fluctating blood pressure and pulse

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   Posted 7/10/2007 3:47 PM (GMT -6)   
I would appreciate your input about 1 year ago I had 1st degree heart block and I was never the same since, fatigue, chest pain, fluctuating blood pressure, drops when I stand up, pulse goes up when I stand up, but a few weeks ago it was really scarry and I felt sick, my pressure was 85/65 and my pulse was about 60 for two days, since than my bp stabelized but my pulse drops sometimes to 60 , I also feel some skipped beats and have difficulty walking uphill or upstairs, can anyone tell me if this can be heart disease? How would I rule this in or out? Anyones input would be greatly appreciated as I am extremlly frustrated at this point, I had an echo and stress test done also quiet a few EKG's all were normal after the origianl episode.

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   Posted 7/13/2007 12:23 PM (GMT -6)   
Judy - How long ago were the echo and stress test performed? If not in the last couple of months, then I would seek a reputable cardiologist and have them redone. I had problems a year and a half ago that were resolved and recently I have had new problems develop. Things can change. EKGs don't always show the problem. All mine were normal too, but my echo and stress tests were a different matter altogether. I am concerned about your pressure/pulse droping that low, mine did this about a year ago and I had mini-strokes/TIAs back then. Never found the cause, but they tested my prothrobin and throbin times (PT & PTT tests) and I wore a 24 hour holter monitor. They were okay though, but you should still have yours checked.

I would contact a reputable cardiologist and go over everthing with him/her. Could the heart block get worse? Could it be significant for a larger problem with the heart not functioning properly? What you describe sounds suspect, so your concern is warranted. The ER probably won't do anything unless it is an actual heart attack and shows up in bloodwork or on the EKG. My guess is to seek ar cardiologist and/or if you already have one to seek a second opinion. Perhaps there are medications that could alleviate your symptoms even if your heart is okay.

Let us know how you make out. Best wishes - Kristin
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   Posted 7/14/2007 1:02 PM (GMT -6)   

Hi Judy,  drastic changes in your pulse and bp can be a sign of another problem other than heart disease.

One day I woke up out of bed and my whole life was changed.  Everything was very fuzzy...I couldnt focus my eyes and I felt bad in general.  I ended up passing out in the middle of my living room floor and was there for well over 30 minutes.  Lucky for me that my mom was coming over to pick up my cat to take to the vet as she was the one who found me and called 911.

At the ER they found that my heart rate was in the low 20's and my blood pressure was also extremely low.  After being the in hospital for over 2 weeks and no treatments they did helped the low BP or HR I ended up with a pacemaker and medication to help keep my BP up.  It was diagnosed as Sick Sinus Syndrome and Bradycardia (low heart rate). 

I continued to have problems with my BP despite the meds.  If I was laying down it was really high, sitting it would be normal range and standing it bottomed out and I would pass out as it was so low.  It called Orthostatic Hypotension and can be diagnosed with a tilt table test (not very fun to do).  Anyhow, I ended up going to Vanderbilt Univ. in Tenn. where they are specialists in this area.  Weeks of testing and messing with my meds they found that I have a neurological disease called Multiple System Atrophy that actually was what caused the Bradycardia and blood pressure problems. 

My stess tests always come out abnormal as do Echo's and EKG's.  I had a cardiac cath about 9 months ago and it was clean, which is good news.  However, I still have chest pain, shortness of breath, feel like someone is sitting on me all the time.  Of course that is the MSA but it is always a worry for me that my heart is bad. 

Anyhow, I totally agree with Kristen that you should get a second opinion and keep on trying to find the answer to what is going on with you.  Please do keep us updated and take care

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   Posted 7/15/2007 11:27 AM (GMT -6)   

Thanks for the response, this is exactly what I needed encouragement to go see another doctor, I will definitaly set up an appointment on Monday, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease approx one year ago, and am still be treated, and I was hoping these symtoms will disapprear with treatment but so far they havnt, and I do get a bit scared because I ended up in the ER a year ago because my pressure was so low that I passed out, but a few hours later it was fine, this is typical of lyme disease to attact and retreat, I also learned not to tell the doctor I have lyme disease till the end because they end up looking at you like I am nuts, when I ask them how come I developed blood pressure issues, heart block, diabetes all at once they have no answer they just tell me it can happen.


Thanks again for the encouragement, will let you know the outcome, I am currently on a 30 day event monitor and when I call in they tell me sometimes we will contact your doctor are you home? Does that mean anything?

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