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   Posted 5/28/2009 3:44 PM (GMT -6)   
I hope this is the correct place to post this discussion. I was recently diagnosed with gastritis. I am taking prestiq and Zegerid for my stomach. The results of the endo showed a lot of lesions on my stomach. The doctor told my mom that nobody should have a stomach like that. I watch my diet and take my meds but I still have those horrible attacks and have to take pain meds to relieve some of the pain. The tramadol seems to help a little but not much. I have had the pains to last for three days. I can't take any meds that will upset my stomach like aleve or anything like that. I have to get shots in my hip for hip pain. If there is any one here that has or has had gastritis does it ever go away or will I have this for the rest of my life. The doctor told me I would be on the Zegerid long term.

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   Posted 5/28/2009 6:43 PM (GMT -6)   

Hello dinda,

Gastritis is a term used to describe a group of conditions with one thing in common: inflammation of the lining of your stomach. The inflammation of gastritis is often the result of infection with the same bacterium that causes most stomach ulcers. However, other factors — such as traumatic injury, regular use of certain pain relievers and alocohol — also can contribute to gastritis.Treatment of gastritis depends on the specific cause.

Acute gastritis caused by NSAIDs or alcohol may be relieved by stopping use of those substances. Chronic gastritis caused by H. pylori infection is treated by eradicating the bacteria. Most gastritis treatment plans also incorporate medications that treat stomach acid in order to reduce signs and symptoms you're experiencing and promote healing in your stomach.

What medication are they injecting your hip with,  Cortisone ?

Are you on any other medications?  You do not have to share if you are uncomfortable.  I was just wondering.

Take care and hope your stomach starts to heal quickly.



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   Posted 5/28/2009 8:58 PM (GMT -6)   
I did not have an infection in the h. pylori. The only other med I take is tramadol for back, hip and fibromyalgia pain. If I ever get stressed about anything I will have one of those painful attacks. The doctor did tell me that stress can cause gastritis. I'm hoping the prestiq will help with the stress. This is my second week and it seems to be helping but I did have a painful attack on Sunday after I got stressed out about something that I can't even remember what now. I'm in fibro fog this evening.

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   Posted 5/29/2009 4:36 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Dinda,
You're definitely in the right place. Gastritis is a tough condition, because the stomach takes a long time to heal. It takes lots of patience. My stomach flares up from medications--I used to take Aleve, but no more. Antibiotics can really get it going. I actually try hard not to take any pain meds, but when I do, it's Tylenol. Your pain problems do make it harder, I know. You need to take something, and your stomach is saying NO!

I've actually been hospitalized for gastritis/GERD which caused my asthma to flare up. The thing you need to know is that your gastritis will clear up, but it will take lots of time and patience.

Be very careful what you put into your stomach. Stay away from acidic foods, alcohol, coffee, rough foods (like popcorn), spicy foods, etc. Eat things that are comforting to your stomach. That varies from person to person. When I'm in a full fledged GERD/gastritis attack, egg custard makes it feel better.

For me, a big flare up takes a few months to completely clear. I eat very carefully until my stomach has been "normal" for about a week, then introduce foods little by little.

When you're going through a gastritis flare-up, it seems like it will never end, but it will.
Take care, and I hope you get feeling better soon.
Healing thoughts...

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   Posted 8/9/2010 2:46 PM (GMT -6)   
Denise or Dencha,
I also have had gastritis for 5 months and don't think it's healed yet.  I am still having the spasm's and burning on both sides under my rib cage.  The doctor says nothing and tells me nothing, but you had gastritis and be patient.  It's driving me crazy.   I don't have the bacteria, but I was taking Plavix for 3 years and they took me off the prilosec and that is when it happened. 
I'm now taking prilosec again, but doesn't seem to be healing.   
I feel better when I'm laying down than when I'm sitting, just wondering if anyone else feels better laying down????

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   Posted 8/9/2010 3:19 PM (GMT -6)   
Dinda - I know what you mean by pain. I have fibro and really bad spinal arthritis too. Tramadol is pretty mild, but it works for fibro pain, helps arthritis some, and it's the only medication for pain that I tolerate. You've already gotten past the OTC pain meds because they just don't work on fibro or arthritis except in toxic doses.
Check out that hip pain again. It may be coming from your spine. Mine is, although I have had bursitis in the hip also.

Vestr8 - I was on Plavix and aspirin for a year a couple of times. It was pretty rough on the stomach and gave me bruises and bleeding problems. It does take time for the irritated esophagus to heal, maybe even months if it's bad.

Both of you - Do you seem to have the worst problems mostly when you eat certain meals or drink certain things? Keep a food log - a journal with times, what you ate and the symptoms at a half hour an hour and 2 hours. A lot of us have sensitivities (the same as intolerances or allergies) to foods, many of which are not on the usual list of foods to avoid with GERD. I got reflux when I ate gelatin, most anything processed, pizza, bagels, maple syrup, all sorts of seemingly unrelated things. After doing "challenge testing" (eating a spoonful, waiting 20 minutes, then 2 spoonsful, then 4 and 8 and 16) I found out I didn't have a problem with flour, but corn starch was a "trigger food" and so on. The thing my foods had in common was sulfite, which is a bleaching agent, dough conditioner and preservative.
I have problems with medications, generally liquids and IV, for the same reason.

It's just a suggestion, but a food log is free, and it tells the doctor a lot.

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   Posted 8/9/2010 4:09 PM (GMT -6)   
Yes I agree with Alcie keeping a food log really helps identify what's triggering attacks. Also you could try taking probiotics to help repopulate your friendly bacteria in your gut. If you can get it, fresh papaya is amazing for helping to heal your stomach too.

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   Posted 8/26/2010 9:19 AM (GMT -6)   
The only way to end gastritis is eradicating Helicobacter Pylori. Maybe a treatment with strong antibiotics can work but it can to cause secondary damages. The University of Kyoto has proven than a natural product (citratus) kills the bacterium in only two weeks without secondary effects and many friends have tried it with great results. Blessings. Sady

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   Posted 8/27/2010 11:25 AM (GMT -6)   
I have one form or another of gastritis for a long time. First it was hyper-acidity caused probably by irregular intake of food, staying with an empty stomach and drinking coffee and tea while the stomach is empty. This was made endurable by liberal use of anti acid. Then I have bouts of gas pressure at the upper chest and throat. I thought it was due to reflux and used more anti acid and it became worse. The doctors have a go at endoscopy twice took samples and videos. One said I got h-Pylori and put me on antibiotics which seems to have cured. I was able to drink coffee moderately and fruit juices as well. After a month the gas pressure came back and i was on anti acids again. The tolerance level for many foods such as coffee, tea, citrus and tomatoes gradually became worse and I now do not take any of these. My food is bland but I am not so unhappy. I am on Nexium for more than 8 years. Still I need cinitidine, ranitidine, famotidine or of the -dines ate night. I recently came to know that the gas attack on the upper breast throat area was due to too much anti acids with aluminum in it. I do not take anti acid anymore unless there is a sensation of gnawing acid in the stomach. This actually reliefs the gas pressure problem. I now take DGL before meals which helps. I am still taking Nexium and the doctor recently told me to continue. I have tried aloe vera but I need it in a form without the citric acid that is sold at the health stores. I hope there is something out there so I can drink my coffee in th morning and take a bite of an orange and an apple.

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   Posted 8/29/2010 10:05 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Jamal,
My gastritis episodes are usually caused by a medication that creates irritation in my stomach. The flare ups I've had did involve seems like when my stomach gets irritated and starts acting up, the reflux episodes increase.

My gastritis symptoms include a feeling of a "lump" at the breastbone, and the inability to eat anything more than a very small amount of food. I also need to be careful what I eat, and during those flare-up times I ate only very soothing foods. Nothing rough, since stomachs contract to mash food, and when it's already irritated, it doesn't need roughage rubbing against the already raw sides.

I have had it last months, and have lost a lot of weight during those episodes.

Fortunately, I haven't had that type of upset for a long time, and I hope I don't ever experience the problem again.

Treatment was just patience, careful eating, and Protonix--40mg twice a day (in addition to Zantac 300mg at night). It is frustrating that the healing can't be hurried, but the stomach and esophagus lining are very sensitive once aggravated by something.

I never had an endoscopy during a flare-up of my stomach, so the diagnosis was made by the symptoms I was experiencing, and the length of time it took to get things straightened around.

I hope you feel better very soon!
Take care,
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