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   Posted 9/27/2007 3:17 PM (GMT -6)   
im 21 male 5'5 144lbs ok its a sort of long story but ill make it as short as possible..i was on albuteroll inhaler for allergy related breathing problems,in February in started having bad effects on me i immediately stopped it it caused me lose of appetite some more breathing problems and extreme uncontrollable anxiety.during this time i was barely eating anything this went on for a month i went to the er several times had blood taken and ekgs and everything was fine..i was given xanax by my dr to combat the anxiety i was just on one at night .5mg then as the days went i wanted more of it and i was having more anxiety so some days i took 2 of those and i was feeling worse anxiety wise on and i was all the sudden having pains in my legs and arms so i thought it was due to the xanax so i just stopped it i was on it for about 10 days..then it just got worse from there every single thing so im assuming even though ti was low doase and i wasnt taking it that long i was going through withdrawal..i still wasnt eating much fast foward and its april already and still going through alot of this stuff but now im starting to have some chest pains and a month before that i had palpitations for like 2-3 weeks then they just went away..so in April i wake up very dizzy and i go to the er again do the same tests this time i turn out dehydrated potassium low blood sugar high so they admit me during this time i was complaing of breathing problems also so they gave me nebulizer treatment of albuterol..at this time i didn't realize what it was or i would have turned it down i was so out of it..so i get out of the hospital and my chest pains start getting worse so i wind up back in the er by the end of April and ekg blood is all good and they give me another breathing treatment this is when i realized what it was after the treatment so of course those treatments didn't help me any..so the chest pain continues some days worse then other no triggers it jus happens all types of different sensations throughout the day..then i had an echocardiogram,a halter monitor and a stress test done and all that came back fine.during this time im doing good mentally and im eating again...now fast forward to mid June out of no where i start to feel my heart pounding of course this scares me but i don't let it get to me that much..i go to my dr he doesnt an ekg he thinks its anxiety he give toprol xl 25 mg,that didn't do much for me just made it feel a little lighter but i still felt and this heart pounding would be all day long everyday..so i got back to him and he sends me to a different cardiologist he does blood test and an echocardiogram all comes back good..he decides to put a holter monitor on me..so i go back for the results and he tells me i had several extra beats at this point im almost relived someone found something but also scared of course..he doubles my dosage of toprol xl to 50mg..that helps a little bit more making it lighter but still feel it..like i told my dr i never felt extra beats the sensation i feel is a heart beating and being aware of it beating so i go back to him a week ago and tell him its not really helping so he gives me atenolol 100mg a day 50 in the morning 50 at night..i just started this and so far it helps a little bit more but still not rid of it i say im up to 50 percent better..he doesn't know the cause and said if atenolol doesn't work he wants me to go for angiogram..that im not to happy about and im defiantly going to get a 2nd opinion before that happens..so im posting this to see if anyone has had any similar health problems like this or if they can give there opinion on what they think is wrong just a recap right now what i am feeling these days is the palpitations,chest pain on and off throughout the day and some arm and leg pains..heart disease does run in my family..im relatively healthy im not the most active person but when i am active i do walk alot im not overweight i don't eat to bad my blood pressure is good im pretty sure my cholesterol has been check and is good

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   Posted 9/29/2007 1:11 PM (GMT -6)   

Hi iamloco, welcome to the cardio forum.  We of course cant diagnose what your problems may be here but there are many who do have the feelings of extra beats and chest pain.  You have mentioned having anxiety?  If this has been a problem before then it will and can cause chest pain and for those who do have cardio problems anxiety tends to become a problem.  So dont be afraid to take the xanax if it comes to that as it will help calm your nerves.

Getting the second opinion was a good idea but with all the tests you have had done I have to wonder if an angiogram isnt a little invasive for the complaints you have given?  Here is a link on what it intails.. http://www.webmd.com/heart-disease/Angiogram  Here is another link on arrhythmias which can be either random fast or slow beats... http://www.clevelandclinic.org/heartcenter/pub/guide/disease/electric/arrhythmia.htm

Just a little note when posting...you may get more responses if you break up your post into paragraphs that way it is easier for other members to read.  But you can always type which ever way you like.  Please do let us know how your doing.  Take care

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