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   Posted 11/1/2008 5:17 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi, just found this web site, and there seems to be a wealth of info here!
Ok, so here is my story (sorry, but this is gong to be a long post).  Oh, btw, I am a 39 year old male.
During the summer of 2006, I started to have some stomach pains.  Went to the GI doctor, he performed a EGD, and diagnosed me with gastritis and GERD.  Put me on one 30 mg Prevacid a day, and I got better in about a month.  Continued to take the Prevacid as needed.
Nov/Dec. 2007 stomach pains came back.  Went back to GI doctor (same one), he put me back on Prevacid, and had a NM Hepatobiliary Scan lat Dec 2007, and a second EGD in early Jan. 2008.
NM Hepatobiliary Scan #1 results:  chronic cholecys*** with gallbladder ejection fraction of 3% (over 30% is normal)
EGD #2 results:  Z-line was around 40 cm w/fingers of Barrett's to 39 cm.  Assessment:  Gastritis, Gastric polyp, Barrett esophagus, esophagitis, GERD.
EGD #2 Biopsy Report:
   esophagus - gastroesophageal junction with acute and chronic inflammation, negative for intestinal metaplasia or dysplasia
   Gastric - chronic inactive gastritis, fundic gland polyp
   special stain - giemsa - negative (no heliocobactor bacteria)
After a month or so on prevacid, stomach got better, and returned to normal lifestyle again.  Continued to take Prevacid 30 mg once daily.
During April 2008 had to have lumbar back surgery because of chronic back pain - L5S1 Discectomy (they removed the part of the disc that was herniated and that had calcified around the sciatic nerve).  My back is better now, but not pain free.
I continued to take the Prevacid once daily.  A month or two after the back surgery (around may or june, 2008), my stomach started to hurt again.  Pain is located at top of abdamon, right below breast bone, infact, bottom of breast bone is also very tender.  Alot of nausea also, but no vommiting.
This pain never went away.  I have been in pain every day since, and pain is getting worse.  Also pain right below adams apple.  Now I have extreme burning in my chest, throat, and mouth also.
Went back to GI doctor (same one) in June 2008.  Dr. put me on Carafate and Bentyl along with the Prevacid that I was taking.  After 2 weeks of not getting better, called Dr. back.  After looking through my medical file, he found the NM Hepatobiliary Scan report, and said my problem was gallbladder, and that it needed to be removed.  Being skeptical, I asked how acurate the scan test was, and asked to be retested first.  Second Hepatobiliary Scan performed latter part of July.
Hepatobiliary Scan #2 results:  chronic cholecystitis with gallbladder ejection fraction of 68% (over 30% is normal).
Even though the results of the second test indicated that my gallbladder was normal, the GI Dr. recommended that I still have my gallbladder removed.  He referred me to a surgeon.  I did not go to his referring surgeon, but rather went to my own surgeon (that has performed other surgereous on family members and friends).  After review of my medical records, my surgeon recommended that I have my gallbladder removed also.  So I did on Aug. 14 of 2008.
Two days after surgery, my stomach pains got worse (and have been worse since then).  Went to the ER, and they did nothing (shot of demeral and phynergran).  Since my gallbladder has been removed, I have not had a good day since then.  Constant intense pain in upper part of my stomach, radiating through chest, and also, sometimes middle and lower abdemon has much pain also.
After a couple of weeks (and a couple visits to the ER), got back in to see the GI. He ordered a 3rd EGD and a CT Scan Abomen/Pelvis w/infusion.  These were performed middle of Sept. 2008.
EGD #3 results:  Mild esophagitis, mild antritis, refractory GERD, refractory epigastric and substernal pain and burning.
EGD #3 biopsy results:
   Duodenum - no diagnostic pathologic abnormalities, negative for villous blunting and increased intraepithelial lymphocytosis
   Gastric - chronic gastritis with chemical/healing gastritis, no helicobacter pylori organisms are identified
   Esophagus - mildly thickened esophageal squamous mucosa, suggestive of chronic reflus esophagitis, negative for goblet cells (Barrett's), dysplasia or maligancy.
CT Scan results:  Mild fatty infiltration of the liver with no focal hepatic abnormality noted.  Surgical clips are present in the gallbladder foassa.  No significant hiatal hernia is noted.  A single metallic surgical clip is noted posterior to the urinary bladder.
No Dr's (several has read this report) ever said anything about the surgical clip by the bladder.  I did not find out about it until I got a copy of the report and read it for myself.  I have since asked other doctors how the surgical clip wound up by my bladder, and they have said that it probably fell off after surgery, and with the aid of gravity, wound up by my bladder.  No Dr's seem concerned about it (don't know why?).
The GI Dr, said to continue taking the Prevacid (once daily) and the Carafate, and my problems should go away.  Well, since I had been already taking the Prevacid for atleast 8 months, I decided to go to GI Dr #2 and GP Dr #2.
GI Dr. #2 ordered a mobility and a 24 hr pH test, which both came back normal.  He then did a colonoscopy, which was also normal.  GI Dr #2 said he did not know what was causing my problems, and referred me back to the GP Dr.  The GI Dr's will no longer see me because they think that I should continue taking the Prevacid, and I will be fine.
The GP #2 Dr. did more blood work, and also tested for Celiac Disease, which both were negative.  The GP #2 Dr. put me on Prevacid twice daily, and told me to come back in 8 weeks.
I went to a Internal Medicine Dr. last week, and he thinks that there is something that is immflammed external to the esophageous.  He gave me a shot of tordal, and put me on Mobic (NSAID) once daily for two weeks, and am supposed to go back to him in two weeks.  He also performed a EKG (hmmm, have had atleast 10 of those this year), and also a echocardiogram, both of which did not find anything.
I just don't know what to do now.  I have constant severe pain every day, burning in my chest and throat, can't sleep at night (basically have not really slept in 3-4 months), and my life consists of debating if I should go to the ER every day.  I am currently taking Prevacid 30 mg twice daily, Pepcid Complete 2-3 times daily, Carafate 3-4 times daily, Gaviscon 2-3 times daily, Mylanta 2-3 times daily, and Mobic 1 times daily.  I am thinking about trying to either get in at the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, or the Jewish Hosiptal.
I would appreciate any advice
Thanks - Okie

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   Posted 11/2/2008 11:07 AM (GMT -6)   
whoa thats a truck load of events and I can't say I have better tests but when someone literally goes through that much and no results and treatments are coming out of it you could have some form of allergy or reaction to a certain type of food and you don't even realize it . Pay attention to when your suffering happens or happens most there could be several elements involved it could be food it cold be dryness or humidity could be when you wake up or go to bed it could be in the heat of activity therefore stress . If you can record these things it will certainly help a doctor alot more . It might not hurt to get an allergy test done ....just a few thoughts that may help you .
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