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   Posted 5/18/2010 8:21 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi everyone. This board seems helpful and friendly :) I've had GERD since age 10 but today I'm here about my husband. He's the extremely anxious type.. I tend to be too, but I'm doing a pretty good job of staying levelheaded for his sake! He was diagnosed with GERD about 5 years ago... since I've suffered since childhood, a lot of things are 'been there, done that' for me, but he has been rather upset by his symptoms lately so I wanted to run them by you guys to get your thoughts.

For the past year he has been experiencing heartburn more frequently. He also gained a good deal of weight, and we both realize this is probably the main cause. He has also had extreme anxiety for the past couple of months. His doctor gave him an anti anxiety med that didn't really do much but keep him from sleeping and aggravate his GERD even more. He has stopped taking this medication after talking to the doctor. For the past few weeks, he says he has had almost constant pain in his back. At first it was on the 'front side' and now it is the back. I know this pain well, friends! It's not extreme but it can be worrisome if you don't know what it is. I had it on the front left side and was convinced it was my heart until I talked to my doc! I told him it was reflux, but unlike him, I have not had it constantly at any time. He's also having throat pain, coughing, etc. I tell him that its' just his GERD acting up but he is convinced it is more serious. (He has also changed his diet dramatically... for the better, but still, I think a change in diet could upset the condition as the body readjusts, no?) Of course, all of this is making his anxiety worse.

I realize it probably isn't serious (by the will of GOD). He's 30, only had this bad 'spout' of reflux for a few weeks, and has only had GERD symptoms on and off for the past 5 years or so.. also no family history, but I would appreciate any input. He is going to his general doc tomorrow and I think he's going to insist on a scope (I've had four of these!) . He hasn't had one before.. he had a barium swallow a few years ago which was ok. He was on Nexium for awhile in the past and he says that worked well. He talked to a doc a few weeks prior who gave him another kind of medicine (had never heard of it) which helped for a few days but not long term.

Thanks for reading :)

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   Posted 5/18/2010 8:36 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello ep10,
have your husband checked for gall stones.
I know someone recently thought he had gerd, but it ended up being gall bladder.
Sometimes it hurts in the front and back.
This man had his gall bladder out and is feeling so much better with no symptoms of gerd.

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   Posted 5/18/2010 8:44 PM (GMT -6)   
Have him ask the doctor for an ekg and blood work etc. to make sure the heart is good to go. that will help ease the nerves. i have gerd and i have a hyatal hernia and i also seem to get feelings of heart palpitations but its all been fine when tested. i was worried that when my symptoms acted up, that something was wrong and then the panic attacks started and anxiety.I had a scope done also the bravo pht monitor and my doc said all was ok.But he also said that taking a ppi was too strong so he recomended otc stuff but nothing seemes good enough. so i now just started aciphex. also he said to eat smaller meals and four meals a day and no sodas or caffiene.or fried foods fat foods etc. so just keep trying.I hope the vetran members chime in too. its good to hear from people that have been there for each other here based on experience. good luck tomorrow.Take care!

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   Posted 5/19/2010 5:47 AM (GMT -6)   
Thanks for the input everyone! He has had some blood work and an EKG. He had some palpitations when he was under extreme stress and does have an appointment with a cardiologist for that, but they told him it's likely nothing but stress. My mom thought perhaps it could be his gallbladder as well, so we shall see. I've had that same pain both in the front and in the back with my GERD.

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   Posted 5/19/2010 7:16 AM (GMT -6)   
your husband is lucky to have such a supportive partner!! And yes, this is a great board and if you read past posts, you will get a TON of information!!

I have had GERD for 10 years, on and off. My mom has Barretts. REcently I went through a bout of tests and ultra sounds, I do NOT have barretts but do have a lot of symptoms. Had a lot of chest pain, in and out of ER, blood work, ekgs, stress tests and so on to rule that out (thankfully).

I found that not all PPIs work the same with me (had crazy palpitations on prilosec). Am on one now that so far is working more or less (some sx but not near as bad). My mom got horrid rashes on one but has been doing really well on another.

For your husband, he may want to talk to someone about his anxiety. My mom now does yoga, sees a therapist and works out and says all of those things have really helped. I work out, and have really tried focusing on my breathing, relaxation stuff and have cut my work schedule down a lot. There is such a strong mind body connection that working on the "mind stuff"- what we tell ourselves, our crisis thinking and so on-is really helpful.

I'm sure you are already doing all the lifestyle changes; raising the head of the bed, small meals, the diet changes, wearing loose clothing and all that. I TRY to not eat after 7pm, doens't always work but it helps when I remember.

welcome to the board!

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   Posted 5/19/2010 9:38 AM (GMT -6)   
Welcome to HealingWell. This is a great site. I look forward to getting to know you better.

I am gald to see you have met some of our awesome members already and they have given you some good info.

I would encourage your hubby to see a GI specialist too for that endoscopy. A HIDA scan for the Gallbladder may be what is also needed as someone has pointed out that sometimes the gallbladder may be the problem.

Glad to have you with us.



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   Posted 5/19/2010 12:11 PM (GMT -6)   
Thanks everyone! He went to his doctor today. She put him back on Nexium and said they would go a scope and more tests if he was still having bad symptoms after that.
She also, in my opinion, hit right on the money in terms of his stress. He has been to the doctor at least once a week for the past 6 weeks for things that are mostly either triggered by stress/anxiety or the anxiety itself. He feels better already having just spoken to her and having her explain that the 'c' word is extremely unlikely and that his symptoms aren't even so bad compared to what a lot of people experience.
She said that she would be willing just to talk to him anytime if he needed someone to talk to or he could go to a psychologist.. she's a good doctor :)
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