GERD, Angina, Heart Problems, Anxiety, who knows... Just Fed Up

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   Posted 7/10/2010 9:44 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi all,

I'm 38 year old male. Not over weight. Don't smoke. Experimented with drinking about two years ago for a few months, didn't see the attraction of going out and getting drunk so I don't drink anymore. No family history of Heart Disease. Mother take high blood pressure meds, but she's over weight and does not exercise due to severe arthritis.

about 15 years ago I went to my GP complaining of bad heart burn especially at night. Was put on Nexium for about 6 months, which stopped it. After 6 months DR told me to start taking OTC stuff once daily and check back if the problem returned, which it didn't... unless I stopped taking the OTC stuff for two or three days.

I still take OTC meds once daily.

In May of this year I began experiencing what I can only describe as random, wandering cramps and flu like aches and pains in my chest and in my arms and legs. They went away after about a week.

They came back last month and were accompanied with a mild discomfort/pressure in my upper chest that seemed to come and go at random not associated to exercise etc... I began thinking it was my heart and of course my stress and anxiety levels which were already high due to life's problems piling up skyrocketed.

One night I had what I think was a panic attack. (First one ever)

My heart was racing, pounding and I thought it was the beginning of a heart attack but without any real pain or shortness of breath, just a sensation of something bad about to happen, which never did. And I calmed down.

But one evening while in the shower, while still having these random flu like aches and cramps I became light headed and felt like I was about to have another panic attack type episode so I went to the ER.

They ran several blood tests, EKG and X-Rays but found nothing. My blood pressure was high when I was admitted but once the DR was able to tell me I was not having a heart attack, nor had I. My BP fell like a rock.

Also I had a treadmill stress test as part of pre employment for my last job about 3.5 years ago which was normal.

The ER DR sent me home with the paperwork for GERD and told me to follow up with my primary care DR.

I don't have insurance and my Primary Care DR wants money at time of appointment which I don't have at present.

Its now going on two full months and I have good days and then I have not so good days.

I get discomfort/pressure in my chest up high, sometimes all the way up into my lower throat.

Sometimes it comes on shortly after a meal, other times it can hit if all I eat is two or three plain cookies.

I haven't really had a true heartburn episode as of yet. But I do get the occasional "fluid belch" that is immediately followed but obvious burning sensation. I do have alot of gas and my stomach and bowels rumble alot. Very noticeable at night while laying in bed.

I get these flu like aches all up and down my left arm from my arm pit all the way to my wrist. Not pain or stabbing shooting pain, just aches. And the are in small areas about the size of a half dollar. They occasionally occur in my right arm and my legs as well. But not nearly as often as they do in my left arm.

The cramps and aches in my chest feel shallow, not deep like you would think of when having heart related pains. And the move around, sometimes on my left, sometimes on my right, sometimes in the center. But mostly on my left either up high near my collar bone or around the breast. They are not sharp or stabbing in nature. And from what I can tell have never come on during any short periods strenuous activities and/or periods of elevated heart rates.

Sometimes they are brought on by just sitting in a chair, other times they can happen while laying down.

Absolutely no rhyme or reason to them at all.

I am under alot of stress currently, lack of a job, money etc... no end in sight for those troubles.

I do not do much at all and I guess you could describe my life style presently as sedentary lifestyle and has been so for about year. Prior to that I led a very active life style. Never had any serious health problems.

I'm just frustrated.

I don't know if what I'm experiencing is mild GERD or some other related issue, heart problems or if its just me worrying myself to death.

Oh, I do drink coffee. Usually two or three cups daily. I do not drink sodas and I consume ALOT of water each day. I almost always keep a bottle or a glass of water with me that I drink and sip on.

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   Posted 7/10/2010 10:50 PM (GMT -6)   
I et you will hear from lots of people on this board about this topic. If you browse back, you will see a lot on chest pain and GERD

I have had GERD for 10 years. Just this year got the stabbing chest pain/pressure all that. Off to urgent care (all tests normal), then the ER following another event (normal), then a great stress test.

No pains for a month or so, then back they came, out of the blue, not related (apparently) to stress,exercise, food or anything else. I was told they were esophageal spasms. I was given a heart med to relax the esophagus but did not take.

I am not overweight, exercise all that.

I went on vacation and had NO symptoms.

I am now much more vigilent about-no food after 7pm, very bland diet, head risers, NO SODA and NO CAFFEINE (I absolutely hated to give up tea but am now drinking ginger tea, not the same but ok, I'd ditch the coffee), and I am on a ppi which kind of works, not totally, but better

If you have not actually been diagnosed with GERD then you have no diagnosis, which might be good if you apply now for insurance. Down the road tests are expensive and insurance is helpful...medicaid/medicare whatever you can get.

good luck,
hope you get some good answers
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