How do I know if surgery is the right option for me?

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   Posted Yesterday 10:14 AM (GMT -6)   
Hello, all!

I've been reading the threads and everyone seems to be doing really well after their fundoplication surgeries. The problem is, when I ask the doctors (in the Philippines and in Vietnam), they do not recommend it, saying that it does not help in most cases. How do I know if surgery will be right for me?

I've had a lot of symptoms since I was about 17 but only found out about GERD about 3 years ago. I've had a battery of tests over the years, most of which returned normal. The only exception was my endoscopy (I've had 4 so far) which came out with ulcers and esophagitis. I suffer from constant fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pains, PVCs, and palpitations. I've got ulcers with bloating, spasms, and even had an experience of vomiting blood. I had to be admitted in the hospital once to be sedated due to unrelenting pain in the abdomen. I've removed a lot of food from my diet but thankfully I am not losing weight. During my last endoscopy, my doc said that my lining is "granular" although I don't know if that's healed by now. The reflux leaves an acidic taste at the back of my throat and I often cough when the regurgitation gets into my breathing hole. Are you bored reading my litany of complaints now? lol

The doctors also pointed out that Asians are smaller and so the surgery is more risky. Also, I suffer from IBS and I'm afraid that the swelling intestines is the major cause of my GERD. What would happen if my esophagus is fine and the food can't get down? Am I asking a stupid question?? If the doctors here in the Philippines won't consider the surgery where can I go to seek help?

Oh, and I'm only 35 and I want to have another baby! Is this possible after the surgery? :)

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   Posted Yesterday 5:43 PM (GMT -6)   
Have you asked about the EsophyX procedure? I've heard it's been in Europe for many years.


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   Posted Yesterday 8:24 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Cez,
I had the same problem with a GI doc I saw. He was very negative about the surgery, and didn't encourage me to have it. He didn't even do the procedures necessary to determine whether or not I was a good candidate. I had uncontrolled asthma, and my family and asthma docs thought that my asthma was caused by GERD.

I finally went to another GI doc and he was a bit more supportive in regards to the surgery, but still was not sure that there was a connection with GERD and my asthma. Finally, after about 4 years, everyone decided that perhaps the surgery could be helpful.

Long story short, I had the surgery in February, and the results have been amazing. I'm dealing with allergies right now, and although I have some mucous in my lungs, there is no lungs are working fine, thank you, since I've had the surgery. It's amazing. I'm feeling great.

As far as the surgery among Asians, I found this site:
Check it out.

I don't know if that will help you, but thought you might be interested.
You're not unique in meeting resistance to the surgery as an option. With the advent of PPI's, docs find most patients respond well to that treatment and don't need surgery.

Many surgery patients--even those who still use medication post-Nissen--are very happy with the improvement in their quality of life and health after surgery. GI docs often don't view it that way. They do not consider the surgery successful if patients require any meds. My first GI doc didn't like the surgery, (or any alternatives, Joy), and it took a different one to even consider it.

You may need to shop around for a different doctor. You're really the one to know if surgery is an option. (Of course this is in conjunction with the tests that are administered to subjectively look at your suitability for surgery)

If you do decide to have the surgery, be sure to select a highly experienced and qualified surgeon who had done many of these procedures.
Good luck! I hope you find a solution to your problems.
I'm sure I've heard of others who've had the surgery and had babies afterwards. I don't know anything about that, but maybe somebody else will come by with that information.

Be sure to stay with us! You'll get lots of support and information here.
Take care,

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   Posted Today 3:55 PM (GMT -6)   
Thanks so much, Denise!

I gave the links to my hubby but it's still a flat out NO! He said he'll look into the LINX but that one is still for approval so I don't know when it will ever reach a third world country like the Philippines :(

I guess his main concern is that we don't have a highly experienced surgeon here, especially for lap procedures. I think the cost would be prohibitive if we do it in another country (preferably a first world country!). Do you know of any good surgeon willing to do it for free and would cover the hospital bills, too? lol

Did I mention that my husband is a surgeon undergoing laparoscopy training in Vietnam? So I'm afraid simply going to another doctor is not an option or it will cause a major fight! :P Oh well, after several years of dealing with this I'm kinda used to it. It gets depressing sometimes, though. Like when I go out with my mom and I'm the one who needs to stop and rest when she's the senior citizen! Or when I can't eat the foods that I like. Or when the fatigue gets to be too much and my days become so unproductive. Gotta stop listing these down or else I'll start cyring, lol.

Thanks everyone!
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