Posted 6/26/2004 12:24 PM (GMT -6)
AnnieInOz  thanks for your reply.  My problem now is getting to eat regularly.  I dont have a problem swolling but eating better then I did before.  Have to get my head to stay out of my life and get back to normal.  Did you have a problem eating in the beginning eyes
Posted 6/29/2004 10:27 PM (GMT -6)
Hi I have a problem eating?   I'm not sure if you mean overeating or eating and digesting it.  I eat slowly and have from birth.   If I try and chug anything, I'm at a loss.  I didn't have this GERD junk until I had the hiatnel hernia, so about three years by now.  I've always been a grazer by nature, so I don't follow the norm.  I don't have to eat at an exact time.  I do have to be relaxed to eat.  That's my entire life w/o GERD.  It's drive others nuts, but I had TMJ young and didn't realize it.   Hurts to eat period.  I'm not following a good diet right now for myself so I need to reverse this soon.  I'm used to other disorders more then this one.  I didn't realize it would be a problem for me to be honest.  Not this late in my life.  Did you get the scope?   I'm interested in the muscle you mentioned.  Didn't research it.   If you mean you weren't eating because of the GERD, yes, that sometimes happens when I go with bread.  I have found that one to be a problem.  I normally eat whole grains, soy milk, oatmeal, yougurt, and not good at any of it right now.   Need to shop.  My doctor mentioned that when people started this meds, it was difficult to go off of them.  I don't understand what that means?   Still not having heartburn..just GERD in a foam.  Part of that is allergy drainage.  Thinking back, I ran into some food poisoning and ripped my throat and insides out getting rid of it....that's when the doctor put me on Preavacid.   I didn't take it all the time until the last year.  Everyone reacts to them differently so I've taken several and only got sick once on Prevacid which was a surprise since It didn't give me stomach cramps before.
Think I'll switch back to Aciphex.  If your nervous or having some problems, the colon is the second brain as is the gastro system so it will effect you at some point.  Hope your not as anxious about the scope or have already had it.

Posted 6/30/2004 6:55 AM (GMT -6)
Annie, thanks for replying.  I have had the scope and everything is normal.  I am having a problem eating because of nerves I guess.  Dont want to get the feeling I had before of something stuck in my throat or feeling a lump in my throat which is normal with this condition.   I have to conquer my mind and get going.  Thanks for your concern
Posted 7/7/2004 2:39 AM (GMT -6)
Hi Lois........hope your finding some relief.   It's easy to get like that....I have a thing about eating fish with bones.  Have no idea why, but know I'm going to get bones in my throat.   Don't care for fish anyway so it not a problem.   Even before the hiatnel hernia/GERD, I have to eat slowly.   Never was one to shove down food.   I've always clutched.   Some of us just prefer to eat slowly.   Good Luck.........Annie

Posted 7/7/2004 7:55 AM (GMT -6)
Hi Annie thanks for your reply but now I am having a problem eating get anxious so dont eat much which is bad.  This morning I finally had a bowl of milk with bananas and some cereal will try to have some more.  Must eat or I will be in trouble.  Have you ever had a problem eating and swollowing?  thanks Lois eyes
Posted 7/8/2004 2:51 PM (GMT -6)

Hi Lois.....I don't have a serious problem eating right now, but I eat small amounts.  It's GERD coming up and allergy draining all the time for me.  Not critical, just need to eat better.  Had some back teeth pulled and while waiting for that to heal, got out of the habit of eating healthy.  I lived on hot cereal for days.  If I want to build up some muscle and take better care of me....I do go to something like Ensure.  Right now, I belch up anything, don't eat properly and have no one to blame but myself.   I'll swing back.   If your really anxious (if I am) I wait until I'm relaxed to eat.  Have you talked to your doctor about this?   I have lots going on besides GERD so used to complications.  I have FMS/CMPS, O.A., TMJ, GERD/Hernia and 24/7 pain.   Does you doctor understand your very anxious?  I could lose 15 lbs. w/o it being a problem, but it's a problem as it's muscle mass and that's not healthy.   I'm still wondering about that muscle?   Did doctor say your clutching because your nervous?  Has anyone suggested a muscle relaxer or mild anti-depressant?  Did you have a choking incident that tends to make you panic?   I'm sure the doctor can address this fear or recommend someone to help you through it.  Not sure if your fighting a muscle problem or a high anxiety problem.  Most of us would be fearful if we experienced a choking incident. I'm more experienced with anxiety then with this new hernia.  Learned skills make a difference. Speaking of food...need some.   Yum, love cereal and coffee mate.  Can't drink milk. 

Warm Regards, Annie     

Posted 7/8/2004 3:07 PM (GMT -6)
was given lexapro for anti depressin playing havoc with me  makes me lose sleep and listless cant take it any more.  Taking asiphix and it doesnt bother me.  Dont know how longI will be on it.  But eating a little better now.  Small bites and chewing well.  Not eating like I was but trying to get there.  These meds make me nuts.  They are terrible and screw up the system.  Dr. doesnt know that I havent been taking lexapro regularly and i have decided not to take it any more.  Dont like the effects from it and dr. said it would take about 4 to 6 weeks to build up in system.  Thats a bunch of crock.  Any other suggestions please e mail  Thanks.  Lois scool

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