problem, was great. But also not all input works on every, but one listen to every one, and tries one till it works.

So, with that said, thank you very much, sounds you got your self on a good routine. One that can be taken and worked on. I am glad I do not have tv in bedroom. We both go to bed at same time, I wear blinders to help curb the light, some times I need a little more warmth to help me sleep. Socks are a must. But coming into summer, we take off the electric blanket, funny, she is the opposite off me, we have dual control. But she gets hot and I stay cold. When I am hot she is cold. Most of my upside temp due from bariatric surgery.

Again, thank you very much. I will try to see what you do and try it my self. I will let you know down the road on the results.

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   Posted 4/14/2016 10:28 PM (GMT -6)   
reducing your overall light, I mean in the place, before bed will help with saying to your mind it is sleepy head time.


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