Why am I getting Radio-frequency ablation for first time SVT?

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   Posted 1/22/2017 3:06 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi, I hope someone can help, and I thank you in advance. A few weeks ago in December, I had my first and only episode of SVT. My heart rate was around 230bpm for nearly 3 hours. They finally got it down at hospital with adenisone. I stayed overnight in hospital and had a heart scan, and had to go back for another one a couple of weeks ago. Now I have an appointment finally with a consultant, so I was looking forward to seeing him 31st January, to find out more about it. I really haven't been worried and haven't really thought about it to be honest.

However yesterday I got a letter from the hospital informing me of my admission for a radio frequency ablation procedure on 9th February! There is no letter explaining why I need it, what it is, etc. and now after some research, I know exactly what it is but I am even more confused. It seems to be a course of treatment for people who have had recurrent symptoms, that have not responded to medication. I have had one episode and I've been taking beta blockers, since I was prescribed them at the hospital.

So after reading about people having to wait years for this expensive treatment, after suffering recurrent episodes of SVT, I am really confused as to why I seem to be getting this procedure seemingly as a matter of urgency in just a few short weeks from my one and only SVT attack. It is an invasive procedure which destroys the problem area of the heart.They want to microwave my heart! đŸ˜‚
Wow, considering I don't seem to fit the criteria needed for most people to qualify for this treatment, I am at a complete loss. I'm quite upset there was no explanation letter or phone call, and I can't help but worry that there is something more seriously wrong with my heart. I don't usually worry if I don't have all the information, but this time I am, and I still have over a week before my first consultant appointment. I have actually been feeling a little nauseous with worry today, and that is not like me normally.
I really hope someone knows something, I have waited all day for a reply on 'patient' but got nothing, so now I'm trying here as it looks a little less like tumbleweed might roll by here... ;)

I would really appreciate if anyone could throw some light on this for me. Thank you. :D

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   Posted 1/25/2017 1:43 AM (GMT -6)   
second opinion sounds like the course for ya. forum is slow. keep well.



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   Posted 1/25/2017 9:36 AM (GMT -6)   
Thank you for replying. Although if I get one, I'll be happy, I've given up trying to get an answer ;).A second opinion is not the answer at the moment. The point is I haven't actually even got a first opinion yet. I was just sent this appointment with no explanation. I guess I'm going to have to wait until my consultant's appointment. I was just hoping someone might have some input because at the time of the post it just felt like such a long time to be in the dark. smile

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   Posted 1/25/2017 12:00 PM (GMT -6)   
I have been reading this and many other forums dealing with AF and related arrhythmias for a long time, but I rarely write a post or an answer (64 yo, male, silent AF for about 10 years, no symptoms, no medication, no ablation as yet). But this time, I feel I must react!

It is a pity you did not give more details which would shed some light to your health history, age, occupation, sports you are in etc. It would make your case easier to understand…

I am not a MD though my education is pretty much above it. I dare to suggest you NOT TO ACCEPT the offer for an ablation. The reasons are as follows: 1. You have said that you have had only one attack until now, being tachycardia. In a hierarchy of arrhythmias the scale goes PALPITATIONS – TACHYCARDIA - ATRIAL FLUTTER - ATRIAL FIBRILLATION - SCA. You are at the beginning of this hierarchy row and with only one attack until now, so obviously there is no need to undertake an ablation. It may happen that you NEVER develop higher forms of arrhythmia, which are, it must be said, sometimes so debilitating, that the patients consider an ablation a gift or a rescue. 2. Burning or freezing parts of your heart leaves the scars and other structure disturbances in your heart which are irreversible. If you let them do it, there is no way to eradicate what has been done. 3. I must also mention the risks which are present at this intervention, though the percentages are relatively low according to statistics. 4. Since it may happen that the decades pass before you get to the condition that something really must be done, it is quite possible that in the meantime other treatments emerge which may be less invasive and more effective than ablation.

If I were you, I would wait and see how the thing develop.

Wishing you all the best,


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   Posted 1/30/2017 7:39 PM (GMT -6)   
Thank you for your reply, I wouldn't just refuse without knowing why I had been put forward for this, as it may be necessary. I don't mean to be rude, and I do appreciate your input, but there's no way you can know that there is obviously no need for an ablation. Also just in a week of looking up about this, I know that there are different types of SVT and that although rare, there is a form that can actually be life threatening. My waiting time is up and I see the consultant tomorrow, so I will see what he has to say. They did say my heart rate was irregular as well as fast by the way. My heart rate was around 230 for around 3 hours, but kept dropping right down to about 170ish before flying back up to 230ish again much of that time.
I will of course be asking why he wants me to have this procedure, and I think you are right; if it appears there is no good reason I will refuse it, but my doctor and I both think that he must have seen something on my last scan and that he wouldn't be offering this if it wasn't necessary. I will post what he says tomorrow. I'm also thinking there's a possibility he could be mixing me up with another patient, as in the letter to my doctor he said he had discussed this with me and I had agreed to it. I haven't even seen him yet apart from that first time I was brought in by ambulance. smile
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