2 Weeks Post Nissen

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   Posted 3/26/2009 6:50 PM (GMT -6)   
Welp, it's been 2 weeks and i just got back from my follow up appt with the Surgeon.
Here's the questions I asked him and his answers:
Q. When can i play golf, softball, go running or workout?
A. Golf/Softball - Soon, running - whenever i feel comfortable, workout - 1 month after surgery and then when i dont feel any pain or discomfort during lifting or ab workouts
Q. How big was the Bougie you used during surgery?
A. 54 (54 whats i have no idea) - but usually men get 56 and women get 54
Q. How did surgery go?
A. It went well, I was able to repair the hernia and include the diverticulum below the wrap, but other than that everything went very smooth
Q. I still have Gas and Bloating but i'm able to burp, i just burp alot. I had this before surgery too. Is this normal? Will it go away?
A. Some people can burp well some cant, i'm lucky that i can burp well. This surgery wont change your gas levels as that's usually a byproduct of how much air you are swallowing, but it's normal and you should use GasX to releive gas if its becoming a problem
Q. Can I ween off Nexium Now? I've been taking it every other to every 3rd day and havent had too much of a problem.
A. You should be able to get off it completely after weening off it over the first month, so long as you dont have any symptoms (i dont)
Q. Will I ever be able to eat Normally again?
A. Perfectly normal, it just takes time for the swelling and function to readjust to the surgery. It's like i had a stab wound and it takes time to heal.
Q. is my LES smaller than before?
A. Yes, if it were the same size as before then i would have reflux..(heh). It is smaller but will still be able to handle the size of food that you were able to eat before, just take it slow.
So, my incisions are just little scabs now and after they heal should be completely unnoticeable.
I'm now able to eat soft foods so long as i CHEW REALLLLY WELL and eat SLOW! If I get over anxious and eat quick like i did before then food gets stuck and it gets painful and REAL uncomfortable but i try to relax and take SMALL sips of water (big sips make it worse!) everything goes down after a couple minutes. Nothing makes you remember to eat slow like that feeling! I ate 2 buffalo chicken tenders yesterday and I ate real slow and i was able to get them down without a problem. Exciting stuff! I think i'm going to turn into a salt lick if i eat another package of Ramen!
I've lost a total of 11 lbs (was down to 14 lbs but gained 3 back over the past week). I was hoping to lose closer to 20 but this has given me enough of a start to feel good about working out and thats all you can really ask for. I was walking every day starting on day 7 for about 45 minutes and that FOR SURE helps with expelling gas, energy, getting the blood flowing and just over all mood. Walking single most beneficial thing you can do for yourself while you recover. I eventually intend to turn this into jogging once i feel comfortable to do so. I'm still working up to that point as i still dont have a ton of energy.
I finally had a BM after about day 5. I think i would've had a tougher problem if i was able to eat a little more and if i took the pain meds I was given. It wasnt until 3 days later I had another. Then, a couple days later I had pretty bad diarhea but was able to control it with 4mg of immodium AD. Not sure what that was all about.
Other than the gas i notice my whole digestive system is VERY noisy at times. I just think it's kinda funny, but it's definitely alot more active than before. My stomach also gets really topsy turvy alot but it stays where it's supposed to so i dont get too concerned. I'd rather have an angry stomach then an angry stomach and reflux/heartburn. I think i'm gunna pick up some Maalox and see if that helps settle things down a bit. It's pretty obvious that my hiatal hernia and diverticulum werent the only causes of my reflux. I'm eating OK now (Ramen every day i think is a bad thing). My typical diet is:
Morning: Proten Nutrional Drink (Boost Vanilla/Strawberry with High Proten)
Lunch: Fruit Cup or Yogurt
Dinner: Soup
Thing's i've experimented with: Raw Veggies (Cukes, Carrots), Chips, Buff Chix Fingers, Slim Jim, Chicken/Turkey Chunks in Soup, French Fries.... i think that's it. ALL the above things i gotta chew until it basically disappears in my mouth but i'm able to eat them. This process has certainly taught me to SLOW down and SAVOR the food. Before this i scarfed food down so fast i never enjoyed it, digested it and even sometimes so fast i would hiccup. It's not good. Help your system out and EAT SLOW! Even after you're able to eat "normally".
I think that's about it. I never used any of the pain meds they gave me but was on Liquid Motrin for a couple days (2 of the little cups it comes with was sufficient).
Please feel free to email me with any questions if you have any, i'd be happy to help.

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   Posted 3/26/2009 7:48 PM (GMT -6)   
What a helpful post! It sounds like you're doing GREAT! You tried raw carrots???? WOW. Today I had salad for the first time. YUM. (I'm 4 weeks post Nissen). I can eat pretty much anything, but as you said, I have to basically digest it by chewing before swallowing. I seem to be handling bread pretty well. I still can't eat much without feeling very full.

I have an extremely reactive stomach, and my family doc is taking care of that. It still hasn't quite settled down, so I'm staying on Protonix for the time being. It's not about reflux. It's about stomach inflammation. Like you said, though...better to keep it in the stomach. For me, the reflux caused uncontrolled asthma, and it's a relief to have that improved. I finally kicked the lung infection, but I do have some residual asthma from that. Nothing like I had before surgery, though.

My wrap is feeling more comfortable, but it still gets irritated, and doesn't feel good. I have to be careful not to overeat, or I pay dearly with wakeful nights and an uncomfortable stomach and wrap. For a while I was waking up from 3AM on with the wrap bothering me. Knock on wood, it has been better for the past week.

As far as the GI tract goes...my BM's vary from solid to loose, and occasional diarrhea...I think it's really common and very normal. Our entire GI tract was revamped. It'll take a little getting used to. I'm sure the wrap has irritated the stomach, and when my stomach is irritated, I do get diarrhea. It's not persistent, as I said. Nothing to worry about.

I'm going to see my surgeon (5 weeks post op) next week. It'll be interesting to see what he has to say. I am feeling really good...and was finally released by my family doc to return to work on Monday. I could have gone back much sooner if I wasn't a second grade teacher with a classroom full of sick kids.

Good luck with your eating! Take it easy on the Slim Jims!

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   Posted 3/30/2009 2:40 PM (GMT -6)   
I ate Pizza yesterday! And i had marinated steak tips the day before!
Actually the Pizza was harder to get down, but slow, maticulous and thorough chewing was the key and i was able to get it down no problem.
oh, so good. I just got to be careful now not to get the weight back on.
I'd say the biggest complaint i have now is that my stomach seems to be in a constant state of flux. No Reflux, but just seems mad at me all the time.
This could be that i'm weening off Nexium so it's just not happy about that so i'm hoping that's all it is. I'm currently researching some things i need to do to get my stomach back to Normal including probiotics, etc.
Any ideas are welcome.
Also, still a lot of gas/bloating but as i said before, the doc said that it's not really caused by or should have been prevented by or is a result of the surgery, so....
Also, I was able to drink alcohol on Friday AND Saturday night. A few glasses of wine each night. Not great for the stomach but hey.... No beer yet. I've tried carbonation and that's just too much so far.
But, i'm just happy i can eat again! And it's not even been 3 weeks. I gather that after 1 month i should be completely back to normal.
thanks again everyone for their support and knowledge. Please feel free to message me with questions and i'll try to check in to let y'all know how im doing from time to time.
Hang in there! It's only a few weeks of discomfort for a lifetime of heartburn free!

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   Posted 3/30/2009 2:47 PM (GMT -6)   
Dencha and phorts,

Thanks both of you for sharing some good news about treatments! I hope things continue to improve for you.



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