Anxiety only? or something else

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   Posted 8/31/2006 12:47 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Guys,
I have the forum today, it seems there is an excellent interaction between the members.
Getting to the topic, I am actually looking for advises, your thoughts and comments on what i have been through / going thru. This will be a bit lenghty but I cannot help it.
Sometime in March 06 - around 6.30 am I woke up after 4 hours of sleep for and then had a cup of tea and being smoker I go the craving for a cigarette, I had one cigarette. Within minutes I felt some pressue in the chest (no shortness of breath, no radiation to any part, no sweat) waited for 15 mins - no relief, lied down (with anxiety) no relief, went to the hospital got an ECG done - normal - high bp 140/90 - tests suggested: lipid profile / Fasting sugar / CBC / Chest Xray - All reports came out normal - the pain never returned.
In May 06-constipated for 4 days, retrned frm work (return journey is exhaustive with railway bridges and my house being uphill - no pain felt) After dinner similar pain, uneasy, passed stool (little relief), rested without relief, slept with anxiety and pain continuing for more than 30 mins. again no sweat, no shortness of breath, no radiation of pain on any other part of the body - this reoccured a little mildly after breakfast and . . .
visited the cardiologist the next night - ECG Normal - described how things happned and immediate diagonosis - ANGINA - all related medicines whihc can possibly be given to a severe CAD patient were prescribed along with with Low Molecular weight Heparin injections twice a day - I was completely zapped and started feeling like a serious patient. After 3 days came the news, "please prepare for an ANGIOGRAPHY"
I said NO - visited 2 homeos both suggested "Wait and watch" we think this is nothing more than Gas / Acid reflux.
I was suggested to go thru 2D echo and Stress test which i did and results for both were Normal.
It was then concluded that the pain i have is nothing more than Gas / Acid reflux.
The Pain has been there and occurs anytime sitting standing or at rest, very mild pain behind the breastbone / nipple-line and will sometimes be felt in shoulder blades or biceps.
The Pain DOESNOT always come with Stress or Physical exertion like stable angina should NOR does it have a pattern not will it cause shortness of breath or cold Sweat etc. I climb stairs and railway station bridges like before and those exertions dont induce any pain. Also the pain / feeling is not similar everytime.
Some times i feel tightness / Lump in my throat while exerting, somtimes it will only be in the left area of my chest and will last for hours in mild intensity
Most importantly I keep thinking about like the worse is about to happen to me as soon as I start feeling any mild pain or discomfort anywhere, pain in my biceps will last as long as a full day
I have been on Antibiotics from the last 4 days cuz I have extracted a tooth and I dont feel very comfortable
The above episode has got my anxiety levels very very high with fear to translate any chest pain as Angina. I am unable to relax and always under fear of having a heart disease.
I consulted other  Physicians and they told me "your stress test is you baseline and since it is normal you dont have to worry about anything now" even the cardiologist who did my stress test was surprised that the cardiologist i consulted earlier wanted me to go thru an Angio without any other reports, he seemed very confident that nothing is wrong but advised care etc. to avoid future problems.
My questions
1) Can this be Angina / CAD of any sorts?
2) Do I need any more tests like a 64 Slice scan or something.
3) DOes this sound like GERD/ACID Reflux
Will be very grateful for your advises / suggestions
age: 34
wieght was: 104 KG
weight now: 96 KG
bp: 140 / 90
daily cigarettes was: 12-15
daily cigarettes is: 3-5
Test Results
Hemaglobin: 16.3
TC: 9400
Cholestrol: 170
TG: 93
HDL: 56
LDL: 95
FBS: 103
PP: 115
Creat: 1.1
Stress Test: Normal - No stress induced Arrythma
2D Echo: Normal

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   Posted 8/31/2006 1:55 PM (GMT -6)   
The cardiologist who wanted to perform the angiography that was based on WHAT??? I'd stay away from him!!!!!

Your stress test: Was that one of the nuclear stress tests/thallium stress test/cardiolite stress test or was it done just on a treadmill with an EKG, no pictures of the heart, no isotopes injected?

I'd want one of the nuclear type stress tests.

Are you still on heart medications? With a normal stress test and echo, I wouldn't want to be taking medicine without clearly knowing what they were basing it on. Then I'd have to see if I agreed. Even you cholesterol numbers are good. I would love to have those numbers!!!!!

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   Posted 9/1/2006 12:36 AM (GMT -6)   
Thnx for yr reply, This is exactly what my physician told me later, on what basis could he suggest an angiography, the cardiologist who did my Stress raised his eyebrows when i told him about the suggestion.
it was a normal tredmill stress and a resting 2d echo was also done earlier which showed normal results
The Cardiologist who wanted me to undergo the C. Angiography suggested that based on my narration, I objected to it asking if he wanted me to go thru a stress test 1st but he refused bluntly mentioning he has experience and has patients who have had MI on the tredmill and doesnot want to risk me with it, I again asked if this was really CAD and not Anxiety since I can exert my self very well and dont get symptoms on exertion - he replied saying his judgement is based on my narration and patients narration is what makes us take our descisions, I again said that I had no other symptoms except mild chest pain/pressure to this he replied "Irrespective" - This IS Angina - get admitted in the hospital if you feel the pain again - keep nitrates in your pocket and prescribed the following medicines for the time being since he was on a weekend trip and would examine me again on the coming Monday - Finally while i was at his door leaving - he said DONT WORRY - YOU WILL BE FINE - Since that moment I am not fine Irrespective wether I have CAD or Not - his incorrect or god forbid correct diagnosis has struck me very hard mentally and even all other opionions which suggested that I am fine doesnot make me feel good - I keep thinking about it and I keep relating symptoms to possible CAD

T Disprin (aspirin)  0-0-1/2 
T Clopitab (Clopidogrel Tabs 75 mg) : 4 STAT thereafter 1 daily
T Amlopres (Amlodipine 5mg & 50mg Atenlol Tabs)  : 1-0-0
T Monotrate (isosorbide Manonitrate Tabs 10mg) : 1-0-1
T Atorec (Atrovastatin 10mg) : 1-0-1
T Restyl (Alprazolam Tabs 0.25mg) : 0-0-1
Inj Flothin (Low Molecular weight Heparin – Enoxaparin Sodium Injection) :  BD 5 Injections 1-0-1
T Sorbitrate(Isosorbide Dinitrate) : SOS
(I stopped all these medicines within 10 days)

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   Posted 9/1/2006 8:06 AM (GMT -6)   

I'm not a doctor but this is my opinion. (Take it with a grain of salt since I'm not a doctor.)

I would STAY AWAY from that first cardiologist!!!!! I would stick with the person who is doing the tests to 'find' true results. They are not also 100% correct but they show a better picture. If you keep on having problems, he'll end up doing an angiogram to make sure.

From what I read above, it does not HAVE to be from angina. It can be from gastic upset/bowel upset and or anxiety. I can't believe that first cardiologist deciding that and loading you up on potent meds without checking further! It could be angina but ???? The tests look good. Stick with your second cardio. Let him investigate things as warranted.

Check out the GERDS board here and the ANXIETY board. You will find people who experience the same things you do who do no have heart disease.

The mind is a VERY POWERFUL thing and the Power of suggestion from the first cardiologist MIGHT be playing a part in things right now. I would not trust HIM! You've got to find and stick with a doctor that you TRUST and can believe.

A few years ago a watched this program on TV which talked about some high profile cardiologistsaround the country who were padding their statistics and pocketbooks by performing procedures on patients who had come into the ER complaing about heart problems. They would do these procedures even though nothing concrete showed the procedures were necessary. They would tell these people that they had heart diesease and were nowheart patients who now had to take all these meds. They were 'sick'. It was discovered later by other physicians who run tests on them and looked at the ER reports that NOTHING was wrong with them and the procedures and meds were not necessary. It was almost as if these people were used as 'practice' people for these guys. ?????? I had a hard time believing the report I saw and I have NEVER run across such a thing but who know????????

Your pain sounds very atypical for angina because it is irrespective of exertion. That should be the first clue to the cardiologist to check a little further. It does not mean that angina can be ruled out just that it needs to be looked into more.

I hope that you get the answers that you need and find a doctor that you can trust, work with and believe. I pray that you have good health and find peace of mind. God Bless.

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   Posted 9/1/2006 9:16 AM (GMT -6)   
Thanks a lot - I think you are addressing the topic the way it deserves to be - I agree you are not a doctor BUT the fact is more i get upset and worried the more symptoms I will take back to a Doc who will eventually send me in for further tests and probably an invasive one too

One of the docs told me and I also read that calcium buildup in the arteries starts in early teens, me being an avg. smoker for 12-15 yrs might have some uncovered / non torubling / underlying plague which will be eventaully unearthed and made the center of attraction probably 10-15 yrs prior to than it deserves.

I think I will stay put for now, wait and watch how my symptoms progress, I am also planning to start some physical activity like brisk walking for 30 mins everyday so this should also give me some good exertion gradually for me to put things in place.

nevertheless all this experience have given me a good insight into CAD, has helped me Almost quit smoking, lost me weight and now I carry a Nitrate in my wallet :-(

Once again - Thank you

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   Posted 9/1/2006 2:05 PM (GMT -6)   
:-)  i want to weigh in here by saying i agree with not ever returning to that cardiologist, an angiogram is a serious test, i had to beg to get one done. they did find two blockages but my cholesteral numbers were and still are out of wack.  your numbers all look great and reasonable. he must have been having a bad day or something, where did you find him? usually you go to your regular doctor and he suggests the cardio route if he thinks it is necessary.  glad you are off of all that trash, you have many years to deal with meds, you are too young to start for nothing. they are pushing those statins like candy and they ARE NOT candy. good for you, keep digging. sounds like gastro and anxiety to me. also. stop smoking for sure!!!!
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